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Queen Temple Thailand -Rebirth Buddhism

rebirth buddhism

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The wheel of life - awareness of the Buddhist teachings

Im Buddhism governs the notion that individual life is not limited by birth and death, but that as a result of what one acquires in life, good or bad - Karma called, so in one reincarnation into a new life.

While the individual life is referred to as incarnation (coming into the flesh), reincarnation is defined as a return to earthly life, "coming back into the flesh" so to speak.

The cycle of becoming, passing away and coming back is Buddhism as a Samsara bezeichnet.

The translation of the word samsara is "perpetual wandering," meaning that seemingly endless wheel of death and rebirth, that cycle from which one must escape.

Yellow Flower - The Wheel of Life

The idea of ​​rebirth Buddhists

The wheel of life between death, life and the Buddhist (teaching) beliefs and traditions

faith = philosophy

While the individual life is referred to as incarnation (coming into the flesh), the definition of is reincarnation a return to earthly life, a "coming back into the flesh" so to speak.

rebirth Buddhism

The wheel of becoming, passing away and coming back is called samsara in Buddhism.

The translation of the word samsara is "constant wandering," bringing this seemingly endless wheel off Tod and rebirth is meant, this cycle from which it is necessary to escape.

So one also speaks of the wheel of rebirth among the Buddhists, which constantly changes between death, soul and live turns.

This wheel is divided by its spokes into six areas, symbolizing the possible realms into which a sentient being can be born.

A living being is caught in the wheel of samsara until there is no Karma accumulates more, for this is what keeps it reborn into the six realms.

Once a living being no Sorrow accumulates more and no longer gives in to its passions, it can overcome samsara and enter the longed-for nirvana.

That's how it is rebirth among the Buddhists not worth striving for, but a sign that people are still stuck in their entanglements and passions.

However, there is also the notion of voluntary rebirth in Buddhism, in which an already enlightened being chooses to reincarnate on earth in order to fulfill the spirit in the Wheel of God life to help trapped beings out of their entanglements.

In which of the six realms of the wheel of life a being incarnates depends on its deeds in the previous life and part of karmathat he caused himself.

6 realms and traditions in Buddhism

Buddha - The Six Traditions in Buddhism
death and rebirth in Buddhism

So sentient beings can be reborn into one of the following six realms of existence until they can escape from this cycle of life and enter nirvana like Buddha.

1. The world of hungry ghosts

The hungry ghosts experience suffering such as endless hunger and unquenchable thirst, because of a narrow gullet they can neither eat nor drink.

Greed and avarice have brought sentient beings to this place where desires never find fulfillment erfahren and hunger and thirst symbolize never-ending greed.

2. world of hell beings

Big stone in the river - The world of cave creatures
Death and Rebirth in Buddhism

Almost comparable to the hellfire in Christianity is this world of torment, in which beings have to endure searing heat and freezing cold, when anger and hate brought her here.

There are mutilations of limbs, beings are boiled and eaten.

But here too, as with every reincarnation, the school of the religion founded by Buddha has a Buddha at your side who shows the beings how they can go through change of their behavior can overcome the wheel of samsara.

4. world of animals

Ignorance, mental dullness and a weak will lead to this world where animals be hunted and eaten.

Here are beings to be found who in the previous live neither grasped the chance to learn nor developed a strong will, but like many animals, dull and without will, have lived a life of ignorance.

reincarnation always means the chance to change something through learning, but if you don't use the opportunity to learn, you're wasting it live and will be reborn in this world of animals.

4. world of people

Women in front of a Buddhist templeThe world of the people
Death and Rebirth in Buddhism

Being born again as a human is almost a privilege, for only humans are capable of rational thinking and self-reflection.

Also he can Man read and learn from the sacred writings of this world in order to master his life, to cultivate virtues and to overcome his passions.

Buddha was also born into the human world and he comes in the same way Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of a bodhisattva in this human world.

5. world of demigods

This is about the fight and envy between the demigods and the gods.

For they enjoy the fruits of the wishing tree, while the demigods enjoy the roots of the tree water and have to take care of them without getting the same fruits as the gods for their work.

6. world of the gods

This world is dedicated to physical pleasure and bliss. However, the beings living here are by no means all enlightened, but are constantly threatened with becoming blinded and arrogant.

He who is born into the world of the gods is doing well, but he must not look down on others who are afflicted with suffering and torment, otherwise he too will be reborn into one of the lower worlds to once again find his way through the worlds of the gods to engage in samsara.

Karma and Reincarnation

As karma becomes the law of cause and effect which means that what man sows, he will also reap.

Not only the action plays a role here, but especially the thoughts and the mindset of man.

Temple of Queen Thailand - Rebirth Buddhism
Death and Rebirth in Buddhism

The Reincarnation is therefore dependent on karma, which a man has accumulated.

If one cultivates predominantly good deeds, benevolent thoughts and a peaceful mind, then one's karma will be just as pleasant and one will be born into a beautiful realm in the next life.

But if he is rather blinded, haughty, spiritually dull and his spirit mostly angry and impatient, he will get to know the side in the next life in which beings do exactly that erfahren.

Life is an experience and Learning process, but learning always means being able to empathize with something or someone.

So everything has to be lived through and experienced in order to become aware of what, in turn, the Luck of change and can thus lead to better karma.

Thus, the definition of Reincarnation always involves karma, which includes the manner of reincarnation, the school of Buddhism-based religion.

