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The water of life - view of blue sea

The water of life – the water phase of change

Last updated on March 8, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

The water of life - the 7 advantages

What Are the Benefits of Consuming Lots of Water? Health, Energy and life.

  1. The water of life is the best nourishment for the brain

Brain cells with plenty of drinking water can keep fresh, oxygenated blood flowing faster.

The brain stays fresh and alert.

Even a small drop in the drinking water level can affect the effectiveness of your Brain um up to 20 to 30 percent!

The water of life - mighty current
  1. What does that mean Water of life for the muscles?

Muscle cells with a full supply of drinking water can work longer without fatigue.

water supplies them Muskeln continuously with oxygen.

When you train in warm weather, your muscles need more drinking water every 15 minutes to stay strong.

  1. Cooling System - The water of the life regulates your body temperature

Your body's temperature level is maintained by drinking water.

The Water regulates body temperature through sweat.

To on hot days or when Training to maintain a typical temperature level of 98,6 degrees Fahrenheit, the body sweats.

Sweat cools the body, but sweat uses up water.

We should drink plenty of drinking water to renew the supply.

Water: The Essentials of Drinking (Full Episode) I Quarks

Water is our most important food.

Without water we die of thirst after three to four days.

But how much We have to drink water every dayto stay healthy and fit?

Quarks has the answers to these and other drinking questions.

Humans are made up of around 65 percent water.

Without water, people would not be able to think, they would no longer be able to cool their bodies, they would shrivel up - in short: they could not do without water live.

How many liters of water should you drink daily? Leaves a lot of drinking the skin younger look like and do you have to drink before you are thirsty? There are many recommendations for correct drinking, but hardly any scientific evidence.

Water is essential for our survival. Nevertheless, it happens again and again in endurance sports: athletes die in marathon or Ironman competitions, not because they don't drink enough water during sport, but on the contrary because they drink too much water.

Resistant bacteria are a health hazard.

They can get into the water cycle through the wastewater.

Do they then also end up in our drinking water? "Drinking water is the most strictly controlled foodstuff in Germany", is always the motto when it comes to the quality of tap water.

However, water tests in private households show that limit values ​​are regularly exceeded; especially lead and nickel.

So what actually comes out when I turn on the tap at home? Quarks traces the path of water from waste water to the domestic tap.

In Germany there are around 500 different types of mineral water and consumption has been rising steadily for decades. You can spend up to €89 on a bottle of mineral water.

But how do expensive brands differ from cheap bottled water? Quarks takes the test.

For many, water is just water - but the differences are huge, including in taste. But what defines the taste of mineral water – the minerals? The carbonic acid? And what role does the packaging play? glass or plastic? Authors: Alexandra Hostert, Tilman Wolff, Benjamin Cordes, Angela Sommer, Axel Bach, Kerstin Gründer

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  1. How does the water affect the nerves?

Afferent neurons carry messages to and from the brain. To do this, they must use electrolytes.

Water consumption is an important one Methodto keep electrolytes at the right level so nerves can do their job.

  1. How does the water of life affect the stomach and digestive tract?

Our body uses drinking water to digest food in the intestinal system.

Inadequate drinking water slows down the process and leads to irregularities and other medical problems.

The water of life - in the river reflection forest
  1. Water protects yours Eyes Mouth

holding water Eyes and mouth wet. It removes dirt and dust from your eyes.

  1. How does the water of life protect your joints?

Drinking water is similar to oiling the joints of your body. Water lubricates the joints, keeps them flexible and guarantees smooth movement.

One of the most important benefits of drinking plenty of water is the benefit achieved in the kidneys. Urine, which is almost entirely water, removes waste products from the body.

It then leaves your body. Your body should replace this water. If you consume too little drinking water, harmful amounts of waste are produced.

The body becomes ill and eventually dies.

What happens if you throw boiling water in the air - the water of life


What do you think happens when you throw boiling water in the air?

The most important details: The strong distinction of the temperature level between the boiling water (~200°F) and the outside air of -28°F triggers an accelerated change of state from liquid to vapor (gas) and back to liquid or ice.

The Water of Life - Mist

The water forms drops when thrown and quickly begins to evaporate.

This vapour, i.e. water in its gaseous form (and imperceptible!), then changes phase back into small water droplets or ice crystals (condenses) due to the extreme cold.

You see this as "steam" or "cloud". This remarkable scientific process, known today, takes place in fractions of a second takes place in the shell of air surrounding the boiling drop and sets off the meteoric vapor trails that follow the falling drop.

It does indeed have a little "scream".

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The Water of Life - Natural Phenomena of a Slurpee Wave

The professional Photography Jonathan Nimerfroh once again captured the unusual natural phenomenon of the Slurpee Wave off Nantucket on January 2, 2018 at Nobadeer Beach.

Regardless of the teenage air temps and the water temp hovering around 36 degrees, surfers Jamie Briard and Nick Hayden braved the muddy surf to venture out.

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Why do icebergs float in water - The water of life

Why can fish survive in water bodies in winter? The "anomaly of the water" leads to surprising phenomena - explained in detail in the video.

alpha learning
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The most beautiful waterfall in the state of Washington - The water of life at its most beautiful

  • Pay attention! What a beautiful sound from Palouse Waterfall, one of the most beautiful falls in Washington state. That's where the water flows life!
  • Enjoying this soundscape video in 4K 60fps resolution is an excellent way to escape from the city sound and study a globe of interesting nature!
  • Teleport to a remote corner of eastern Washington with a breathtaking view of the awe-inspiring 200-foot waterfall!
  • The winter season's scenery of snow-capped high cliffs and rainy rivers offers a unique appeal to this magnetic area.
The water of life - fairytale landscape
  • You will see the Palouse River moving through a deep gorge.
  • The water flows up making the view of the waterfall very interesting!
  • Falls fall over the abyss of columnar basalt (basalt is a basic volcanic rock) and leave behind Fog on his trail.
  • Listen to the soothing water melody and imagine the immensity of nature for yourself!

Video from: Palouse Falls, Palouse Falls State Park, Washington State, USA
Video clip resolution: 4K 60fps
Devices used: Panasonic GH5S
Video Art: Nature Soundscape Video Clip
Filmmaker: Agnius Narkevicius
Publisher: Artur Skorobagatskyi
Unique thanks to our professional filmmakers and also to the editors for their remarkable, imaginative, hard and also hard work.

Nature Soundscapes

The Palouse Falls State Park is a park with a distinctly beautiful geology and history!

Nature Soundscapes video clip is sure to lead you to a remarkable sight of one of the most attractive waterfalls in Washington state!

Think of the truth age of these cases! The combination of almost pristine views with high quality falls made us aware of the almighty power of nature!

Relax yourself!

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The key to health: treat water with respect

Sadhguru speaks in a conversation with the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and other government officials about a healthy life on the banks of the Narmada river.

He explains how if we are a little aware of the elements of water and air, and a little mindful of what we consume, we will rarely need medical attention.

Sadhguru German
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