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Thick and Stupid - The dear relatives 1936

Thick and Stupid - The dear relatives 1936

Last updated on November 23, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Laurel & Hardy - The dear relatives 1936

Stan and Ollie both lead orderly lives with their wives.

One day, the two twin brothers, believed dead, appear Thick and stupid in the city and cause a lot of excitement there.

As a die beiden after a date with two ladies in a beer garden, they cannot pay the bill, they leave a deposit which the waiter gives back to the wrong twins.

From now on the mischief takes its course and the mix-ups never end.

Series: Thick and stupid

Release Date: October 30, 1936 (first publication)

Director: Harry Lachmannumber of squadron: 14episode number: 2broadcast date: October 30, 1936

Source: Laurel and Hardy: The Doubles
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Source: Ball Primrose

Comments on - Dick und Stupid - The dear relatives 1936

  • @1Latex There will hardly be anyone who cannot watch these two over and over again, regardless of whether they are silent films or already have sound 🙂
  • @Michael Klaws I'm a huge fan of both of them, "The Dear Relatives" is definitely one of the better feature films by Laurel/Hardy.
  • The scene with James Finlayson at the table, who gets an uppercut with the lightbulb in his mouth...and further subsequent actions - simply slapstick at its finest.🙂😆
  • @Wolfgang Schnitzler The two are unforgotten the kings of the Comedy, right behind Jerry Lewis and Doris Day in third place you can kick the Resr in the bin, today's comedians are just embarrassingly stupid.

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