The reincarnation Buddhas

Reincarnation in Tibetan also includes reincarnation Buddhas and various bodhisatvas.


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Who is the Dalai Lama?

Buddha Statue - The reincarnation of Buddha
Death and Rebirth in Buddhism

The Dalai Lama is known worldwide and recognized as the Tibetan leader. The first Dalai Lama was the Tibetan monk Sonam Gyatsho.

He received his honorary title of Dalai Lama from a Mongol prince in the 16th century.

Translated, this title means something like "Ocean of Wisdom", whereby the word Dalai means "ocean" and the word Lama can be translated as "master" or "teacher".

The current Dalai Lama's name is Tenzin Gyatsho.

A Dalai Lama

Is considered reincarnation a bodhisattva, a being who, out of compassion for all beings, voluntarily chose to continue in existence to help others get off the wheel of samsara.

The reincarnation of Buddha im Buddhism as the content of a reincarnation system was introduced by the cult leader Dudoun Khyenpa in the 12th century.

He promised his disciples that he would be reborn and was actually born in Karma Paksi 11 years later oldest Younger recognized as his soul child.

Karma Paksi completed a ten-year monastic education, became the leader of the Kagzupa sect, and henceforth as a reincarnation Buddhas or the first Tibetan "Living Buddha of Rebirth".

Flower - symbol of rebirth and karma
rebirth in Buddhism

Even if the definition of reincarnation – inseparable from the karma of the being not always turn out to be uniform and Tibetan Buddhism seems to have a special role in Buddhism, but it does play gedanke of learning and compassion towards other beings plays a major role in all currents.

Thus rebirth is always inextricably linked to the karma of the being and thus to the principle of cause and effect.

The theme of rebirth Buddhism & reincarnation in other cultures

The definition of reincarnation also points in other cultures Despite some differences, there are many similarities.

The gedanke of the rebirth is also in other cultures and religions is quite old and was probably not alien even to early Christianity.

The way food is Jewish Kabbalah speaks of a "transmigration of souls". For example, the well-known Kabbalist Arisal wrote a work called The Gate of Rebirth.

In Hinduism, karma is also responsible for reincarnation and only liberates it Soul reaches nirvana.

The differences between Hinduism and Buddhism

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injustice and suffering in the world

Or even regardless of religion and culture would definitely ask a lot about injustices and suffering in the world and it is worth quietly talking about reincarnation and the school of Buddha reasoned religion to ponder...

Definition of Karma

citrus fruit

Destiny is the global principle of cause and effect - reincarnation and rebirth Buddhism

Our excellent as well as negative actions come back to us in the future, helping us to learn from life's lessons and learn better ones People to become.

This extends to beliefs that include reincarnation fate to the existing life and all previous and future lives.

Destiny is in general Energy. One throws out power through thoughts, words, and actions, and it comes with them time also by other people.

The fate is the best teacher

Which requires people to face the effects of their own activities and so improve and ameliorate their behavior, or endure when they fail to do so.

Even heavy karma, when encountered in wisdom, can be the best trigger for spiritual be growth.

Supporting every action with the claim "I'll do it" is destiny. The assertion of asserting the action of an action binds it.

To maintain the action with the idea "I am the doer" is to bind it.

It is this support of belief in "doing" that binds.

Video - Life, Suffering & Transmigration Tibetan Faith - Rebirth Buddhism

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Quotations to life after life - to be reborn

Water freezes into ice, ice melts into water. What is born dies again; what has died lives again. Water and ice are ultimately one. life and death, both are fine. – Buddhist wisdom

"I could well imagine that I lived in earlier centuries and encountered questions that I could not yet answer: that I had to be reborn because I had not fulfilled the task given to me. When I die, I imagine, my deeds will follow. I will bring back what I have done.” – Carl Gustav Jung

"When someone is 75 years old, they can't fehlenthat he sometimes thinks of death. This thought leaves me in complete peace, for I have the firm conviction that our spirit is a being of an entirely indestructible nature; it is a continuing from eternity to eternity. It is similar to the sun, which even our earthly eyes seem to set, but which actually never sets, but shines on continuously." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Do you want the mysteries of life and Todes to know? Then get to know the power of the mind.” – Buddhist wisdom

Before I started working with the dying, I didn't believe in an afterlife Tod. buy I believe in life after death without a shadow of a doubt. - Elisabeth kübler-ross

Explore the process of death and rebirth and how it affects how we live our lives live shape.

Learn the meaning of your life to realize and resolve conflicts; develop the ability to help yourself and others in the dying process.


Video – Discovering Rebirth Buddhism

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What is rebirth in Buddhism?

Who is Buddha - The Six Traditions in Buddhism

When you die, you will start a new life somewhere. That's what they believe Buddhists. This is a new beginning for her. the Buddhists believe in theirs rebirth: Your spirit leaves its old body behind after death and looks for a new one.

What does Buddhism say?

Who is buddha -Buddhas in Buddhist art

Buddhism is a philosophy, but differs significantly from the so-called religions of faith such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam. As with other faiths such as Hinduism and Taoism, Buddha's teaching is an experiential religion.

Rebirth Buddhism - Definition

Comparable concepts are also called metempsychosis, transmigration, transmigration or rebirth bezeichnet.

"Out of body experiences" are often brought up in the context of the term reincarnation. Belief in reincarnation is a dogmatic component of World religions Hinduism and Buddhism.


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