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Let's breathe - woman in lotus position - breathing health nature freedom

“Let’s breathe”

Last updated on February 17, 2024 by Roger Kaufman

People breathe wrong – you breathe wrong. #breathe

Most people breathe shallowly and into their chest.

This is not good.

Shallow breathing transports less oxygen into your body and creates an imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Healthy breathing is one in which your belly rises and falls as you breathe in and out.

Through deep and conscious breathing you can not only improve your health, but also learn to let go.

Some people can't let go because they remember the past festhalten. You can't forget and not forgive.

These people live in a world of pain and suffering.

But there is hope! By learning to let go, you too can learn to let go.

Pain, anger, sadness Let's breathe

Water lily - breath is life
Healing through breathing

There are many different reasons why People want to learn to breathe properly.

Maybe you have asthma or another condition that makes you have trouble breathing.

Maybe you are an athlete and want to improve your endurance.

Or maybe you just feel like you don't breathe properly and want to find out if that's true.

No matter what your reason is, it's important to know that there are some Error that people often do when breathing.

These errors can lead to serious health problems if not corrected.

In this article we will take a closer look at some of these errors.

  • emotions are sometimes very violent.
  • Can have a major impact on our lives.
  • Sometimes we don't even know where exactly our feelings come from.
  • There it is, jealousy, when we actually know better.

But there is good news. We can do something.

  • We can stay away from the fight unwanted emotions Not only can we eliminate these energies of pain, we can also use this trick to determine where they come from.
  • we can all learn to help ourselves.

A story #ConsciousBreathing

A woman hears a story
An History – Let’s breathe


At first, Tina didn't know where her little daughter's screaming was coming from. She eventually located it in the garden.

She dropped her laundry basket, full of freshly washed clothes, ready to be hung out in the sun and ran to the patio door.

Tina found her daughter screaming under the swing, holding her knee - blaring louder than a summer construction site - with a hammer drill.

“Oh God, what happened?” Tina picked up her little daughter Lena and sat her on her knee. The girl alternately sobbed, occasionally howling and dying in a sniffling nose.

Shhh… it’s not that bad. See?” Tina blew on her daughter’s knee. “There, look, the ouch flies away. It's already high up, there! In the tree!"

The little daughter squinted in the sun, sniffled and nodded. “Can you see it?” Tina asked. Lena nodded and smiled. “Good!” Tina said. “The ouch is gone now and it will never come back!”

Flying ouches and emotions

A woman has tears in her eyes
Breathe freely – emotions

Now you're wondering what flying ouches have to do with emotions? I'll explain it to you because this is a fabulous one BILD for your own personal “ouches”.

Pain, psychological or physical, wants to communicate something.

If your leg hurts and sticks out weird, you know it's broken. That's still easy, you go to a hospital.

If you feel nauseous, it could be either because of a spoiled meal or because of a situation.

Become you have to think about which doctor you go to. General practitioner or analyst? Already more difficult.

But if you're angry, hurt, jealous or out of sorts, don't even ask yourself whether you should see a doctor.

You “eat” the emotion into yourself, freak out or distract yourself.

Your negative emotions, the pain behind it is, however, to the same extent a message that something is wrong.

The trick is visualization:

She describes the pain as a “Lena”.

“Lena” wants to show you that something is wrong.

Your job is to notice “Lena” and blow over her ouch so that it can fly away.

Only then can “Lena” continue playing fröhlichen .

A guide – breathe freely

Rapeseed flower with quote: Life is pretty simple. Inhale and exhale, then repeat. - unknown
Most beautiful Quotes on the subject of breathing

Maybe you are experienced in meditation, then it will be easier for you to follow these instructions.

But even without previous experience, in most cases this is achieved on the second attempt at the latest.

Do not give up!

The reward is “knees” without scars!


Our breathing is so important that we can only stay alive for a few minutes without it.

We use the different breathing techniques for relaxation, for more Energy and we can even breathe aggressively – and healthily too.

We use the breath also for blowing.

Pay attention to the effect of your breath, right now!

Close your eyes and let yourself breathe through yourself.

Just by contemplating “being breathed” you relax 45 degrees.

Capture the unwanted emotion

Group of people walks in an alley, show emotions
Let’s breathe – pain

The best way to explain what happens next is with an example.

Let's assume you constantly overreact to your (spouse) partner.

He/she might stay at work longer, the best friend / the best friend is a permanent guest, the hobby is far more important than joint activities.

In short: you feel like you're being pushed back, that you're not being paid enough attention to what you're doing.

And instead of 10 text messages a day, there are only three.

Even shorter: you are jealous. You are jealous of almost everything and everyone that comes your way Time and steals your partner's attention.

The harder you try, the worse it gets. The partner suddenly starts going fishing or collecting stamps. A paradox, at first.

In the second moment you see yourself failed, worthless and reduced to a monkey.

This leaves the door wide open for depression or a breakup.

Or for both.

Letting go – breathing loose

Woman in lotus position with a beautiful smile
Breathe loosely – breathing exercises lung volume

To do this, find a place where you can be completely undisturbed for the next 20 minutes.

This can be in your home or in nature.

