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Here is a blog about letting go

A new blog is being created here with the exciting topic of letting go

Last updated on December 13, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

The letting go blog stands for according to the motto:

"You don't force him, you don't hit him, you don't command him, because you know that soft is stronger than hard, Water stronger than rock, love stronger than violence:"

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Mein Name ist Roger Kaufman Born in 1966, "Hypnosis Coaching".

"It has been constantly recognized that imaginative minds survive any kind of negative training."

This new blog about letting go stands for more energy in everyday life; through letting go, stories, metaphor, quotes, humor and stories. This blog is intended to be a collaborative effort on the subject of letting go.

If this should inspire you, then you are cordially invited to participate here. More information under "exchange ideas"

Are you consciously or unconsciously the world champion in repression? Or are there people who have hurt you or disappointed you and you just don't care anymore Pardon can? I will help you, your Self-confidence build up.

"Hypnosis Coaching"

Definition serenity

Gelassenheit, equanimity, inner peace or peace of mind is an inner one Setting, the ability, especially in difficult situations version or to maintain an impartial attitude. It is the opposite of restlessness, excitement, nervousness and Stress.


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