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A dream catcher at sunset - 9 Indian quotes - a reward for life

14 Native American Quotes | Reward for life | Indian sayings

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Legendary Indian sayings

14 convincing Indians Quotes, an enrichment and reward for life to compete with all the other distractions in life.

What happens if you subconscious Allow me to show you new ways so that you can successfully meet this challenge?

Indian Stories | 14 legendary Indian wisdom

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Indian sayings - 14 Indians Quotes

Native American Quote - Always take some time before eating to give thanks as you eat. - Arapaho
Indian Saying
  • We did not inherit the earth from our parents, but borrowed it from our children.
  • How can the dead be truly dead as long as they live on in our hearts?
  • Adults can learn from little children because the hearts of little children are pure. That's why the great spirit shows them many things, the older ones People remain hidden.
Two buffaloes in the field with Indian wisdom
Indian blessings
  • The earth loves us. She is happy when she hears us singing.
  • It is one of the laws of Naturethat you have to keep everything pure. Especially the water. The Water Keeping yourself pure is one of the first laws of life. Whoever destroys water, destroys live.
  • Listen, or your tongue will deafen you.
  • Everyone who actually died is the same.
  • For a task for which it is appropriate live worth it, it's also worth dying for!
  • Always keep more dreams in your soul than reality can destroy.
There is a power inherent in all living things - even a tiny ant, a ray of sunshine, a tree, a flower, a stone - for the Great Spirit resides within each of them.
Indian Wisdom Peace

Navajo wisdom – Indian nature

  • All living things have a power inherent in them - even a tiny ant, a ray of sunshine, a tree, a flower, a stone - because the great one Spirit resides in everyone from them.
Man sits by the lake and looks at the mountain and thinks about Indian wisdom
Indian wisdom hope
  • The modern way of life of the white people keeps this power away from us and weakens it. In order to get close to nature and let it help you, that's what it takes Time and patience.
  • Time to reflect and understand. You have so little time to look and linger, you are always in a hurry, always rushed, always chasing.
Sun shines out between the trees, in the shimmer of the sun is the quote: Keep the warmth of the sun in your heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you.
Indian wisdom liebe
  • This restlessness and drudgery makes people poor. Walk tall like them trees. Live your life as strong as the mountains. Be gentle like the spring wind.
  • Keep the warmth of the sun in your heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you. 

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