The Nature is always preferable, but sometimes it doesn't work.

If you do this breathing exercise at home, It rises so that no one bothers you. No phone, no child, no bell, not even that Cat.

Plants and stones are okay.

Make yourself comfortable. Just as you like it.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Watch it flow through you.

In this moment you are. Not more.

You will notice that your heart rate slows.

Images come to mind, images leave. They pass by like clouds. Emotions come, emotions go.

They blow by like the wind.

the Channel emotions and images manage to touch you, you hardly notice others.

When you are in the mood, consciously and decisively recall the situation that made you so upset.

Watch her.

Observing does not mean getting involved.

You observe your emotions just like someone sitting in a café at the airport watching the planes land and leave.

Nothing else.

The emotion now and at this moment becomes the “Lena” who hit her knee. You yourself become the “Tina” who perceives it.

It's becoming less painful right now, as you'll notice, just by looking at it!

Don't put any more energy into the emotion.

The opposite of Love is not hate, but indifference!

Let yourself “keep breathing” and when you feel like the “ouch” is over, you can emerge again.

You feel much lighter and more liberated, right?

For advanced users, breathe freely

Young woman takes a selfie with quote: "Breathe in the future, breathe out the past." - Author unknown
“Breathe in the future, breathe out the past.” – Author unknown

If you have a little practice, you will be able to do this more easily and quickly small to scare the devil away.

Some will come back.

Then it is a sign that there is something completely different behind the recurring emotions.

You can move on in spirit.

You can ask yourself, “What is the source of my jealousy?”

Your Subconscious often speaks to you in pictures.

Use Cases

  • Start breathing - sometimes it doesn't work right away, sometimes it takes a while and the answer comes in a dream, in the toilet or while doing the dishes.
  • Memories may arise, such as having to “fight” for a parent’s attention.
  • Like how you were punished when you didn't do what your parents wanted.
  • Maybe a memory will come back to you of Lovewho separated from you.
  • A move.
  • Because: Jealousy has something to do with fear of loss.
  • We cling because we are afraid of losing something.


  • You can continue with your breathing work.
  • You can imagine yourself, after looking at the problem neutrally, remembering/ Emotion / Breathe out pain.
  • Fill your lungs with the opposite: if you want to release jealousy, breathe of Love or indifference.
  • If you want to breathe out anger, breathe in harmony or neutrality.
  • With a little practice, you can also do this at the 30th red light in city traffic.
  • Anything you can think of is good.
  • There is only one rule.
  • The honest intention.
  • You can in Colors breathe, in smells.
  • You can breathe out demons and breathe in angels.
  • Whatever helps you, it's right.

The 24 most beautiful quotes about breathing

Two young women smiling and quote: "Breathe in the future, breathe out the past." - Author unknown
Letting go – how to breathe correctly in your stomach or chest

“For breath is life, so if you breathe well, you will live long on earth.” – Sanskrit proverb

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a gusty sky. Conscious breathing is my support.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

“Life is pretty simple. Breath in and breath out, then repeat.” - unknown

“Breathe this Future inhale, breathe out the past.” – Author unknown

“Breathing is the most beautiful joy in life.” – Giovanni Papini

“When the breath is restless, everything is restless; when the breath is still; everything is quiet. Control your breath thoroughly. Inhaling gives strength and a controlled body; Storage ensures fortitude and longevity; Exhaling detoxifies both body and mind.” – Goraksasathakam

“If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another one Luck. " –Andrea Boydston

“Breathing is the link between mind and body.” – Dan Brule

“Your breath is your anchor.” - unknown

Young woman closes her eyes and quote: Your breath is your anchor. - unknown
Quotes about breathing

“Deep breathing brings deep thinking, just as shallow breathing brings shallow thinking.” –Elsie Lincoln Benedict

“Breathe, it’s just a negative day, not a negative life.” - unknown

“The ability to breathe is a gift. Wake up daily grateful for this gift.” – Johnny Lung

Smile, breathe, take it easy and live a contented life Life." – Johnny Lung

“Your breath is your support.” - unknown

“Conscious breathing improves awareness and also deepens leisure time.” – Dan Brule

“Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.” – L. Frank Baum

“Life is not determined by the number of breaths we take, but by the minutes that take our breath away.” - unknown

“I wake up every day and also believe: I’m breathing! It’s a good day.” – Eve Ensler

"Conscious breathing improves awareness and also deepens leisure time." -Dan Brule
People breathe wrong

“If I had to choose to love you and breathe, with my last breath I would say I like you.” - unknown

“Your breath is your anchor.” - unknown

“Breathing, in my opinion, corresponds to organizing one’s life.” - Luce Irigaray

“It can still be a good day if you just took a breath.” – Johnny Lung

“You live and breathe. That’s a nice factor to commemorate.” – Johnny Lung

“Only those who know exactly how to breathe will surely pass.” – Pandit Acharya

Breathe correctly – 93% of all people breathe incorrectly

Almost 30.000 times per Tags every person breathes. However, most people make crucial mistakes when breathing that have serious consequences for your health Health can have.

Find out if you, too, are making these breathing mistakes.

