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Experiences, wisdom and knowledge about envy

Experiences, wisdom and knowledge about envy

Last updated on May 26, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

I'm jealous

Experiences, Wisdom and knowledge about envy. Envy is one of the suboptimal feelings we know because it poisons us mentally and physically.

How can you use envy positively?

Recently, Hans-Peter Zimmermann uses car and boat trips not only to think about life, but also to share these thoughts with others. The twenty-seventh episode deals with the question of how to deal with the emotion "envy". use positively can. – HPZ

Oscar Wilde said: "The number of our envious confirms our abilities" and I say: "Live or be lived."

The fact that we are different created are what makes the fascination in the live .

I like to remember Hans-Peter's video because it's a wonderful opportunity, completely new experiences and knowledge about to discover yourself.

HPZ on the go - wisdom and knowledge about envy

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17 wisdom and insights about envy

"Comparison is the burglar of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt
experiences, wisdom and insights about envy

Sayings and quotes about envy - experience examples

Two finger smyli with quote: "Envy is uneasiness about the happiness of others." - Aristotle
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"Envy is uneasiness about that happiness another." - Aristotle

"You don't really see the person you're jealous of. You see a mirror that reflects what is missing in you. Keeping this in mind can be extremely instructive. We usually loathe in others what we wish to locate in ourselves.” – The Stoic Emperor

"Envy is lack of knowledge." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Do not overestimate what you have received and do not envy others. Those who envy others will not find peace of mind.” - Buddha

"Don't ruin what you have by wanting what you don't have." – Ann Brashares

"Limited by the flames of envy, the jealous ends like the scorpion, turning the infected sting against him." - Friedrich Nietzsche

“A person is born with envy and hatred. If he yields to them, they will surely lead him to physical violence and crime, and any kind of loyalty and good faith will be abandoned.” – Xun Kuang

"Comparison is the intruder of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt

"To live without comparison is to remove a remarkable concern." - Jiddu Krishnamurti
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"To live without comparison means a remarkable one Concern to eliminate." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wanting what he does not have." – Seneca

"I have no respect for the enthusiasm for equality, which only idealizes envy for me." - Holmes

"Of the Man will do numerous things to amuse himself; He will do anything to be envied.” - Mark Twain

"The truest sign of being born with wonderful qualities is to be born without envy." – François de La Rochefoucauld

"Focus on what is really your own problem and make it clear that what belongs to others is both their business and not your own." - Epictetus

“I am a true worker: I make that I consume, receive that I dress, owe no one hate, envy no one's joy, grateful for the excellence of others" - William Shakespeare

“Never reject envious people. They're jealous because they think you're much better than them." - Paulo Coelho

"No one can have everything he wants, but a man can refrain from wanting what he does not have, and happily reconcile a bird in hand." – Seneca

5 tricks against envy and jealousy

Become part of the lucky detective community: http://www.gluecksdetektiv.deAre you jealous because someone else is more successful, more beautiful or more popular than you?

Envy makes us sad, angry and kills all joy of life. Here I show you 5 tips against jealousy and envy. You can do that the next time you're green with envy again.

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Definition envy

Envy comes in two forms:
them the envious person to obtain goods that are felt to be of equal value, for which the envied person is envied (constructive envy)
the wish that the envied person loses the goods for which he is envied (destructive envyAlso Resentment). Alternatively, the envious can also wish for something else Schaden develop for the envied person.


What causes envy?

Lack of self-confidence and fear of being inferior.
If you think you don't have enough of it, or if you have decided how
Attention, recognition, devotion, love, financial resources, etc.
The worse things are for us, the more freedom there is for “envy” in our lives.

How can you gain experience?

*A breadwinner should have worked as an employee and not been treated well.
*A people's representative should have worked hard.
*A rich man should not have had any cash at all.
*It is useful for a doctor if he has been very ill. “Injured” people are usually excellent.
*An actor brings the feelings from his memory, for example when he cries. He must have felt those feelings himself.
*An addiction worker has mostly been an addict himself in the past and is then best able to help others.

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