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Thick and stupid - behind lock and bolt

Thick and Dumb | piano transport

Last updated on May 16, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

A little encouragement with Dick and Doof

Dick & Stupid | Piano transport - Let's go, great job 🙂 

Laurel and Hardy were an American duo who were dating Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel duration. Between 1926 and 1951 they made 106 films together (79 short films, 27 feature films). They are considered one of the most famous and successful film duos of all time Times. German Laurel and Hardy are also known as Dick and Doof.

Dick & Doof piano transport

Who doesn't know the two. This episode in particular has burned itself into many heads. A piano that has to be transported up a flight of stairs. There is a part here, but not the whole version. Here she is now. Have fun

Peter David Anderson
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One thought on “Dick und Duof | piano transport"

  1. Even if Dick & Doof present it in a humorous way, transporting the piano is not an easy task. When you move, you quickly end up paying huge sums of money. When I last moved, selling the piano was actually the cheaper alternative.

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