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4 Stunning Birth Videos - Smiling Baby

Birth Video – 4 breathtaking birth videos live

Last updated on June 16, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Have you ever witnessed the birth of a baby live?

Here are 4 breathtaking birth videos live

Preparing for a vaginal birth?

After 9 months you understand what you get out of a get pregnant - While every vaginal birth is different, here's what you can do to prepare before, during, and after the birthing hours.

How do you prepare for the birth?

While it's difficult to prepare for every element of your pregnancy and birth, you'll likely want the sensation to be prepared.

What brings more joy to a family than the birth of a baby?

The new parents, grandparents, siblings, godparents, aunts and uncles are all excited to welcome the newest family member into this world.

The first little smile, the first tears are shed. The baby's first laugh will surely capture the hearts of every family member and create the most beautiful and unforgettable memories for the baby's parents.

Childbirth is not without its challenges, but it is certainly one of the most rewarding events of the year life. Babies, offspring, mean future and with it new beginning and hope.

Four impressive birth videos - from a normal birth, a water birth, a birth at home and a birth in the hospital

A life birth of a baby
rebirth – that Baby is born - offspring

Live birth video – Have you ever witnessed the birth of a baby live?

Probably the most beautiful thing you can do in the live may experience is the birth of a baby.

I was allowed to do this twice myself live a birth experience.

For all those who have never witnessed the birth of a baby, a birth video with educational character; is more for younger people, but also great for older people People thought.

Pregnancy and normal birth of a baby - birth video

Live Birth - The footage in the video below shows a normal birth from the moment the baby's head emerges from the mother's body.

You may need to sign up for YouTube to use this Video to see - age limit is 18 years and older.

Birth Video 1 - A normal birth of a baby

Most Kinder are born in Germany in bed or on a stool.

Our recordings show a normal birth from the moment the head of the Child out of the mother's body.

Further information at

youtube player

Birth Video 2 – A live water birth at home

A mother expecting her second child withdraws from a birth in a health facility and cares for her child Dear at home with a midwife.

The natural waiting for the child however, is a test of their endurance.

youtube player

Birth Video 3 – Here you can see an equally charming live birth in the water

The birth of our third child. Without any disturbance, fearless and self-determined.

Free from physical and mental injuries.

Our water birth on a world tour in New Zealand.

You can also say “birth alone”, but we don’t want to put that in the foreground. To this time the perfect birth situation for US. _____________________________________________________________________________________

If you are interested and curious to accompany us a little more intensively on our (world) journey until the birth:

There is now our very personal and up-close film "NEW START" (90min.):

Pregnancy, childbirth and glücklich its all on a trip around the world.

Lilian and Jannis dare to make a new start with their little daughters.

They sell everything, go on an open-ended world tour and shortly after the start of the journey, their third miracle is announced.

Lilian and Jannis take the audience with them through this eventful time and experience some ups and downs.

They undogmatically show the world how natural and wonderful birth can be.

This extraordinary History together with Jannis' passion for filmmaking results in a uniquely authentic and moving film experience.

Personal, honest and up close.

Official trailer of the film NEW BEGINNING:… Available here ➤

youtube player

Birth video 3 - a newborn baby in Russia - birth in the hospital

26-year-old Anastasia is preparing for the first childbirth. She can hardly wait to give birth to her child and is happy too about the experience of labor and childbirth.

She sees it as an advantage rather than an experience.

Although her other half will not be present during the birth, Anastasia says that his of Love and support her help tremendously.

Where are the Russians from?

It begins in today's Russia live generally in government maternity medical facilities.

It depends on these medical institutions to bring brand new infants into the world.

youtube player

Development of a baby in the womb

youtube player

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Find out everything you need to know to ensure that your pregnancy is stress-free and relaxed!

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  1. Wow, informative text as always. If only all blogs were of such high quality. I've also started blogging now. Topic: My first baby 1. My first baby Until the next blog entry.

  2. My wife couldn't see the babe coming out. She had to do a caesarean section because the vagina was too tight. The film was very full. Thanks for the uncensored footage.

  3. I was able to witness the births of my two kids live 🙂

    There are moments in my life that I will never forget. I'm sure I won't experience anything that thrilling, fascinating, exciting, fantastic again.


  4. I gave birth to my grandchild on July 01st. He was born in my car and didn't want to wait any longer for the clinic. It was a great if exciting experience.

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