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About Roger Kaufmann

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About Roger Kaufmann

Portrait Roger Kaufmann
About Roger Kaufmann

I am Roger Erwin Kaufmann, born in 1966, and I come from Switzerland.

I currently run the blog “Learning to let go, building trust” at

On this blog I want to help people learn more about themselves and develop.

I also offer personal Hypnosis coaching to support people in personal development and improving performance in sport and work.

You can find a short story about the founding and further development of Roger Kaufmann, the project or the organization here: Certified "Conduct learning events with adults"

Patterns of self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis and hypnosis exercise - to strengthen self-confidence and your own self-assurance.

You may be wondering how easy this hypnosis exercise is. I wonder if you will allow yourself to get in touch with your inner resources.

This is classic and Ericksonian Hypnosis exercise. Implementation: Roger Kaufmann,

Hypnosis, self-hypnosis to increase self-confidence

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About Roger Kaufmann | Hypnosis coaching Roger Kaufmann

If two People If you exchange a dollar, everyone goes home with a dollar.
When two people trade an idea, each goes with two ideas home.

Robert Dilts

Would you like to exchange ideas on this blog and would you like to join in?

Yes, of course, then you are cordially invited to take an active part in this Blog to participate!
You are welcome to do this in return Blog Use as free advertising space.

The only condition would be that your Subject fits the topic of this letting go blog.

Become Just send an email or simply add a comment below and you're in. You will then immediately receive relevant information on how to use it so that you can get started straight away : )

About Roger Kaufmann – career – what I learned

Chairo and Nathalie dispose of Litering
Littering campaign: collect and dispose of waste

Born in 1966, I've already had a few years behind me and I have two young people, our two children chair 2000 and Nathalie 2002, help to grow up.

(as the Time goes by, they're both big)

I do this almost alone and I have a lot of fun with it.

We spend our time together in beautiful Switzerland Mumliswil.

I started my career on the ship as a cabin boy, sailor, boatswain and helmsman.

I lived and worked on the Rhine for eight whole years. Still has that Water a great attraction for me; I really enjoy spending my free time in and around the water.

For the largest security company in the Switzerland I provided my services for sixteen years, went through various stages and specialized in organization, training, support and operations management for major events.

I have been training part-time for several years to become a trainer/coach and hypnotherapist completed.

Coaching has always appealed to me; I have been doing this job with passion since 1993.

First and foremost, I treat myself consciously and healthily.

Am liebsten I work in a helping role and never want to cause harm.

I am particularly characterized by a sense of fairness, value neutrality and great honesty.

I am an extremely sensitive person who notices many subtleties that others miss.

Intuition and emotion are key words in my life. Roughly speaking: mentally healthy. Before the Tod and I'm not afraid of illness.

My hobbies are: family, reading, marathon running and skiing.

My favorite quote about who I am today

"What I today is an indication of what I have learned, but not of what my potential is.” Virginia satir

Best quotes and sayings on my YouTube channel

There is nothing more inspiring to me than reading and hearing other people's words and wisdom live divide.

That's also why I have over 60 videos with the best quotes and sayings on my Youtube channel have published.

I know there are many other great quotes channels on YouTube, but I think my videos are special because I try to present the quotes as interesting and entertaining as possible.

I also use a lot of different graphics, videos and animations to make the quotes even more vivid.

So if you would like to be inspired by quotes, then you should definitely think of it Youtube channel subscribe to.

Feel free to share the videos with anyone who might also benefit from them.

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About Roger Kaufmann – compilation beautiful wisdom

Letting go, learning to trust, exquisite quotes

Learn to let go – Quotes

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About Roger Kaufmann

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3 thoughts on “About Roger Kaufmann”

  1. Hello dear Roger,

    I landed on your very nice HP because I was looking for a nice saying or quote about death - letting go and a butterfly :) and lo and behold, I was on your page and found the beautiful quote by Elisabeth Kübler Ross. You also inspired me many years ago with your research into dying. Thank you for your inspiration and nice HP! Wish you and your children a good time! Kind regards Anja from the North Sea

  2. Hello, I just came to this great site. Browsing the quotes and music made me feel wonderful. Kind regards and have a good time. Elke

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