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Can't let go | just change something

Can't let go

Last updated on May 25, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Can't let go - Trapped in your own Anxiety

People who cannot let go are emotionally stuck in a situation that not only hurts them mentally, but can also make them ill.

Motivation wanes, exhaustion sets in and depression sets in.

The following guide explains why it is so difficult not to be able to let go.

Why can't I let go - research into causes

No exit, no entry - not being able to let go - research into the causes
mental disorder cannot be let go

Things that bother you so much emotionally that they haunt you and don't get out of your head can be:

- The partnership

You are unhappy in your relationship because your partner is not paying attention to you, none time for you, becomes violent, or is an alcoholic.

- The workplace

You are overwhelmed at work. There are too many tasks that you cannot cope with and the orders are increasing every day.

Or they are underchallenged and do a stupid job when you have so much more to offer.

- The neighbours

At home you are bullied by the neighbors. Every day there is trouble and you feel uncomfortable in your own four walls.

- The guilt

Nicht let go Feelings of guilt is not uncommon.

they have one Error made, but afraid to admit it because you react very sensitively to the reaction of those around you.

- The sadness

You have an important one People lost. His loss hurts and you think everyone Tag to that person.

The question “why?” is constantly circling in your mind.

– The people who don’t want to change

You expect people, such as your partner, to change.

Your behavior bothers you, but you are powerless as everything stays the way it is.

This situation makes you dissatisfied.

– The missed opportunities

They wanted so much more. See the world, learn a new sport, yours dream job find or Kinder get and get married.

They didn't take the chance. The anger about it robs you of sleep.

- The world situation

War, injustice and money that rules the world.

Other people get angry at you private things, but you are dissatisfied with the overall situation.

Politics makes you mad.

You would love to get involved, help other people, but you can do so little.

- The health

You suffer from a chronic illness and feel exhausted and unchallenged.

Nicht let go because of their own health, is a situation that often occurs because it can rarely be changed.

– The wrong behaviors

You constantly sacrifice yourself, step into the breach for others, are helpful and like to make others happy.

You, on the other hand, fall short. When you're feeling down, there's rarely anyone there.

This injustice will not let go of you.

Why can't I let go - That's why it's so hard?

A man thinks about it: Can't let go - That's why it's so difficult
can't let go of relationship

There are many reasons why you are in those situations and thoughts persists, which make so sick.

Above all, it is due to your own attitude and fears.

The feeling of not having deserved anything better, for example when the partner is unfair, is particularly common.


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


When it comes to rowdy neighbors, you might be tormented by the fear of confrontation.

Nicht can let go, because one does not want to forget the deceased person, also occurs very frequently.

You may think that he doesn't deserve not to think about him every day and that the person will eventually fade into oblivion, which scares you very much.

A lot of people are also telling themselves that let go also means giving up one's own person.

Or you believe you have a better one deserve life and persist in defiance and anger at your unjust situation.

The many reasons for the “not to let go" are almost inexhaustible.

People can not let go - possible consequences

A character doesn't know where to go - can't let go - possible consequences
can't let go of illness

If you are so stuck in a situation that keeps you preoccupied and you lose yourself and your own well-being Eyes lose, symptoms appear that should serve as a warning.

sleep and concentration disorders possible consequences.

Nightmares should also be a warning sign that you are not feeling well mentally. panic attacks and Fear spreads and you feel himself powerless.

This is not a character attitude, but is based on a situation that they cannot handle and that they will not let go of.

Addictive behavior can also possible consequence of staying in a difficult situation, such as reaching the bottle after losing a loved one.

When feelings of hatred and constant anger report and you can't get out of the bad mood, it is also a warning sign to change something.

Once you know the cause of your suffering, ask yourself the following questions:

Compass - where do I want to go
when both can't let go

– "Am I responsible for this situation?"
– "Can I do something about it?"
– "Do I feel comfortable in this situation?"
- "I would like to?"

By answering these questions, you can find a way to let go and go back to your own well-being.

Trapped in your fears, set yourself free!

Sadhguru considers how the purpose of meditation is not just to bring one into ecstasy, but to create a "space" between you and what is your body and mind.

Once that happens, it is the end of suffering.

Sadhguru German
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why can't i let go test

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