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Hawaiian wisdom

Hawaiian wisdom, true freedom

Last updated on February 18, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

How to learn to let go with Hawaiian wisdom

huna Hawaiian wisdom, the ancient healing system of the Hawaiians, has been deciphered more and more in recent years and made accessible to the rest of the world.

Here are some Hawaiian wisdoms that I have read out, which are particularly relevant to the “let go trust learn“ stimulate.

Hawaiian wisdom

  • Let's all travel together like water flowing in one direction;
  • When heaven weeps, earth revives;
  • Healing and change comes from within of Love;
Let go sayings with let go
  • Let go is true freedom;
  • Money is like a good perfume - it hides problems;
  • time flows from one opportunity to the next;
  • Just do what others say you can't do once, and you'll never do theirs again border have to pay attention. James R Cook
  • Everything is there;
  • Everything comes back;
  • Everything is shared;
  • Here and Now;
  • I bless the now;
  • I trust;
  • I expect the best.

The Huna philosophy "let go trust learn"

View of blue sea that inspires to reflect & let go. The Huna philosophy "let go trust learn"
Huna philosophy
  • I decide for myself whether I am happy about a topic or not Wrath dedicate, take all the meaning out of it. It is up to me whether I suffer, calmly or glücklich am. Serge Kahili King

Huna is an ancient knowledge from Hawaii. The "Kahunas" sages and healers alike - as we do ours live influenced by our thinking.

In a society in which medicine says that many diseases are psychosomatic and in which the People are helplessly ill because they don't know how to change their thinking.

Let go trust learn with "Hawaiian wisdom"

Huna philosophy - let go trust learn with "Hawaiian wisdom"

When you are the captain of a ship you cannot impose your will on the wind and the waves, but as a skilled captain you can impose yours life, you can adjust your sails and rudder according to the waves and the wind to reach your destination.

HUNA: Healing knowledge and happiness in life

Videi Introduction Hawaiian wisdom

In conversation with Wulfing von Rohr, naturopath and Huna teacher Petra Lazarus gives a wonderful insight into the vibration of of Love and power of Huna.

She reports on her first encounters with Huna, discusses the three selves and then turns to the elements of consciously fulfilling life with joy and healing.

She calls this a "Huna happiness formula", which shows in nine clear steps that each and every one of us can decisively shape how awake and happy we are live.

Petra Lazarus sums up Huna like this: Hawaii is where your heart is. Huna is a way of life and a way of healing.

Source: World in Transition.TV
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