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Woman in old age - Wisdom - Live or be lived

Wisdom - To live or to be lived

Last updated on January 24, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Live and let go to create something new

Let go

life experience - live or be lived

Buddhism says that nothing is permanent, every moment leads to a new one.

The suffering we feel, the dissatisfaction, the dissatisfaction does not come from the fact that we cannot hold onto something to hold onto "forever", but rather from the fact that we are constantly trying to do so.

It has to be that nothing stays the way it is, otherwise there would be no life, no evolution, no Babythat grows into a strong man, not a flower that grows into fruit.

If we accept that change is equal to life, that we let go to get something new, then we will go through our existence with peace and less suffering.


I often remember a friend who always said: "Quotes are a wonderful way to discover whole new things about yourself.”

Accepting yourself means accepting both strengths and weaknesses within yourself.

Beautiful wisdom - wisdom - sayings and quotes - live or be lived

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Live or be lived

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