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Chinese parable - Chinese wisdom

Chinese parable about life and death

Last updated on October 9, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

The meaning of life - Chinese parable - Chinese wisdom

Once upon a time there was a somewhat old, withered tree that stood in a forest in the highlands. It was snowing and freezing cold.

One day a bird flew at him from afar. The bird was tired and hungry as it climbed onto the shoulders of the old Baumes settled down to rest there.

"My friend, have you come from far?" the old tree asked the bird.

"Yes, I have come from very far, I am passing through, and I would like to rest a little," answered the bird.

"Is it nice where you come from?" the old tree wanted to know.

"Yes, it's beautiful there. There are flowers, grasses, streams and lakes. There are also many friends there - fish, rabbits, squirrels and we live very much glücklich commonality. It is also very warm there, not as cold as here.”

"Oh, I see you are very happy! It is not warm here – the weather is often very cold. I have never left this place, nor do I have any friends, mine live is very backwoods,” the old tree sighed.

"Oh you unfortunate one! How lonely yours must be live and the little bit of warmth you know is way too little,” the little bird sighed emotionally.

Just then some people were walking through the forest, cold and tired.

"If we had just a little fire, we could fry something and be comfortable," said one of them.

Suddenly they discovered the old, withered one Tree.

Excited, they went to the old tree.

When the little bird saw the axes in their hands, it quickly flew to another tree.
Some of them raised their axes and felled the tree.

Then they chopped it up into firewood.

Shortly thereafter, despite ice and Snow a blazing fire started. People sat around the fire and enjoyed the warmth. Now that they were no longer cold, they all smiled contentedly.

"What a pity alter tree!” the bird called loudly. "Before you were so lonely, living alone in this icy world"!

Amid the flames the old tree smiled:

"My friend, don't pity me. No matter how lonely I have been in the past, at least some beings in this world are warm because of me.”

Chinese proverbs - wisdom and aphorisms video

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Chinese Parable: Lucky or Bad Luck?

Once upon a time there was an old wise man China, who had a horse and a son.

One day the horse wandered off and was lost.

When the neighbors heard about this, they went to the old wise man and told him they were sorry to hear about his bad luck.

"How do you know it's bad luck?" he asks.

Soon after, the horse returned, bringing with it many wild horses.

When the neighbors found out about this, they again went to the old wise man and this time congratulated him on his luck.

"How do you know it's good luck?" he asks.

Now that the son had so many horses, he took up horseback riding and it happened that he fell off a horse and broke his leg.

Again the neighbors went to the old one wise man and this time expressed sadness his bad luck.

"How do you know it's bad luck?" he asked.

War soon broke out and the old man's son did not have to go to war because of the injury. Chinese parable: a lot lucky or unlucky?

Chinese parable - reading - by Hermann Hesse

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