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Letting go Learning to live with the flow

Learning to Let Go Spiritually | Break free from clinging once and for all

Last updated on July 2, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

A change of perspective

Learn to let go spiritually - As soon as a person is born, he begins - and quite automatically - to communicate his needs to others.

He doesn't question what he does or compare his actions to others his age.

A newborn is what many people have ceased to be long before they die and are still missing: they are spiritually detached.

Learning to let go spiritually - What is the most important thing for you

A woman thinks about the following statement: What is the most important thing for you
let go female

Although a baby's behavioral repertoire is still limited at the beginning, unmistakable screaming, pitiful crying, excited kicking and joyful cooing soon becomes a large and colorful palette full of different expressive possibilities with which the new earthling will shape relationships and try to have a good one live respectively.

But sometimes things don't turn out as expected and only a few would think that the reason for this is a special kind of inner imprisonment.

A good life – what is that actually?

A yellow flower of a perennial
let go definition

This behaves every now and then live Paradoxically, the more opportunities it gives us to satisfy our needs, the more difficult it is for us to do so.

This has to do with the fact that with increasing Age increasing difficulty in recognizing what we actually want.

But why is that so?

You probably don't remember it, but when Baby you couldn't and didn't have to question what is most important to you, because it was absolutely clear to you.

You wanted of Love, no more and no less.

Screaming, crying, kicking, and cooing were the tools you used to get them in the beginning—no matter how primitive it might seem.

The wonderful consequence for you was: you were satisfied

learning to let go spiritually - woman with child
let go in simple steps and learn to trust

Spiritually learn to let go – is love the secret?

But this satisfaction, so easily achieved, is taken away from us all in good time.

we are taught of Love alone would not suffice; it would take more to be truly happy - like very special toys, very special clothes and a very special look.

And later it has to be a very special job, preferably one that makes a lot of money and is highly regarded.

But how can it then be explained that many who have achieved exactly that are still not satisfied?

What prevents them happiness to feel?

Faster, further, bigger – Let go spiritually, learn

The answer to that is hidden where in Times of the eternal competition hardly anyone looks.

As we each work around the clock trying to outperform our fellow human beings on every imaginable matter – be it raising children, career or salary – something very important is slipping further and further from our field of vision: ours Intuition.

Being intuitive means being newborn.

It means being able to let go spiritually and thus to recognize the path that leads to Satisfaction .

Intuitive People are outside the captivity of others' needs and can distinguish them from their own.

In her eyes, being satisfied with “less” contradicts neither a modern nor a sensible lifestyle.

Thus, intuitive, spiritually free people are under much less pressure, which in turn has a positive effect on their health and thus their happiness.

However, people who have long forgotten how to let go spiritually are constantly chasing goals that will only drain them of strength but will never bring them fulfillment.

With a bit of luck, however, these people will feel that it is time to change something.

Learning to let go of life - stones symbolically stacked on top of each other in the river
Stones in the river - learning to let go is not always easy

Copy and paste

Even though we've forgotten how to attain true contentment, we still know for a fact that it exists in the olden days.

However, as we were taught early on, our own and whole natural Subordinating needs to needs that other people have thought up for us, we suddenly face a problem.

We no longer know what us glücklich makes us who we really are, not how others would like to see us.

The only solution we can usually think of is copy-and-paste, which means that as soon as we see a happy-looking person - whether on TV or among friends - we use them as a template and copy them.

However, it is clear what such a project actually achieves.

We are only moving further away from the contented feeling of our early memories. And if we're honest, that's a good thing.

After all, what would the world be like if everyone were swimming in the same direction?

No two people are the same, and because of that, it is impossible to make someone else's life your own.

Thus, what satisfies someone else is not what brings happiness to ourselves.

The secret formula for happiness – Learn to let go spiritually

The question that arises is: How can we find out what makes us happy?

And: Which path must be taken in order to definitely end up at the right destination?

Perhaps you too are one of those people who fear that they have followed the wrong path too soon.

Maybe you're wondering what it takes to get back on track and maybe that's why you're comparing yourself to people who, despite all the obstacles, seem to have gotten exactly where you are liebsten want to be


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


But instead of living a contented life like others, you puzzle like them secret happiness formula could be.

The answer is actually quite simple.

Spiritually let go learn | Break free from clinging once and for all

conform to ourselves

Whether professionally successful or not, satisfaction does not necessarily depend on how many rungs of the career ladder a person has climbed in his or her life.

And also not from the account balance.

Satisfaction is a feeling that only comes when a person is doing exactly what he loves, that is, when he is only conforming to himself and not to others.

But the most people live a strange and also a cramped life.

Most people live lives where they are never spiritual let go, but to emulate artificial values.

Up to hers Tod Some manage to ignore the gap between their real needs and those strange ones they stoically satisfy.

For others, however, this feat is too immense.

After a long time doing everything they can to fool themselves, these people see their life and admit that it is in them Truth is against.

