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Dream Catcher - Letting Go of Life - Native American Wisdom

Last updated on August 22, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

About life and letting go

Letting Go of Life "Death is simply stepping out of the physical body in much the same way a butterfly comes out of its cocoon." - Elizabeth Kuebler Ross

Let go of life - insights into the afterlife

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Life After Death: Scientific Evidence – Bernard Jakoby

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When a Man is preparing to die, a number of phenomena occur, some of which family members find difficult to explain.

The dying person suddenly begins to perceive people in the room that others do not see. He sometimes describes entrances to the afterlife.

In the last hours before his TodAccording to relatives, the dying are usually filled with a strong inner light that family members misinterpret as a sudden improvement in their health.

But with that Tod it's far from over. In an interview with Robert Fleischer, the renowned death researcher Bernard Jakoby reports on the scientific findings near-death experiences. Consciousness continues to exist independently of the body and experiences an expansion of perception.

Life After Death: Scientific Evidence – Bernard Jakoby
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At the moment of death - Medicine in the border area - Documentary

Medicine on the border!

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