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A woman with her newborn baby. A beautiful figurative home birth

A beautiful figurative home birth

Last updated on August 5, 2023 by Roger Kaufman

A documented one Story of a home birth in your own four walls

I have another great video to complement the post “Have you ever witnessed the birth of a baby live?” added.

During a home birth, the pregnant woman can develop a sense of unity and trust as she is in the familiar surroundings of her home.

The woman giving birth can feel her body and go at her own pace without being influenced by external influences or medical interventions.

The obstetric support she receives during birth is also necessary and can help support and encourage the pregnant woman.

The partner can also play an important role in teaching her how to relax and prepare for contractions and birth.

During a home birth you can also others Family members such as friends, siblings or children must be present to support the pregnant woman and create a sense of community and solidarity.

A home birth can be a beautiful, exciting and moving experience and creates a strong bond between mother, child and family. A Feeling of freedom and happiness as well as a strong confidence in the abilities of the woman's body are experienced during a home birth.

There are now in this Post different videos to watch:

When it comes to home birth, I can only say nothing about it!

Home birth experience reports | Home birth midwife

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Home Birth YouTube | Home birth video

Home birth: safer than in the hospital?

Most Children In Switzerland, births occur in hospitals, while only around three percent are born in birth centers or at home. This is exactly how it is in many other European countries, including Great Britain. But now the British health authority is recommending a change of course.

Birth at home: safer than in hospital?

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