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Three facts that will improve your life

Three facts – things that improve your life

Last updated on June 14, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Combine three facts with one act of kindness - every day - to make things better in your life

  1. What a man sows, that is what he will reap!
  2. You must sow hearts if you want to reap hearts.
  3. If you don't sow in the spring, you won't reap in the summer, you won't enjoy it in the fall and winter; he bears his fate.

Things that improve your life – For example, we know from our own experience: Although smaller lice that we come across in life, in other words, they can be ours Mood kill. Furthermore, such small lice can often affect our mood for hours.

Now connect this fact to the three points mentioned above to let go of your anger – Things to improve your life

Pinboard with the note: Chanche Your Life - things to improve your life
Things that are yours live structures

Start the day with one positive Notes.

We should take advantage of this: If we are angry and we manage to make someone a little happy, then we would not only have significantly reduced our anger, in other words: We also do that Welt a bit better.

Suppose if something good happens to us, this is how we are People also more inclined to do something good, by a factor of 4.

For this reason, you be the one changethat you want to see in the world. It starts with ourselves.

Vera F. Birkenbihl

Things that improve your life – anti-anger strategies

Do you want less in the future? to annoy?
In this lecture, Vera F. Birkenbihl proves once again that there is no dry theory, only dry theorists - although she is not one!

In her usual humorous style of presentation, she brings groundbreaking new information from intelligence research exciting Connection with information on emotional competence (anti-anger strategies), including: Do you know the three types of intelligence (head, gut and immune system)?

Do you also know how strongly these are connected by emotions and what influence positive and negative feelings have on your intelligence (!) and to what extent you actually become more intelligent through clever choice of your anti-anger measures?

VFB.'s approaches to getting angry less and more efficiently are a great help.

Flow Club Magdeburg

Things that are yours live improve – keywords from the content

  • The resonance effect (feelings are contagious)
  • The rational head (the ability to make decisions)
  • The Let go in the form of forgiveness (acceptance)
  • Responsibility (getting out of the victim role)
  • The repertoire (Letting go old man Imaginations)
  • Success (More time for actual life instead of trouble)
  • The unconditional love (Including two techniques for developing towards them)
  • Giving wanton joy (Random Acts of Kindness)
  • The meaning of the KKI question (Kant's Categorical Imperative)
  • The relativity principles of the psyche (language, the fixed star, the Tod and the ability to have a sense of humor)

Vera F. Birkenbihl and Bryon's Katies the Work

How much trouble does man need?

Vera F. Birkenbihl “works” with Moritz Boerner about her professional and private environment.

This is an excerpt from the more than two hour DVD about which Tobias Ellerbrok writes: “Birkenbihl's laughter, her sparkling wit, her incredible openness, even about hairy topics and her own painful experiences have impressed me deeply.

This woman doesn't matter, she is one hundred percent herself.

And as if by the way, you not only learn a lot about The Work and its application, but you also get valuable tips for life. Extremely exciting!”

The DVD will be available from December 10, 09… to order.

Source: Moritz Boerner
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Less SUFFERING – More Joy – Anti STRESS | Things that improve your life | Vera F. Birkenbihl

Many people think they are suffering from stress. However, this is often just one factor of many.

The most important factor is that they have TOO ENOUGH JOY in life.

With her HUMOR, Vera F. Birkenbihl gives anti-anger strategies for MORE JOY in life.

LernerZukunft com Andreas K. Giermaier
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Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can read.

Mark Twain

10 success things that will improve your life

The right mindset is incredibly important to achieve your goals and successfully to become. In this video I show you the 10 success mindsets my life have changed enormously for the better and will also change your life.

Dominik Bärenthaler – Personality development
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Definition of anger on Wikipedia

troubleAlso Annoyance, is a spontaneous, internal, negative-emotional reaction (Affect) to an unpleasant or undesirable situation, person or memory.

That which causes anger – that nuisance –, can be a frustration, like one insult .

The conscious evocation of this emotion by others is called to annoy bezeichnet.

Anger describes a whole group of negative feelings that can have different levels of excitement and intensities.

Probably the strongest form is this rage (also “Rage”), which is caused by the other person aggressive behavior rarely remains hidden (except perhaps the impotent rage).

Less arousing forms of anger are Discomfort, displeasure or displeasure. These emotions are as inner Reactions initially spontaneous and generally unavoidable.


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