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suppressed feelings

How repressed emotions create disease

Last updated on December 13, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

How suppressed feelings can create illness

Very few people really want to face negative feelings such as sadness, anger, shame or despair.

How about you with complaints from suppressed feelings?

Because these emotions are often very painful and always associated with memories.

It seems much easier to suppress these feelings, to lock them away and out of everyday life live to banish as soon as possible.

Are you also a world champion in repression?

We create our own diseases

A teddy bear with a fever knife in his mouth - We create our own diseases(1)
How repressed emotions create disease

However, if our negative Experiences is not processed, they do not disappear at all.

repressed feelings we can't repress forever.

They grow deep within us and then manifest over time time to various mental and physical ailments.

Repressed feelings cannot be repressed forever

The fact that psychological well-being has an enormous effect on our physical well-being and is closely related to it is now also confirmed by conventional medicine.

Different complaints that we get through suppressed feelings and unprocessed experiences are triggered, are therefore not to be regarded as a major problem of today's society solely from an esoteric point of view.

In addition to psychologists, psychiatrists and alternative practitioners, cardiologists, internists and general practitioners are currently dealing with the phenomenon of how suppressed feelings can produce diseases.

Several studies are also planned for the coming decades that will deal with this topic in detail.

Why are feelings suppressed - causes

Children usually have a very direct relationship to their emotions and emotions live this, especially in infancy, without inhibitions.

This changes as you grow older natural mechanism by various factors.

For one, we will People trained through upbringing not to constantly indulge in feelings of anger and disappointment.

On the other hand, uncontrolled emotional outbursts are often followed by reprimands.

In the course of life, people also forget how to face their emotions and deal with them.

All-natural It is by no means advisable to let one's feelings run free at all times, because many situations require a composed and controlled appearance in adulthood.

Why are feelings suppressed - causes

However, completely ignoring and not facing up to emotions can create high levels of stress for the human body and mind.

Another factor in suppressing feelings is fear of them.

Especially when it comes to emotions that are associated with experiences or memories with a strong negative connotation, it seems more sensible not to face them.

The fear of becoming aware of one's own weaknesses plays a major role here.

Because in a performance-oriented society we must not show any weaknesses.

Many adults therefore unconsciously put themselves on a very unhealthy path equation on: emotions=weakness.

And when it comes to feelings how grief goes through loss, separations or the death of loved ones, a comprehensive examination of one's own emotional world is simply too painful.

The possible consequences of emotional suppression

Suppressing emotions is not a permanent solution to unspoken worries, fears and problems in everyday life.

Because ignoring your own feelings takes a lot of strength and energy Energy.

On the emotional basis, an unhealthy pressure situation arises in which the relieving valve is missing.

An overflowing barrel or a bursting balloon, which can no longer hold the air constantly flowing into it, serves as an illustration.

The suppressed emotions make their way to the surface and then express themselves in the form of psychological and physical complaints.

psychological complaints suppressed feelings

A woman sits curled up on the sofa - psychological problems caused by suppressed feelings
How repressed emotions create disease

Among the most common mental ailments due to unprocessed negatives emotions include general imbalance, nervousness, restlessness and concentration problems.

These can often also be accompanied by a significant drop in performance.

Sometimes suppressed emotions are released in completely uncontrolled emotional outbursts that are disproportionate to the current situation (tantrums, crying fits).

In the worst case, serious mental illnesses such as depressive episodes, phobias or anxiety disorders develop, which are accompanied by panic attacks.

physical ailments suppressed feelings create physical symptoms

Emotions that are not acted out and processed physically can result in numerous complaints manifest and make it noticeable.

Insomnia, fatigue, headaches or migraines are very common here.

Furthermore, complaints of the gastrointestinal tract are among the most well-known symptoms.

The strong imbalance of the emotional world and the enormous pressure are expressed here by stomach cramps, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.

In severe cases, chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa, stomach ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome can develop.


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However, it should not be forgotten that people who find themselves in extremely stressful situations often do not look forward to a healthy one Way of life respect, think highly of.

who much Stress usually lacks the time to eat regularly and healthily, and unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are not uncommon.

Ailments from suppressed feelings
How repressed emotions create disease

We create our own diseases

Symptoms such as back pain, pain in the shoulder and neck area, general muscular tension and hardening as well as problems with the jaw muscles are also a consequence of emotions that have been suppressed for many years.

These complaints can sometimes lead to health-endangering bad posture and movement restrictions, including herniated discs.

