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A Sufi story about the power of words

The power of words

Last updated on December 3, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

A Sufi story about the power of words

A story tells of a Sufi who healed a sick child.

He repeated a few words, then gave the child to his parents and said: “Now he will get well.”

Someone who didn't want to believe this interjected, "How is it possible that anyone can be healed by a few repeated words?"

No one expects an angry response from a gentle Sufi, but now he turned to this man and replied: “You understand nothing about this. You are a fool!"

The man felt very insulted. His face reddened and he became angry. The Sufi now said, “If a word has the power to make you angry, why shouldn’t a word also have the power to heal?”

The power of words
The power of words

A video story about this via Doc Ramadani's energy letter:

Sometimes it's worth a lot to find the right words

You can change the world with words!

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