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A woman hugs her dog - why touch is so effective

Why touch is so effective | healing touch

Last updated on June 10, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Touch is the initial sense to create and also the primary method of giving an infant of Love offer.

Today we know how important physical contact is for healthy child development.

The touch is like love - healing touch

Without physical contact one can Kind die even if all other needs are met.

A mother hugs her child - touch is like love
Healing touch wow

Alberto Gallace and also Charles Spence (2010) explain the beneficial effects of touch in a testimonial on touch research:

Residents of retirement homes tend to feel unwanted or despised for not having physical contact with others.

Customers respond more favorably to sampling and will also buy from a grocery store if they are touched by a clerk posing as a clerk.

Essentially, people are most likely to return a dime left in a phone booth if the oncoming "phone caller" has touched them.

Bus drivers are more likely to offer a guest a free ride if they touch them during the request.

It's more likely that People offering someone a free cigarette when the request is made by someone touching them at the same time.

Gallace and Spence argue that even the briefest of touches from another person is solidly emotional Experiences can cause.

They point out even more that both the amount and type of touch varies from society to society:

In Italy, a hug and also a kiss on each cheek is considered a usual and appropriate way of greeting.

In Japan the appropriate greeting consists of a considerate bow and the absence of any kind of touching.

Generally people from the UK, certain parts of Northern Europe as well as touch each other Asia far fewer than people from France, Italy or South America.

A lack of touch typically brings with it unfavorable concomitants, as in the phrase "inaccessible to the truth," while a heartfelt one Experience often referred to as "touching".

In her book Touch (2001), Tiffany Area explains that touch occurs in a variety of circumstances stronger is as spoken or emotional.

Touch is crucial for the growth, growth and also the health of Children as well as for the physical and mental health of adults.

However, Fields suggests that many cultures, such as the contemporary American Culture, are precariously non-contact – when needed, many people today suffer from a lack of responsive arousal, which they refer to as “touch hunger.”

unwanted touch

"Have a heart that never sets, and also a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts." – Charles Dickens.

There are instances where touching is considered detrimental and also excessive or unwanted touching can result in criminal charges.

No doubt, because of the strong emotional impact of touch, people consider social touch to be far more annoying than verbal actions.

The perception of touch as detrimental depends on the particular part of the body that was touched and also on the particular characteristics of the individual touching it (gender, Age and partnership with the person touched).

Note that touching the face is considered dramatically inappropriate and also considered annoying, while a pat or pat on the shoulder is considered the least annoying behavior.

In his publication Bad for Us (2004), John Portmann recounts a pole dancer who would not allow the boys to touch her, emphasizing that the gap between watching and touching rendered her a globe of moral distinction:

It wasn't the plot itself; she was referring to somewhere border to sit so that you really didn't feel like your whole self was pouring away. "

Charming touch - healing touch - longing for touch

Charming touch - hug from behind
healing touch for body mind

"Blow me a kiss across the room... touch my hair as you walk past my chair, small things mean a lot." – Kallen Feline.

Touch is crucial to making and strengthening romantic connections.

Tactile physical of Love is very associated with total partnership as well as complete satisfaction of the companion.

In addition, problem solving with more physical of Love Easier – Problems are much easier to solve when there is more hugging, cuddling/holding and also kissing on the lips (Gulledge et al., 2003). The longing for touch

Gallace and also Spence (2010) report research showing that people who have been in contact with a partner prior to stress have dramatically lower systolic and also diastolic blood pressure and increased heart rate than the non-contact body.

Non-sexual physical love with responsive arousal like Back massage and hugs have also proven valuable:

Women who say they have actually received more hugs from their partners in the past have been shown to have lower blood pressure than those women who have not received a lot of hugs from their companions in the past.

Accordingly, loving physical behavior can reduce responses to challenging life occasions.

The response sensitivity level is natural also associated with sex arousal, and changes in response sensitivity can affect ect sexual trait.

Appropriate stimulation plays a very important role in social interaction Sexuality and the development of bonds between individuals.

Married people generally regard touch as more positive, particularly loving and also friendly, and communicate much more libido than single people.