Dizziness attacks due to strong tension in the neck and jaw area, menstrual cycle disorders, libido disorders and skin irritation (atopic eczema/neurodermatitis) were also observed.

Cardiologists have also confirmed that the symptoms of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system worsen due to the negatively impacted emotional world of the patients.

The most common complaints caused by emotional suppression

  • muscle tension
  • Muscle aches
  • Migraine headaches
  • gastrointestinal cramps
  • irritable bowel
  • heartburn
  • restlessness
  • Anxieties
  • concentration problems

connection between the suppressed feelings and the individual complaints

For the better The relationships can be understood between emotions that cannot be processed and various complaints in a comprehensible manner.

neck, back and shoulder area

Pain and tension in our area Back and shoulders indicate a heavy weight that has to be carried, i.e. the emotional legacy, under the pressure of which the person then collapses and ultimately collapses.

jaw muscles

Pain and tension in the jaw area and also grinding teeth indicate a strong, internal pressure that is looking for an outlet and none different possibility has to break out.

This is considered a typical sign of constant "feeling under pressure" and the inability or even the ban on being able to stand up to negative emotions, i.e. not being allowed to show any weakness.

Jaw problems are not very obvious and are usually not noticed within society (in contrast to a hunched posture due to back pain or severely impairing gastrointestinal diseases).

Digestive system

Gastrointestinal complaints describe relatively clearly the outbreak of suppressed feelings.

Here emotions push from the inside out and seek their way out of the body, similar to lava from a volcano (acid regurgitation, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping pains).

Headaches indicate some kind of thought pressure
How repressed emotions create disease


Headaches indicate a type of thought pressure, which is the unconscious inability to consciously deal with suppressed emotions.

Disturbances in the flow of thoughts occur here, accompanied by a lack of concentration and a drop in mental performance.

Pain from unprocessed emotions, your body is an expression of your soul

repressed feelings If not processed, manifest into emotional boils that can create pressure or pain.

They are stressful, and this stress is then also reflected in physical complaints.

Overall, it can be said that a suppressed feeling does not trigger a specific disease.

Rather, it's the long-term ones behavior patternignoring and not dealing with emotions that can lead to discomfort.

help and countermeasures

In the case of severe impairments in our everyday life live due to unresolved experiences associated with suppressed emotions, it is advisable that you seek professional help.

Psychiatrists and psychologists are the appropriate contacts here.

In addition to talks and behavioral therapy measures, self-help is also recommended.

Because in order to be able to interpret feelings better, to process them better and ultimately to achieve a balance between body and soul, physical activity helps, Relaxation and meditation.

Letting go hypnosis - how to let go and find new solutions

Letting go and building relaxation reflexes - this is hypnosis - like letting go - ideas, solutions and creative change processes are consistently set in motion.

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Yoga exercises, autogenic training and Shakren meditation are now also firmly integrated into conventional medical treatment suppressed feelings to process.

These physical and mental exercises also help to allow negative feelings and to deal with them in order to ultimately eliminate them let go to be able to.

Sporting exhaustion in the form of jogging, walking, swimming or strength training serves as an outlet for anger, disappointment or helplessness.

Another outlet for suppressed feelings can be artistic activity.

Many psychotherapeutic patients report long-term relief through the release of negative emotions through painting, writing poetry or making music.

acute aids

How about you with complaints from suppressed feelings? What are your proven strategies?

Vera F. Birkenbihl: Anti-Anger Strategies

It is not always possible to express his feelings uninhibited to let things run free and sometimes the right person to talk to is simply missing.

Whining and complaining about the world.

No sales or the relationship isn't going as it should.

Make yourself a victim. Having no more power, the feeling of powerlessness coupled with a lack Self-esteem.

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Learning of the future Andreas K. Giermaier
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Um suppressed feelings to process anyway and this let go certain help measures from the psychological-therapeutic area are recommended.

An easy-to-perform and uncomplicated exercise is the shoebox system. We all write here suppressed feelings individually on a piece of paper.

If you know, the reason for the negative feeling can be placed on the back of each paper. You can then put the notes in a shoe box.

The purpose of this exercise is to recognize your own feelings, accept them and deal with them.

Emotions are perceived in this way, but temporarily stored in a safe place for your own relief.

Figuratively speaking, they are no longer so heavy on the soul, which is also good for the body.

Robert Betz - Illness does not fall from the sky

The big question that many people today is where does disease come from and how can we turn the tide and create health where there was disease.

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  1. Thank you for the article! I've been in physical therapy for jaw problems for a while. It is therefore good to know that this may also have internal causes. I often feel under pressure at the moment.

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