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Funny IKEA advert - busy kid

Funny IKEA advert - busy kid

Last updated on December 9, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Hard-working child helps around the house - Funny IKEA advert

Well, that's really fun when the kids help out around the house, isn't it?

I always get skeptical when our daughter asks me if she can do experiments.
Of course she can, but only under control.

Need an example?

Busy child helps with the dishes - Funny IKEA advert


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Funny IKEA ad

IKEA speaks to its customers in catalogs and Advertising with "Du" (in Germany since 2004, in Austria since ever).

The first-name form is also common among employees. This follows the language usage in Sweden, where since the You reform of the 1960s the “Du” has become the almost exclusively used form of address.

The you form remains in niches such as in the terms and conditions on the website or in the Ikea business area.

IKEA uses multilingual ones if there are enough relevant customers in the catchment area of ​​the respective branch Advertising:

For example, in Berlin there are German-Turkish advertising posters, in Bern (Lyssach) in Switzerland there are German-French ones.

In branches close to the border, such as in Heerlen (Netherlands), which also has Aachen in Germany, announcements are made in two languages.

In the 1970s and 1980s, IKEA had a moose as its mascot in German-speaking countries. After that it was a curved Allen key with a face.

A previous IKEA advertising slogan was "The impossible furniture store from Sweden".

From the late 1990s, IKEA advertised with the slogan "Discover the possibilities" and since 2002 with "Are you still living or are you already alive?".

IKEA changed last time its advertising strategy.

From the rather boys, cheeky and reduced to the essential advertising lines, IKEA has meanwhile changed its advertising line in the direction of family and home.

Since then there has also been the "IKEA Family Card". In 2007, IKEA advertised with the slogan "Because home is the most important place in the world."

The formerly liberal advertising line has adapted to more conservative and family-oriented values.

Source: Wikipedia

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