Eye contact is crucial, and touch multiplies the enchanting influence.

If individuals are still unsure of what enchanting attitude they have just met, eye contact with "accidental" hand touches can remove all doubt.

Touch Online – Need for touch

A woman is online - healing touch - touch online
touch healing

“Usually just being with someone is enough. I don't have to touch him. Not even talk. A sensation passes between the two of you. You are not the only one.” - Marilyn Monroe


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


The popularity of online relationships could cast doubt on the relevance of romantic touches since such connections do not involve physical touch.

Nonetheless, online interaction can touch extremely delicate, enchanting facets: people sometimes claim that they feel as if words on the display are actually touching them.

One lady wrote: "I don't realize what it's like to touch this man but he has touched me a thousand times in my dreams."

Another lady told her online acquaintance, "He pierced my heart and touched where no man had gone before."

Another lady who had an online sexual affair said that online lover "who has never actually seen or touched me understands my body and also its actions far better than either of my ex-husbands either."

The great value of physical touch in charming partnerships creates a solid sense of spiritual touch in online lovers, even when physical touches are absent and even just visualized.

People in online relationships touch each other passionately and sexually without making direct physical calls.

The Power of Touch | healing touch

The power of touch - handshake
The Power of Touch | healing touch

“By the touch of love everyone becomes Man to the poet.” – Plato.

Touch has an effective, charming value.

Its different uses can evoke a variety of emotional perspectives in loved ones.

In Greek folklore, King Midas' touch counted everything he touched directly in gold.

People can transform their fellow human beings directly into enthusiastic people with a physical and mental gold note.

As Melanie Griffith put it well, “You know what? There is one place you can touch a woman that will surely drive her insane – her heart.”

declaration of love without touch is not convincing.

The longing for touch – healing touch

Touch is essential for us humans. But in Corona crisis times we have to keep our distance.

What does that matter to us if we have no direct contact to other can have more?

There's more good to know at and in the BR media library:…

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Touch me - Why touch is so important

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Is there a lack of touch in our society? As wichtig is physical contact for our well-being? ZDF author Paul Amberg takes the test.


The Healing Power of Touch - Why Isolation Makes Us Sick

Our skin hungers for touch and lack of touch makes us lonely and sick.

But honestly, who do we caress more often – our smartphone or a human counterpart? Presenter Angela Elis talks about this with Prof. Dr. Bruno Müller-Oerlinghausen and Gabriele Kiebgis.

Our skin is an expressive organ, which shows when we blush before trouble or shame when we tremble or blanch with fear or get goosebumps.

On our body allow for trained Eyes even read our life story and our attitude towards life.

However, our body and our skin are also receiving organs. Touch and massage can give us a lot of well-being and even be healing.

The quality and sensitivity of the touch are crucial here. Nice Kinder understand by touching, touching or feeling something. We are experiencing low-touch times against which massage robots probably cannot help.

World in Transition.TV
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Baby massage – gentle caresses for babies, skin and soul

Baby massage – gentle caresses for baby's skin and soul Babies explore theirs New world through touch. Because you learn by touching Baby know the environment and yourself.

With a loving massage you help your child to become familiar with their own body. We have some how-to tips for one litter and loving baby massage.

You can customize or combine the massage tips. When you realize that your Baby want to do something else again, is no longer paying attention or is getting restless, this is the right time to end the massage.

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Shiatsu healing touch for body

I started my Shiatsu training in October 2009 at the ESI in Vienna.

Shiatsu, this wonderful kind of deep touch, has fascinated me since my very first treatment.

I immediately decided to learn more about Shiatsu and to start the training, looked at many schools and then decided according to my gut feeling and heart.

Roberto Preinreich was one of my teachers at the ESI in Vienna for many years, accompanied me on my way, and it is such a pleasure for me to be able to conduct this interview with him today!

We talk about what Shiatsu is, why it is so wonderful for us humans with all our different concerns, how Shiatsu is becoming a second chance for many - especially now.

I hope you enjoy our conversation! *****

Source: Anna Reschreiter – TCM nutritional advice – annatsu
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