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Laughter is healthy 2

Laughter is healthy | 10 good reasons to laugh more

Last updated on September 23, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Often heard and often said - laughter is healthy

There are many rumors and myths about health: carrots are good for the eyes, wet hair causes colds and reading in the dark damages the eyes.

There is not a core of truth behind all of grandma's wisdom, but grandparents and doctors agree on one thing:

laughing is healthy, strengthens the immune system and releases happiness hormones.

Small stone island in the sea and quote: "A problem knocked at the door, but when it heard laughter it sped away." -Benjamin Franklin
Laughter is good for the soul

It has been scientifically proven that laughter is not only good for our soul but also for our body.

But did you know that it's also a powerful weapon against stress?

Laughter helps us relax and lower blood pressure.

It's an effort that strengthens both our heart muscle and our lungs.

It's also a great way to relieve muscle tension.

But why is that actually the case?

We have summarized the 10 most important reasons for you here, why you do it more often Lachen should.

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why laughing is healthy

1. Smiling makes you slim

Laughter makes you slim - laughing slim woman
Laughter is healthy saying | Laughter is healthy funny pictures

Did you know that Kinder smile up to 400 times a day, but we adults only smile 15 times?

We found a perfect reason why you should definitely change that.

Studies show that as early as 10 minutes of laughter a day burns up to 50 calories.

Spread over the year, this means that you can only lose up to 2 kg with Laughter and good sense of humor can lose weight

The reason for this is the tense muscles in the abdominal area hearty laughter.

Whether you laugh with friends, you laugh animal videos or watching your favorite comedy series, laughter trains you abs.

It is important that your laughter comes from the heart, so you burn significantly more calories than with an artificial laugh.

If the muscles in front laughter hurts, then you have trained effectively.

Who would have thought that losing weight could be fun and even release endorphins?

2. Smiling makes you smarter

Laughter makes you smarter
laughing is healthy saying | Laughter is the best medicine

In fact, it has been scientifically proven that laughter has a positive effect on our personality Brain – and affects memory performance.

Smiling or laughing activates our brain, it becomes more powerful and receptive.

This means that information can be absorbed, processed and stored more quickly.

You can tell, for example, by the fact that we can easily remember the lyrics to our favorite song, but the paragraphs are much more difficult for us at work.

Smiling also means that we remain more productive for longer and do not tire as quickly when learning.

Scientists therefore recommend laughing vigorously 30 minutes after learning.

Smiling also has a positive effect on the brain and memory.

Studies show that the subjects funny pictures much faster than pictures without any humor.

3. Laughter is healthy and prevents pain

A man hugs a woman and both are laughing - laughter is healthy and prevents pain
Laughter is contagious and makes you happy

Evidence that laughter Pain can reduce, comes from Switzerland.

Willibald Ruch, a psychologist from Zurich, was able to prove that laughter has a positive effect on the perception of pain.

He let subjects do theirs hands in ice water and studied the time until the subjects withdrew their hands.

Subjects who were not amused pulled their hands back faster than subjects who were funnier film was shown.

Are you glücklich and laugh, your body produces pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances, also called endorphins.

That's why hospital clowns don't just try to cheer on the patients' moods in hospitals Humour to improve, there are even special laughter therapies.

This therapy reduces the pain perception of chronic pain patients by up to 55%. Laughter is simply the best medicine.

4. Smiling is healthy and makes you more popular

Laugh, my friend, for laughter kindles a fire in the pit of your stubborn belly and awakens your being. STELLA MCCARTNEY.
laughing is healthy Saying | Laughter is contagious

Live on TV: the presenter gets a crazy fit of laughter during the show

And then all the dams broke. Sat.1 breakfast television presenter Daniel Boschmann just couldn't stop laughing live on the show.

Source: BILD

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All too often we are busy with ourselves in everyday life and hardly notice our environment.


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We walk through the city center on our way to work with pinched faces and stare intently at the traffic in front of us.

A little smile can often work wonders. Whether it's the cashier at the checkout, the caretaker or the unknown woman on the street: a smile signals openness, joy live, optimism and releases happiness hormones.

Besides, we prefer to surround ourselves with happy Because laughter is known to be contagious.

So let's spend time with positive, smiling people, we too start laughing and feeling good.

Humour therefore not only has a positive effect on dating life, it also brings advantages in the workplace.

People who laugh a lot are rated better, recommended more often and promoted more regularly.

5. Hearty laughter reduces stress anxiety

Hearty laughter of a woman and a man - laughter is healthy and prevents pain
why laugh healthy and happy

In a situation where you are uncomfortable, stressed or even scared and panicked, it seems unnatural to smile.

But that's exactly what you should definitely try once.

Consciously pull the corners of your mouth up for several minutes and see what happens.

The upturned corners of the mouth signal to your brain: I'm fine, I'm happy and relaxed.

