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A group of people by the lake - can you make me laugh

can you make me laugh

Last updated on June 26, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

7 health and wellness benefits of giggling - can you make me laugh

One of the best sensations on the Planets is the ingrained belly laugh.

It can bring people together and develop outstanding connections.

Whatever from a little Lachen to a side-splintering belly laugh can change the temperature of a room from cool strangeness to a warm, familiar ambience.

There is already so much to laugh about, once you discover it you become addicted to finding more, but that's exactly what scientists Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan from the Loma linda university actually figured out in California.

These two doctors actually researched the benefits of laughter and got amazing results.

Prepare yourself, yours Lachen to increase so that you become really addicted to it!

Can you make me laugh- Kind woman with a smile

LAUGHTER Lowers yours Hypertension

Individuals who have lowered their blood pressure, even those starting at normal levels, are certain to do so Risks stroke and also cardiac arrest.

So get the best YouTube videos, search them funniest websites and appreciate your giggly medicine.

LAUGHING lowers the levels of your stress and anxiety hormones

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By reducing the levels of tension hormones, you are also reducing the anxiety and stress affecting you Body affects.

In addition, reducing stress and anxiety hormones can lead to greater Immune system of the body.

Just think: Laughing along while a co-worker tells a funny joke can ease the stress and anxiety of the day and improve the health benefits of laughter enjoy.

Laughing gets your abs going

One of the benefits of giggling is that it can help tone your abs.

When you giggle, the muscles in your abdomen expand and contract, similar to intentionally exercising your abs.

On the other hand, the muscles you don't use to laugh get a chance to contract relax.

Incorporate giggles into your ab workout and make getting a toned abs that much more enjoyable.

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LAUGHING improves your heart health and well-being

Chuckles are a great cardio workout, especially for those who are unable to perform various other physical activities due to injury or illness.

It gets your heart pumping and burns a comparable amount of calories per hour as slow-to-moderate walking.

So, laugh your heart straight into health and wellness.

making you laugh increases your T-cells

T-cells are specialized cells of the body's immune system that simply wait in your body to be activated.

When you laugh, you activate T-cells, which quickly help you fight the disease.

When you're feeling the chilly onset of a cold, your strategy for avoiding illness should be to use laughter.

LAUGHTER triggers the launch of endorphins

Endorphins are those natural painkillers of the body.

By laughing, you can release endorphins, which can help relieve persistent pain and make you feel great wherever you are.

Can you make me laugh increases your T-cells

Making you laugh creates a basic sense of health

Laughter can increase your overall sense of health.

Medical professionals have actually found that individuals with a favorable outlook on life tend to be better at fighting conditions than individuals who tend to be particularly unfavorable. so smile laugh and live longer!

Learning humor 😂 Making others laugh 😂

How can you get a good one Humour develop and make others laugh?

By focusing on the two essential factors: content and delivery In this video you will learn more about the six most common types of humor:

1. Exaggerations

2. Misleading

3. Puns

4. Wind up

5. Irony

6. Copycat

You will also learn how to best present a joke.

The most important factors are:

1. Grab your audience's attention

2. Own one confident body language and tone of voice

3. Match your humor to your audience

4. Machete Breaks, to give people time to get the joke

5. Be very specific. That alone is extremely funny

6. Experiment - Practice makes perfect

A few examples from world famous comedians:

Exaggeration – Louis CK:

Misdirection – Louis CK: S

Specificity – Bill Burr:

Source: Logical Lemon
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Birkenbihl HUMOR in our lives | How laughter makes us healthier learn to tell jokes rhetoric

Birkenbihl's legendary lecture on HUMOR in a new version, including jump labels and a separate question and answer session Join the group…

Vera F. Birkenbihl HUMOR

Source: Learning of the future Andreas K. Giermaier
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