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Why shouldn't mom see that?

Why shouldn't mom see that?

Last updated on June 8, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Really giving freedom with the children

Yes, but that's really fun; By the way, I always do it that way 🙂

 Video - why mom shouldn't see that 😱

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Source: theBenJohnsonClan

8 things that can happen when moms leave their kids alone with dads! 😮

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Source: topworld

When dad is alone with the kids 😁😂🤣 Kids with dads

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Source: David Jukic

Baby talk for beginners - Grandpa speaks plain language!

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The best dads in the world! | compilation

Today a compilation about fathers who their Kinder rescue. Sometimes before a fall, but sometimes even that live. Incredibly heartwarming to see how self-sacrificing fathers are. fathers are Heroes and they do everything to make their own children happy.
And some videos make you think fathers have superhuman abilities or reflexes that only come to the fore when their own child is in danger.

German Leak Tube
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