The reaction of your body: happiness hormones are released, your muscles relax yourself and the feeling of anxiety and stress is significantly reduced.

People who regularly suffer from anxiety attacks or stress-related nervousness can use this to defuse situations and trick their own brains.

Laughter is healthy, also for the psyche.

6. Laughter makes you prettier

As soap is for the body, so is laughter for the soul. Jewish proverb
laughter is healthy saying | is healthy to laugh

A smile makes you attractive, it signals joie de vivre and openness to the other person.

The Effects of Laughter on Our Attractiveness to Others People is not limited to the psychological level.

Laughter can also be used consciously on a physical level Happiness hormones to activate and improve the external appearance.

While women used to be advised not to laugh too much as it could lead to wrinkles, science disagrees today vehemently.

Positive effects of the smile are namely a tighter and younger looking skin.

The muscles in the face become Lachen trains and tightens the complexion, while muscle activity transports additional oxygen to the skin cells.

Laughter makes you healthy and has a positive effect Age opposite.

7. Laughter regulates high blood pressure

"If you can laugh despite difficulties, you're bulletproof." - Ricky Gervais
Laughter is healthy saying

There are many positive effects of laughter regulation of hypertension is certainly one of the most important of them.

BESS Adults should do this between 20 and 30 minutes a day laugh for a long time so that the effects on high blood pressure become noticeable.

reason for the positive Here, too, the effects are the happiness hormones, which oppose the stress hormone adrenaline.

In addition, researchers at the University of Maryland found that Humour and laughter improved blood flow.

The changed breathing provides more oxygen in the blood, the heartbeat accelerates and the blood flows faster.

Improved blood flow in the vessels prevents cardiovascular diseases and thus effectively reduces high blood pressure.

Lachen is healthy, in the truest sense of the word.

8. Laughter gives energy and makes you happy

A problem knocked on the door, but upon hearing laughter, hurried away. Benjamin Franklin
Laughter is healthy saying

Lachen is a true rejuvenation treatment for your body.

The lunch break at work is not only a motivation boost because of the coffee, but also because of nice colleagues and a few jokes in the canteen.

Laughter activates happiness hormones and transports more oxygen into our bloodstream.

Our cells need oxygen to produce Energy. That's why we yawn when we're tired, because our body is trying to get more oxygen into our system through breathing.

So maybe next lunch break you should skip the coffee and crack a few jokes instead.

9. Laughter improves metabolism and well-being

Our body's metabolism keeps us going live.

The term refers to all biochemical processes in our cells and is synonymous with the word metabolism.

Laughter promotes the production of hormones, which are involved in the metabolic process.

Laughter also changes breathing and supplies the body with additional oxygen, which in turn is needed for metabolic processes.

Especially for diabetics Therefore laugh healthy.

Diabetes doctor Stanley Tan found that laughing 30 minutes a day increases the production of HDL cholesterol protein by up to 25%.

This hormone helps break down more harmful forms of cholesterol, directly contributing to improved health.

10. Smiling strengthens the immune system

Laughter strengthens the immune system
Laughter is healthy saying

Especially in the dark season, our immune system works at full speed.

we spend more time indoors, have less exercise and the sun rarely comes out.

The growth hormone HCG, the happiness hormones and the hormone gamma interferon are jointly responsible for a functioning immune system.

All three substances are increasingly formed when smiling.

Professors from the University of Loma Linda in California have shown that gamma interferon promotes the formation of antibodies in the blood and stimulates the production of T cells. T cells play play a crucial role in fighting disease, because they are the ones that fight diseased cells in the body.

Conclusion: Laughter is healthy and makes you happy

A happy laughing woman - Laughter is healthy and makes you happy
  • Laughter is essentially the cheapest form of therapy, and without a doubt one of the most positive.
  • It has the power to heal not only your soul but your body as well.
  • Lachen strengthens your immune system, it trains muscles in the face and stomach, regulates your breathing, releases happiness hormones, makes you more attractive to other people and has a positive effect on your health in many ways.
  • If that's not a good reason to turn up the corners of your mouth more often, then we don't know what is.
  • Keep smiling because laughing is healthy!

Thick and stupid hearty laughter - video 😂😂

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Something to laugh about - 😂😂 Laughter is healthy

Quotes and Sayings - Laughter is healthy saying

“Laughter is the sunlight that Winter drifts from the human face.” - Victor Hugo

“You don't stop laughing when you get older, you get altwhen you stop giggling." - George Bernard Shaw

"Laugh, my friend, for laughter kindles a fire in the pit of your stubborn belly and awakens your being." – Stella McCartney

"If you can laugh despite difficulties, you are bulletproof." - Ricky Gervais

"A problem knocked on the door, but when it heard laughter it sped away." - Benjamin Franklin

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