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Hornbach advertising - there is a simple solution

Hornbach advertising - there is a simple solution

Last updated on January 23, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Hornbach Advertising is what craftsmen want. It is practical and interesting.

The Hornbach advertisements are funny and a rich source for everyone who would like to make some technical changes to their house or apartment.

Good advertising is visible and audible. And close enough to feel!

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Hornbach Advertising – Every project brings you together

Nobody has seen you suffer more often.

And triumph.

You have not achieved so much with anyone.

And created.

Nobody knows you better than your most trusted tool.

it likes alt be, have a few scratches, or have lost its color.

But in every scratch there is a project. And only together are you complete.

you and your tools.

Every project brings you together.

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Hornbach advertising – MACHER stories: Addicted to metal

Till is an absolutely passionate doer.

He loves to stand in the workshop and create new things.

Furniture, bicycles, lamps - the fancier the better.

It's best to use old metal, throw away the rest

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Hornbach Advertising - MACHER: Craftsmanship connects

Tackling together and supporting each other: Ludwig is a pensioner and spends every free minute in one community workshop.

Age doesn't matter here.

What counts is the joy of craftsmanship, appreciation and team spirit

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Hornbach Advertising – MACHER | Declaration of love to the glass

Rolando Vetri loves working with glass.

The self-proclaimed Glass Cowboy has built a saloon workshop and finds peace and balance there:

When the transparent material softens over the flame and can be shaped by it, vergisst he everything around him

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Hornbach commercial "Funny Compilation"

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LOCKED 48h in the hardware store | We can do EVERYTHING!

Did we actually manage to build a roller coaster with a loop through the HORNBACH?! Many thanks again to HORNBACH for making this mega great campaign possible and for leaving us alone for 48 hours at HORNBACH Munich-Fröttmaning!

The Real Life Guys
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Who is Hornbach?

The Hornbach Baumarkt AG is one of the largest operators of DIY and garden centers in Europe. It is a subsidiary of the also listed company Hornbach Holding AG & Co. KGaA. Hornbach Baumarkt AG is based in Bornheim (Palatinate).

In the 2018/2019 financial year (March 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019), the Hornbach Baumarkt Group generated sales of EUR 4,1 billion.

The Hornbach Baumarkt Group currently operates a total of 158 large DIY megastores with garden centers and online shops in nine European countries, including 97 stores in Germany (also: Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Romania).

With a total sales area of ​​around 1,85 million m², the average sales area of ​​a Hornbach DIY store and garden center is around 11.700 m², weighted according to the standard of the BHB branch association.

The sales concept and range are geared to the needs of project customers and professionals. Hornbach completely dispenses with discount campaigns and instead guarantees its customers so-called permanently low prices.

Source: Wikipedia

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