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Floating above the fog

Floating above the fog

Last updated on September 10, 2023 by Roger Kaufman

There are places and moments, in which the world seems to stand still and time holds its breath. One of those moments is when you rise above the fog - Float above the fog

A dense sea of ​​cotton wool spreads out beneath you, hiding everything unknown, all the secrets and ambiguities.

But about that, in the Clarity and calm, there is another world. A world kissed by the warm sun while the earth remains hidden beneath the veil.

The trees rise like ghosts from the sea of ​​fog, their crowns glittering in the golden light.

It's like having the threshold to you magical realm transcended, a place that lies beyond earthly reality.

A place where the Provide and the chaos of the world below sinks into the fog and where the soul can breathe a sigh of relief.

To float above the fog, is not only a physical experience but also a metaphorical one.

It reminds us that no matter how murky or uncertain the live may seem at times, there is always a higher perspective, a place of clarity and understanding.

It's an invitation to look beyond the immediate circumstances and the bigger picture to see.

In such moments we often feel like a bird soaring high in the sky, free from the shackles of the earth and open for the infinity of heaven.

It is one Experience of transcendence, reminding us that there is always light above the clouds, and that true beauty often lies beyond the visible.

It's an opportunity to pause, take a deep breath and remember that the world is full of wonders if we only open our eyes and see.

Flying, sailing, gliding, and being carried is something very special and beautiful

Floating above the fog: I got the great video via chiemseeler

A teacher and a programmer go for a ride... Super nice flight with the paraglider over the fog. I almost left the umbrella in the valley because I wasn't sure if it would even work because of all the fog...

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Floating above the fog

The first ideas for a flying machine made entirely of textiles were presented as early as 1948 by the later NASA-engineer Francis Rogallo in you Patent sketched. This describes “material tubes that are open to the front, arranged parallel next to each other and inflated by the wind, forming a wing”. Concrete implementations of these Idea through Rogallo, however, are not known. It was only in the years 1991–1996 that the project began Spacewedge the use of paragliders for the controlled landing of the return capsules spacecraft investigated experimentally.
First real paraglider the one-surface one applies Sailwing from David Barish from 1965.
However, today's paragliders are based on the history of... paragliding and the types of umbrellas used as well as those used today Skydiving usual Parachutes on the dihedral multicellular parafoil-Parachute concept by Dominatrix Jalbert. Parachutes and paragliders have now developed so far apart due to aerodynamic and technical adaptations to the specific requirements of the respective sport that a parachute for mountain starts today is fundamentally just as unsuitable as a paraglider for parachute jumps.
The latest development in the paragliding sector represents this speed flying, in which the area of ​​the screens was greatly reduced in order to achieve greater speed.


Paragliding soaring above the fog

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Floating above the fog

Source: mark erb

Paragliding: Engelberg Brunni in the fog

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Floating above the fog | float above the fog

Source: Heinz Thönen

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