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Eating should be an experience

Eating should be an experience

Last updated on December 14, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Always nice, fresh, healthy and good-tasting ingredients that ultimately fill you up for a long time are the main cornerstones of her great cookbooks.

Essen should be an experience. Eating nicer, better and healthier instead of eating less is the key to feeling good, she is convinced.

You are what you eat. had this realization Nadia Damaso when she came home ten kilograms heavier after a long stay abroad and then changed her diet.

Nadia Damaso also attaches great importance to the – creativity, manner and how she presents her dishes.

A look at her books is definitely worthwhile. Just try it, it tastes great – eating should be an experience!

Eating should be an experience. Nadia Damaso comes from Switzerland, is just 21 years old alt – and has already come a long way.

It started when she cooked for her parents at home in Engardin as a child, when she reached astronomical numbers of followers as a food blogger and when she ended up in the Switzerland published two cookbooks as an autodidact, which sold splendidly.

The best ideas and she says she gets the best recipes while jogging.

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Eating should be an experience – Nadia Damaso

Nadia Damaso is currently in the fast lane: With her cookbook "Eat Better Not Less" she landed a bestseller and conquered the hearts of foodies all over the world.

This week she is a guest with Claudia Lässer in "Zoom Personal" and explains why cooking makes you happy, why healthy eating is not synonymous with doing without and what you can do in the live inspired.

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