Liebscher & Bracht | The pain specialists
youtube player

Free Your Breath: How Metaphors Help You Breathe Deeply and Calmly

Metaphors can have a profound impact, especially when it comes to improving awareness and the practice of breathing.

Here are 18 creative and vivid metaphors that can help you deepen and calm your breathing:

Breathe like the gentle waves of the ocean rolling calmly onto the beach and receding.

Let your breaths dance like leaves in the wind, light and carefree.

Imagine your lungs are like expanding balloons, expanding in all directions.

Breathe in deeply, as if you were inhaling the scent of a freshly opened forest after a rainstorm.

See your breathing as a gentle breeze blowing through a quiet forest.

Think of the inhalation and exhalation as the whispering of the stars, quiet and expansive.

Feel how every breath brings a wave of Calm over sending a crystal clear lake.

Imagine that with every breath you blow away a cloud of dust that clears your vision.

Let your breathing be as rhythmic as the beating of a heart Love and life pumps.

Imagine that your lungs are like magnificent trees, expelling fresh oxygen with every breath old one Absorb CO₂.

Imagine that with every breath you open a window that lets in fresh, cooling air.

View each breath as a wave of renewal flowing through your body.

See the inhalation as raising a sail that takes you on the journey inner peace takes with you.

Feel like with every breath a cloud of tension from your body gives way.

Imagine your breathing is gentle Rain, which nourishes the soil of your inner garden.

As you breathe in, think of gathering strength and energy, just as the sun gathers the morning light.

As you breathe out, let go like the leaves in autumn that easily fall away from the trees.

Visualize that each breath is a gentle wave, the same old one thoughts and washes away worries and makes room for new things.

These metaphors can help you find a deeper, more conscious access to your breathing and thus contribute to more calmness and presence in everyday life.

FAQ: Breathing correctly – your path to greater well-being and inner peace

Why is correct breathing so important?

Breathing properly is fundamental to our physical and mental health. It supplies the body with vital oxygen, promotes relaxation, reduces stress and can even strengthen the immune system. Conscious breathing helps us to be in the here and now and increase our well-being.

What is the correct breathing technique?

The correct breathing technique is abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. You breathe deeply into your stomach so that it expands, and when you breathe out your stomach contracts again. This way of breathing ensures efficient oxygen absorption and promotes relaxation.

How often should I practice breathing exercises?

Breathing exercises can be practiced daily, ideally several times a day. Just a few minutes in the morning and evening can have a positive effect on your well-being. Regularity is more important than the duration of the exercise.

Can breathing exercises help with anxiety and stress?

Yes, breathing exercises are an effective way to combat anxiety and stress. They help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of the nervous system that is responsible for relaxation. As a result, they can help reduce symptoms of stress and promote a state of calm.

What do I do if I have difficulty breathing deeply into my stomach?

If you have trouble breathing deeply into your belly, start with small steps. Lie flat on your back, place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. As you inhale, focus on letting your stomach rise without moving your chest. With time and practice it will get easier.

Is there a particular time or situation when breathing properly is particularly beneficial?

Proper breathing is particularly beneficial in moments of high tension or stress. But it can also be practiced in quiet moments to deepen relaxation. Before going to bed or during breaks during the work day are ideal times to consciously control your breathing.

Can breathing exercises also relieve physical complaints?

Yes, breathing correctly can relieve various physical ailments, including headaches, high blood pressure, and digestive problems. By relaxing the body and improving oxygen supply, symptoms can be alleviated.

How can I become more aware of my breathing in everyday life?

To become more aware of your breathing in everyday life, set regular reminders to pause briefly and observe your breathing. Use moments like waiting at traffic lights or brewing your tea to take a few deep, conscious breaths.

Wim Hof ​​Method – Guided Breathing for Beginners

This time we are happy to present you the breathing exercises in German.

So you can just do this breathing exercise relax while Wim accompanies you through 3 rounds of breathing.

This breathing bubble is an audio-visual guide to help you maintain rhythm and pace during your breathing sessions.

Simply watch the bubble expand and contract and follow with your breathing.

You'll hear Wim breathing next to you, and enchanting background sounds will help you tune out your surroundings so you can focus on nothing other than your breathing.

Wim Hof
youtube player
“Let’s breathe”

If you feel pain, anger or sadness inside you, breathing can be a great help.

atme Take a deep dive and let the emotions in just go.

By breathing you learn capture unwanted emotions and let them go.

Share this blog post with someone who would also benefit from it.

Conclusion: Let’s breathe

Woman in red skirt draws her conclusion
Let's breathe
  • Let go has a lot to do with identifying the cause.
  • This always happens from the inside out.
  • For as it is in small things, so it is in large things.
  • You can't do the whole world change.
  • You can only ever change your own world and then be happy if someone else is inspired by it.

Don't expect miracles, but it's like the story with the glass: you need a lot of clean, fresh Water Pour into a glass with dirt until the water has changed into what you want.

And the more you do this, practice letting go and breathing and also observe this without acting, the more your “knees” will remain clean and intact.

  • #GoBreatheLive
  • #BreathingHeals
  • #EmotionsLettingGo
  • #ConsciousBreathing

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