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Thick and stupid - behind lock and bolt

Thick and stupid under lock and key

Last updated on May 16, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Under lock and key - thick and stupid

Make 8 dollars out of 15, that was Laurel and Hardy's brilliant idea.

Have fun with this creative film Thick and stupid guaranteed. The more you resist this film, the easier it will be for you to let go. It is possible, as you may know, movies that have their own magic because things can happen there that will enrich your life in a positive way 🙂

Stan and Ollie are going to jail for illegal liquor distilling. There, the crook "Tiger" prepares an escape that fails. Stan and Ollie manage to escape, disguise themselves as Negro slaves, work on a cotton plantation and befriend the prison dogs. By chance - they help the prison warden when the car breaks down - they are recognized and locked up again. When the prisoners revolt, a machine gun is passed to them, with which they involuntarily put down the rebellion. You will be pardoned.

Thick and stupid under lock and key

Lock and Key is a 1931 American comedy film directed by comedian duo Laurel & Hardy.

Through a mishap, Stan and Ollie are caught distilling liquor during Prohibition and imprisoned.

However, they manage to flee for the time being and go into hiding at a cotton plantation. They put on soot as camouflage to make them look like African Americans working there.

However, their good-naturedness towards the prison warden, who happens to be driving by there and has a car breakdown at exactly that spot, is their undoing.

Due to a hollow tooth, Stan makes a strange noise after each sentence, which blows the two up and leads to another arrest.

Here, Stan and Ollie want to go on a hunger strike, but after a warden tells of juicy turkey steaks and strawberry shortcake, they decide not to.

The disappointment is all the greater because instead of the delicious food there is only soup and bread. Meanwhile, the other convicts have planned a plot: weapons have been smuggled into their hands and should now enable the escape.

However, Stan and Ollie manage to stop this plot and put all the convicts back in prison. In gratitude, they are released from prison.

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