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experiences, insights and opinions

experiences, insights and opinions

Last updated on April 18, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Letting go and including others - experiences, insights and opinions

experiences, insights and opinions
experiences, insights and opinions

Chairo, 8 years old

clown father and son

Chairo explains: "The big clown says to the little clown that he'll get a nice ice cream cone now that he's practiced so well for the forthcoming circus performance.

A reward!

You know, the little ones always learn from the big ones, the funny as well as the silly... but in the circus Laughing the people about the stupid jokes.

in the right one live the little one should only learn the good!

Stupid things can also be dangerous and then you suddenly get punished for it!”
Our little philosopher has already understood a lot!


insights and opinions

Many ideas thrive better when transplanted into someone else's head than when they stay with us where they originally came from. – Oliver Wendel Holmes

"A real capable one Man is so humble that he knows the limits of his own perception and appreciates the bounty of resources that open up through interaction with the hearts and minds of other people. Such a person attaches great value to these sources of information, which increase his knowledge. However, if we are only on our own Experiences left, we constantly suffer from a lack of data.” –Stephen R. Covey

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