This kind of insight comes on its own every now and then, but often it needs an unrelenting trigger.

The most effective of them is called illness and is basically nothing more than a wake-up call that leads us to a change prompts.

View of the Aare
Flow meaning spiritually - learn to affirm spiritual self-reliance and inner attitude

Sickness, if we stick to it, is certainly not a joy.

However, they are not all bad.

One good thing that every illness brings with it, for example, is that we learn to perceive ourselves better again and for ourselves Concern to wear.

Thanks to an illness, our focus changes from the outside to our inside and reveals something that we have not considered for a long time: our needs.

With this in mind, we are finally able to let go of what we have been clinging to for far too long: the needs of others.

By allowing ourselves to take this step, we allow ourselves to be newborns again. When things are going well for us, we start to be honest with ourselves.

We can finally let go spiritually and find true contentment erfahren.

A perfect life all around

Besides illness, life offers us all sorts of other opportunities to learn how to let go spiritually.

Life crises of all kinds are suitable for this because they force us to take on new perspectives and old ways of thinking and thinking behavior pattern exchange for new approaches.

How many others ask maybe you too are wondering what the point of this is and are of the opinion that bad times shouldn't exist in the first place.

  • But what would happen then?
  • what if that live would be perfect for each of us and freed from all vices?
  • What reason would we have to grow and evolve?
  • Or to put it even more radically: What reason would we have to exist?

Spiritually let go learning therefore also means learning the supposedly bad in the live see as an opportunity. And to be able to do this, we must stop fighting against life itself.

Learn to let go spiritually

Life means going through ups and downs. Without depths, none of us would have any sense of heights.

We can only enjoy beautiful moments when we know what painful moments feel like.

Constantly fighting pain would mean denying ourselves the beauty in life.

Our view of things usually looks different. We shy away from change and we shy away even more from problems.

  • But what speaks against seeing problems as something helpful?
  • For example as an obstacle that we can overcome and learn from?
  • Or trying to solve the problem instead of doing everything you can to avoid it?

Each of us has an ongoing choice to view events in different ways.

  • We can understand illness as a punishment from God or as a message to help us rediscover our intuition.
  • We can consider the loss of a loved one live destructive stroke of fate or we are happy for him that he was allowed to enter the gate to a more beautiful existence.
  • No matter how bad things are, no one can stop us from looking for something beautiful in them.

And each of us will find it as soon as we are spiritual let go and adapt to changes can let in.

let go of control

Letting Go Learning _People Group
Learning to Let Go Spiritually | Break free from clinging once and for all | Mantra to let go

Spiritually learn to let go always goes hand in hand with becoming aware of one's need for control and giving it up.

Instead of control moves trust in the course that life sets for us.

If you can trust life, you can also trust yourself.

So if you want to learn to let go spiritually, you also learn to become aware of your own abilities and to develop them further.

On the other hand, those who are aware of their abilities automatically stop fighting life.

He realizes that fighting consumes precious powers, making it difficult for us to perceive happiness.

What prevents us from letting go spiritually?

Moments, good or bad, don't last forever. However, they often leave traces, so-called patterns or beliefs, in the midst of our subconscious determine how we react to certain events in life.

Behind this there is often a protective function that is intended to protect us from another defeat, another loss or another embarrassment.

If we surrender to these patterns without reflection, border we ourselves and are therefore not free.

Being free means letting go spiritually. Letting go spiritually means to without fear live.

How do we dissolve our beliefs

If you want to free yourself from your beliefs, so if you are spiritual let go If you want to learn, you will inevitably get close to your past.

There, in your early childhood, for you - like each of us - thought patterns created that hold you captive today.

You learned that it is important to have something and not to give anything in the world away.

You learned that possession equals luck and combined loss with great misfortune.

Once you can become aware of these things, once you can recognize them, you will be able to let them go.

Spiritually learn to let go also means learning to reflect. Reflection, in turn, allows you to see what you are using your valuable resources for every day.

You will find that it is often simple yet powerful concerns that keep you from living your life in the way that suits your nature.

Vera F. Birkenbihl – Pragmatic esotericism – The small way to the big self – let go spiritually

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trust spiritually

If you want to learn to let go spiritually, you get a new chance

What spiritual don't let go means is to push problems away from us.

It means room for new ones Experiences to grant, with the help of which we continue to develop.

Spiritually let go learning can therefore be understood as a process that can bring about the completion of our self.

But without practice and without consciously encouraging reflection, it will be difficult for us to recognize our beliefs.

who spiritual learn to let go will quickly realize that no one - not a guru, not a therapist or psychologist - could do this for him.

Only when we are willing to take responsibility for ourselves and dare to search for our true needs can we achieve newborn happiness again.

Commitment to ourselves pays off, and it pays off for everyone, because everyone can, if they are willing, spiritually learn to let go and live a happy life .

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