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Chinese Temple - Chinese Proverbs Idioms and Sayings

71 Chinese Proverbs Idioms and Aphorisms

Last updated on August 15, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

"A proverb is a well-known, well-established sentence that expresses a rule of life or wisdom in a concise, short form." – Wolfgang Mieder

54 Chinese proverbs and wisdom to happiness - love and contentment sayings

The person, trying to drive two streets at once, gets nowhere

All things are hard before they are very easy

Chinese proverbs are full of knowledge. May these quotes affect you, yourself and yours to improve lifeso that you can be successful.

Pearls do not rest More. If you have a wünschen, you should dive afterwards

Tell me I don't remember Program me, I think about it. Bring me I recognize

Chatting a lot and also getting nowhere is the same as meeting one Tree to climb to catch a fish

Chinese proverbs, wise words general

In general, one finds one's destiny precisely where one hides it to prevent it

We carefully count our sufferings and also accept our blessings without much suspicion

don't do any Providethat you are slowly expanding. Afraid of just getting stuck

Loud outside, empty inside

Stress is who you think you should be, free time is who you are

Real knowledge is when you recognize the limitations of your knowledge

Chinese Proverbs Life

Acquire knowledge
Chinese wisdom

A bad word revered will surely reverberate a hundred miles

A wise man makes his own decisions, a clueless man follows the general one Opinions

learning is a treasure, which will surely follow its owner everywhere

Don't listen to what they say. go and see

If your face is unsightly, you cannot judge the mirror

The fastest horse cannot overtake a word when speaking

Chinese proverbs thoughts

A bad word whispers a hundred miles

In a flood of words there are certainly some Error

A sharp tongue or pencil can do without a blade

If the initial words fall short, 10 after will not receive them

If you don't want anyone to understand, don't do it

A man gets most tired when he is standing still

A Chinese man does Tha Chi
Chinese sayings

When the winds of adjustment blow, some people build wall faces and others build windmills

Take care of the plant for a year - then you will get 10 days fuller Flowers

Don't lose your hour - the sunlight will be going down soon

An inch of gold cannot do an inch time buy

Neither a lot of money nor flowers last forever

Don't wish for what you don't see

My live – a candlelight in the wind

The ripest fruit falls by itself

To succeed, talk to three old people

If you always offer, you will always have

Life changing words - powerful ones Confucius quotes

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and politician.

The philosophy of Confucius, also known as Confucianism, emphasized personal and state morality, correctness of social relations, justice, kindness and sincerity.

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Chinese wisdom

Separate an orange - it tastes just as good

If you have dinner eat don't respect the chef

Those who return from a journey are not the same as those who left

Dig the well before you dry up


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You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

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Whoever makes a request is a fool for five minutes; if you don't ask, you remain a fool for life

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

When your mind is solid, surely all difficult things will be easy. If your Spirit is weak, all simple things become hard

Every born Kind has innate goodness

Whoever stakes his conscience on passion burns an image to get the ashes

If you are preparing for a year, plant rice. If you plan 10 years, plant trees. If you plan 100 years, inform humanity

A lonely discussion with a wise man is worth studying books for a month

do those glücklichwho are near, and also those who are far will come

A bird doesn't sing because it has the solution to something, it sings because it has a melody

To understand that your mothers and fathers lieben, you must raise youth yourself

An invisible string connects those destined to meet

The more you sweat in practice, the less bleeding you have in combat

manage yours emotions or they will surely manage you

Judge yourself when you criticize others; forgive others as you forgive yourself

Hide your coin while you negotiate

"I heard" is excellent; "I saw" is better

Confucius says

Blue sea with small island and Confucius quote: "Three things cannot remain hidden for long: the sun, the moon and reality." - Confucius
Chinese proverbs idioms and wisdom

“Three things cannot remain hidden for long: the sun, the Moon and reality.” – Confucius

"Wherever you go, choose with all your heart." – Confucius

"To be wealthy and recognized in an unjust society is a shame." – Confucius

"What you do not desire for yourself, do not extend to others." – Confucius.

"Understanding yourself is the essence of knowledge." – Confucius

"The way you cut down on your meat is reflected in your lifestyle." – Confucius

“Practicing 5 points in all situations is the best virtue; These five are sincerity, kindness of mind, genuineness, sincerity, and compassion.” – Confucius

"We should feel sorrow, but not sink under their injustice." – Confucius

"True understanding means recognizing the extent of one's ignorance." – Confucius

"A lack of persistence in trivial matters can cause the disruption of an excellent project." – Confucius.

“In the beginning there should be order and harmony in your own mind. After that, these views will infect your family members, then the area, and finally your entire kingdom. Only then can you have both peace and harmony.” – Confucius

"Genuineness is the way of heaven." – Confucius

"A man of knowledge delights in water." – Confucius

"Roads were made for travel, not places." – Confucius

"When sentiment rises, think about the implications." – Confucius

26 Chinese Proverbs, Sayings, Wisdoms, aphorisms and Wisdom of life to: Happiness, love and contentment summarized in one video

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Fortune Cookie Sayings

The Chinese would then weave proverbial sayings into their conversation - The meaning of Chinese proverbs

Most chinese proverbs (成語 Chéngyǔ) require a considerable amount of literary and historical knowledge, so a well-placed proverb can often make a huge impression.
“Proverbial idioms are often used in everyday speech to avoid expressing personal opinion. Man wants to avoid his thoughts as his own individual ideas to explain, but - based on the classic texts - strives to emphasize the connection with one's own tradition. If an assertion made or an opinion given seems doubtful, then so be it Quote an authority to convince the hearer of the correctness of the assertion. Instead of a personal opinion, a generally recognized one occurs wisdom. This avoids a direct confrontation.

According to Günthner, in the analysis of conversations between German and Chinese conversation partners already quoted, the Chinese conversation partners are conspicuous by quoting a large number of 'proverbial figures of speech'. the Chinese always braided proverbial sayings into their conversation if they wanted to prove the validity of their statements. ...
These proverbs were introduced with announcements like: 'In China there is a saying' or 'we say in China'.

Chinese proverbs and sayings can be found not only in essays and lectures, but also in scientific texts. Non-logical justifications are the most important principle in Chinese argumentation, but the formation of analogies by citing recognized authorities and generally accepted models.
Source: Ludwigshaven University East Asia Institute

Chinese proverbs compiled by Numb3rs

Heyy! I liebe Proverbs and especially proverbs from China, because they are almost always true.

Now I have one Video made to. 🙂

I hope you like it 🙂

pictures of… Music: I changed it

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FAQ: Chinese wisdom, Chinese proverbs, idioms and aphorisms

What are Chinese proverbs?

Symbol for what are Chinese proverbs

The Chinese wisdom and proverbs reflect the traditional life of many Chinese and form the quintessence of the life of the Chinese people.

Who is Confucius?

Who is Confucius? Statue of Confucis

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who lived during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. It is assumed that he was from 551 BC. to 479 BC lived.

Who is Lao Tzu?

Who is Lao Tzu? Statue of Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu is a legendary Chinese philosopher believed to have lived in the 6th century BC. should have lived. The name is also spelled Laozi, Lao-Tse, Laudse or Lao-tzu.

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