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A beautiful old oak tree. Tree of Trees - Oak

Tree of Trees | oak | 22 Oak Quotes

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“The mighty oak of today is simply that Nut from yesterday, which has stood its ground.” – David Ike

Oak the tree of trees - In all of Europe's major cultures, individuals have held the oak tree in reverence.

In the countries where the massive tree grows, it was once revered as a connection between heaven and earth.

Among the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Slavs as well Germanic tribes the oak stood in first place among the revered trees.

The tree of trees - the oak once spiritually connected with the gods

Oak Quote - The greater the storm, the more firmly rooted the oak. - German proverb
Tree of Trees | Oak

Associated in each case with the supreme god in their pantheon, oak being spiritual to Zeus, Jupiter, Dagda, Perun and Thor in particular.

Each of these gods also had dominion over Rain, Give and lightning.

"The bigger the storm, the more firmly rooted the oak." - German proverb

It is no coincidence that oak trees are more susceptible to lightning strikes than many other trees.

This is on that flood material of the tree and the fact that it is often the tallest living being in the Landscape at a hunt.

Where does the word oak come from?

An oak acorn
Tree of Trees | Oak

The druids regularly worshiped and performed their ceremonies in oak groves.

The words Druids may derive from a Celtic assumption, "knowers of the oak". The Gaelic word for oak is Darach and is still used in place names such as Glac Daraich - oak hollow - little valley.

Mistletoe, possibly the most powerful and also most magical plant of the druids, often grew on oak trees.

Its visibility was believed to indicate that the hand of God placed it there in a lightning strike.

Old woman Kings offered themselves as personifications of these gods. They committed themselves not only to combat success, but also to the fertility of the land that grew up Rain was instructed.

Our five sacred trees - tree of trees

In this nature guide, I present 5 native trees, each of which represents a major life theme:

– The birch is the tree of the luminous beginning;

– the beech creates spiritual connection;

– the oak supports ordering forces;

– the linden tree is the tree of healing of Love and

– the yew stands for the open questions of life.

Through nature meditation we open ourselves to a larger dimension. You don't necessarily have to sit in a special position, you can hug the tree, feel the bark, smell it, taste a leaf.

The important thing is to focus our awareness on the tree and what its presence resonates in our soul.

Wolf-Dieter Storl
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Tree of Trees | oak | 22 oak Quotations

“If God intends to make a mushroom, he does this about night, but if he intends to make a giant oak tree, it will take him a hundred years. Excellent Spirits are augmented through battles and tornadoes, and also through lifespans. Endure the process.” - Rick warren

They put on crowns of oak leaves when symbol of god, for which they stood as kings of the world.

In a similar way Way effective Roman leaders with crowns of oak leaves existed during their triumphs.

Oak leaves is still considered a decorative icon of Wehrmacht competence.

The association of oak leaves with rain has also survived in much more recent folklore.

There is a choice of similar rhymes about which leaves of the tree originally appeared, such as the Irish expression:

The spiritual gratitude the oak ceased with the advent of Christianity not up.

However, early Christian churches displaced many oak groves.

St. Columba is said to have had a fondness and appreciation for oak trees, and indeed was reluctant to fell them.

Despite this, his early church on Iona was built of oak from the nearby Mull oak forests.

St. Brendan was divinely motivated to use oak planks to cover his koracle instead of the usual hides.

Legend has it that this small ship may have towed him to the New World several thousand years before Columbus.

Oak was also preferred for its toughness and durability.

It was a centerpiece of the distinctive Tudor half-timbered houses, and musicians took advantage of its even, honey-colored elegance for both sculpting and turning.

The bark was taken from the natural leathertanning industry appreciated because it contains a lot of tannin.

During the industrial revolution, large quantities were sent to Glasgow from north-west Scotland for this purpose.

The bark also provides a brown dye and oak galls also provided the strong black dye on which the ink was made.

A tonic derived from steaming the bark was used to treat harness wounds in horses.

The oak tree of trees

There are over 40 oak species in Central Europe. The pedunculate oak is the most common

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19 oak quotes, that's all there is to it

The largest oak was once a small nut that held its own. - Sayings
Tree of Trees | oak | 22 oak Quotations

"Every noble achievement is a dream before it is a fact, just as the oak is an acorn before it is a tree." - persistence

"If the oak before the ashes, then we only have one syringe left. If the ashes in front of the oak tree, After that we'll undoubtedly take a bath!" - Unknown

"If we can easily do that live wish, they remind us that oak trees grow strong in headwinds and diamonds also grow under pressure.” – Peter Marshall

"Everyone Man is bred with a unique collection of possibilities that want to be fulfilled as unquestionably as the acorn wants to become the oak in it.” - Aristotle

"The best Success was initially and temporarily a dream. The oak sleeps over the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and even in the highest possible vision of the soul an awakening angel stirs. Wishes are the seeds of realities.” -James Allen

"The best oak tree in the forest is not the one protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It is the one that stands in the open air, where it is forced against winds, rainfalls and also to fight the scorching sun for its existence.” – Napoleon Hill


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"Songs has charms to calm a wild bust, soften stones, or bend a knotted oak.” —William Congreve

"When the oak is dropped, the whole forest echoes with its drop, but a hundred acorns are planted in silence by an unnoticed wind." – Thomas Carlyle

When we wish for easy life, they remind us that oak trees grow strong in headwinds, and diamonds are also born under pressure. - Peter Marshall

“The willow that bows to the storm usually runs away better than the oak that withstands it; hence, in some cases of great catastrophe, both light and unimportant minds regain their suppleness and clarity faster than those of higher character.” - Albert Schweitzer

"Every acorn on the ground is as alive as the three hundred years old oak, which looms over them." – Hope years

“I think the tree is an element of regrowth, which in itself is a principle of time is. The oak is particularly so because it is a slow growing tree with a type of really solid heartwood. It was actually always a kind of sculpture, a sign for this world.” - Joseph Beuys

"During development, the only difficult point is the beginning: a blade of grass is no easier to produce than an oak tree." – James Russell Lowell

"The willow that bows to the storm usually weathers the storm better than the oak that withstands it." - Walter Scott

"I'm a born-again atheist, so most likely there won't be a funeral. I will be in one for sure cardboard coffin buried in my forest with an oak tree on my head." – Felix Dennis

"The greatest oak was once a small nut that stood its ground." - claims

"The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that stands." – Japanese claims

“I have planted over 6.000 trees at your home in Scotland, including several oaks. I want mine Kinder enjoy growing.” – Rory Stewart

"Songs have beauties to soothe a wild chest, soften stones, or bend a knotted oak tree." —William Congreve

"A small grove slaughtered to the last ashes, an oak with heartrot, reveal the program: This excellent one Culture will most likely perish; they cannot mislead us how fast they go, how much they set you back and the gods. A society is not much better than its forests.” – WH Auden

Is this the oldest oak tree in the world?

We stood reverently in front of this old Stiehl oak, which is one of the oldest or the oldest in Europe and maybe even in the whole world.

Source: The self-sufficient family
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