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Woman clears out her apartment - clearing out - which frees the soul

Decluttering liberates | clear out for the soul

Last updated on May 23, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Sometimes less is more – decluttering for the soul

Why declutter?

Everything starts at home.

Why shouldn't your home be the starting point for your well-being.

The motivation to Declutter can seem like a sign from God if you take the opportunity to declutter, it can free your soul.

Take this opportunity to clear out the excess items.

Why declutter - declutter for the soul - decluttering liberates

A woman declutters - Why declutter - decluttering for the soul
decluttering life tips – Clean up your soul sayings

Look around in the Naturethat surrounds you - the abundant earth, the vast seas, the countless stars.

You live in a universe of abundance. Abundance is your right from birth.

Here's a little story: A Japanese Monk went to his venerable master and asked him for some insights.

Before they sat down, the master offered his student tea.

The master poured the tea and the student's cup filled until the cup finally overflowed and the tea flowed onto the floor.

“Why do they keep watering?” the student shouted. “Don’t you see that the cup is already full and overflowing?” The teacher replied:

“Your mind is like this cup, how could I pour anything new into it if you haven’t first emptied it of all mental content?”

Take a look at your apartment: “Doesn’t it look like that?”

Less is more.

When the desk overflows, TimeIf there are piles of writing on the floor and your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it's high time to clear out.

Decluttering is liberating, creates space and is not only good for our home, but also our soul.

But why is that so? How do you manage to shed unnecessary ballast? And where does the growing desire for a simple one come from? live, with less stuff and less consumption?


Planet Knowledge – Less is more, decluttering for the soul

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Free your soul from baggage

Less is more, where does this expression come from

The phrase is usually credited to engineer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969). …

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe created the phrase “Much less is more,” which he apparently borrowed from the poet Robert Browning.

As one of the outstanding figures of 20th century architecture, his concepts focused on order, logic and also quality.

Marie Kondo is a cleaning specialist, best-selling author, celebrity of Netflix's hit program “Cleaning With Marie Kondo,” and creator of KonMari Media, Inc.

Discover the life-changing one Magic of cleaning – as well as the activities it inspires.

How Marie Kondo helps me bring order into my house - radically declutter

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Depression messy apartment

Why order makes you happy – The tidying up expert 📚 Decluttering is liberating

Tidying up, clearing out, clearing out – order makes Sabine happy.

That’s why she turned her passion into a career and founded the start-up “The Organicer”.

Your job: support your customers in getting rid of old baggage.

But how do you properly declutter?

Where to put all the things that have been cleared out?

And why does order make you happy?

Sabine traveled around the world as a flight attendant for years and brought home beautiful souvenirs - until one day she realized that all these things no longer brought her joy, but rather stress.

She started cleaning out and noticed how liberated she suddenly felt.

Inspired by her own story, the idea for her start-up “The Organicer” emerged: a company that supports people in the tidying process. Throw off ballast, reduce and create order.

But Sabine doesn't just have tips and tricks on how to create order in your own four walls.

She also knows where the things that have been cleared out get a second chance.

They are therefore donated to social institutions in Frankfurt and the surrounding area - or she takes them with her to distant countries as a flight attendant.

Thanks to her network, she always knows where support is needed.

Source: hr tv
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4 thoughts on “Decluttering liberates | clear out for the soul”

  1. There are now items in my apartment and basement that I no longer need. It was all the better to learn that clearing out not only creates space, but can also have a positive effect on the mind. The best thing I can do is contact a clearance service.

  2. Since we are moving out of our house and into an apartment soon, we still have to have the house cleared out. Really interesting to read that when clearing out you should sort out unimportant items to create more space. I will also contact a clearance company.

  3. Less is definitely more when it comes to clearing out. I'm moving soon and have to throw away a lot of things. Somehow I'm looking forward to it.

  4. An inspiring story from you. Good to know that others like order as much as I do. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to clear out my house in a while. I think I will hire a company to do this soon.

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