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Aging naturally - a spring flower

Aging in simple steps – permanently charming

Last updated on December 13, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Lasting Charm: Simple Steps to Accepting Aging

Definition of aging

Aging is a progressive, as yet irreversible, biological process of most multicellular organisms, which gradually leads to the loss of healthy body and organ functions and ultimately to biological death.


Can anything help you appreciate your aging and appearance?

Take a minute to examine the mental actions described below to see that you are changing exactly how you believe you feel truly excellent as you age.

These actions described below are not quick fixes. They require you to go beneath the surface and service yourself from the inside out - and the end result can result in an elegance that a live lasts long.

Aging nutrition, fitness and beauty - young woman jogging

Turn your worries about aging into an aha moment

What does 50 look like? today really out? From my perspective, 50, 60 and older can look fantastic when you take off your mask and your Face expand so much that you become who you are. Stop hiding, show up and see what's coming.

Debate about this inner Discussion of aging

We all understand that we often look to our moms to describe why we are the way we are.

The excellent, the negative and the terrible. This campaign motivates us to find out how this all developed by examining our very particular personal backgrounds.

Aging requires adaptability at every stage of life, otherwise we get stuck.

Why do you suffer from low self-confidence 1

use positive Life memories rather than repeating negative ones

The first step to making any kind of change in perspective is to recognize the problem and also face it.

This first step allows us to own our sincere feelings about our changing appearances and to see clearly with the paradoxical features that shadow our vision.

The first step is acknowledging that our positive moment exists and can be used to gain understanding.

Quotes to make you feel better about aging

“Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese.” –Luis Buñuel

Moldy cheese with nuts - quotes to make you feel better as you age

You can say with age comes knowledge, generosity, Self-confidence and simplicity.

"As I got older, I realized, 'I'm so excited!' I really didn't expect this! I wasn't pleased when I jung was. “– Jane Fonda

"Boy People are the gift of nature, but age is a masterpiece.” – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

"If you do not age, you are dead.” –Tom Petty

“The great thing about aging is that you don’t forget all the various other ages you’ve been in.” – Madeleine

"You can not anders"than getting older, but you don't have to get old." –George Burns

“The wonderful thing about getting older is that you get the opportunity to meet people in your life live to tell those who care about what they are suggesting to you.” –Mike Love

“The advantage of aging is that as you become less attractive, you have much less desire to conquer every person you see.” – Julian Clary, comedian.

“Why should I about aging Think about it – what should I moan about?” – Dawn French

“I can honestly say that I like it get older. Again, I never put my glasses on before looking in the mirror.” – Cherie Lunghi

"I just get older and much better.” – Neal Schon

Older woman "I'm just getting older and a lot better." -Neal Schon

“I wish I was 100 percent confident in my own skin. It's always a procedure, but if I older, I've actually become more positive." –Brittany Snow

“Getting older is okay. There’s nothing you can do to stop it so you can stay on the bus too.” – John Byrne

“As you get older and have kids, you learn how to be a lot less serious at the end.” – Lena Headey

“I believe women should start adapting to their age. What is the choice to to get older? They die. I can't change the day I was born. I can treat my skin, my body, my mind and try to do that too.” baby Your life and be delighted. “–Olivia Munn

“That’s another wonderful thing about getting older. Her live is written all over your face.” – Frances McDormand

I really believe that a woman only reaches her optimum at 40 years old. “ – Evangeline Lilly

“Let us never understand what aging is. Let us know what joy it is Time brings, and do not count the years.” – Ausonius

“I am very curious to see new things but not own them. It’s really relaxing that way and one of the nice things about getting older.” – Lee Radziwill

"I like to get older. When you're in your 20s, you really create something for your future. Points take shape later.” – Crispin Glover

“Age is an example of thoughts about problems. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Pouch Paige

The only mask you use must contain both honey and yogurt!

We know that you are like millions of ladies and gentlemen who look at themselves and listen: you look tired. They look terrible. With a bit of luck and with one inner conviction can change within seconds. Would you like an example?

Growing older in peace | SWR night café

You know you’re getting older when the birthday candles cost more than the cake.”

Not everyone manages to take aging as lightly as American comedian Bob Hope.

Many people already see the magical 50 as a serious upheaval live with fears, doubts and crises. For others, it feels like years have passed younger – no trace of old and dusty.

youtube player

Birkenbihl HUMOR in our lives | How laughter makes us healthier

Birkenbihl's legendary lecture on HUMOR in a new version, including jump marks and a separate question and answer session. Come into the group

LernerZukunft com Andreas K. Giermaier
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An excerpt from a Vera.FB seminar about *humor in everyday life*

Peach Weber: Getting Older | Comedy from the laboratory | Swiss dialect

Peach Weber clearly feels that she is too young for her age. In "Comedy from the Laboratory" he tells what it's like for him, to get older.

Peach Weber remains true to himself as a comedian, he doesn't have more than a chair, his guitar and the matching music stand on stage.

Without any airs and graces and in the style of a classic stand-up: a man, a microphone, a light, an enthusiastic audience. “Comedy from the Laboratory” shows Swiss comedians and small artists with new stage comedy numbers.

A varied cross-section of the local comedy scene, with surprising feature films in between, also exclusively included Swiss Participation, and with a cheeky look at the country.

The show also looks across the border and presents well-known German comedians.

SRF comedy
youtube player

Definition of getting older

Old age is the period of life around the average human life expectancy, i.e. the age between middle adulthood and Tod.

Aging at this stage of life is usually associated with a decline in activity and general physical decline.


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