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Whales fascination deep sea worlds whales

Fascination with the deep sea worlds of whales

Last updated on May 15, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Whales are mammals adapted to water

The whale is stimulating just by its size. It is a mammal, is considered maternal, is a fish that always has to come to the surface, but also loves the deep sea.

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Part of our attraction to whales is, of course, their size

We rarely get the chance to see the whole whale except when they jump out of the Water . make

Whales are among the most enigmatic and remarkable of all creatures.

At around 100 tons, the blue whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on the planet Earth has lived. It easily outweighs the heaviest dinosaurs. Even a “normal” size whale is a substantial and outstanding animal.

Whales are substantial but elusive and difficult to see, adding to their mystery and appeal.

They are highly intelligent animals with a complicated social system live, no possessions and total freedom from activity in 3 measurements.

Is it any wonder they are such prominent and fascinating pets? – Maybe we just want to resemble them.

Whales belong to the team of creatures called Cetaceans

Fascination with the deep sea worlds of whales

Whales are mammals, humans, dogs, domestic cats, elephants and also Anguantibos.

you the atmen Air and therefore have to return to the surface at regular intervals to take a breath. They awaken living ones Boy People to live who stay with the mother for over a year and eat milk produced by the mother.

Whales are cuddly bloody and also have a skeleton comparable to ours (although it is significantly different).

The front legs are their front flippers and have similar bones to our arms and hands. The hind legs are not usually present in all, but in various types are represented by a small pair of “complementary drifting” bones (pelvic vestiges) – not attached to others – towards the pet's back.

In men of some varieties, these bones serve as an attachment for the muscle mass that regulates the penis.

Blue Whales: Francisco and the Blue Whales – WWF The Story

Blue whales are the giants of the sea. They are unique – graceful and overwhelmingly beautiful. They give hope. Join Francisco in his search for the largest animal in the world: ▶… Camera and direction: Anne Thoma

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The dorsal fins of a whale are called flukes; they have no bone at all and are made of difficult fibrous material.

It is the leeches that provide the propulsive force in all cetaceans with the forelimbs controlling direction and also used for communicative and functional purposes.

All whales have muscle mass with high levels of myoglobin. This is a red pigment comparable to hemoglobin that stores oxygen in muscle mass for use during deep dives.

When the whale surfaces, the oxygen in myoglobin changes, similar to the process that occurs in our own muscle mass during a sprint.

Whale Shark Watch (Largest Fish in the World)

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest shark and also the largest fish today. The whale shark is the only species in the genus Rhincodon, the only genus within the family Rhincodontidae. The whale shark belongs to the order of nurse sharks.

The longest individual whale shark recorded to date was 13,7 m long. There are reports based on sightings of individuals up to 18 or 20 m long, but these are probably based primarily on overestimation and exaggeration, which is particularly common with large animals.

Most recently, an approximately 12 meter long specimen of Japanese pulled ashore by fishermen. The Animal weighed about 8 tons. Whale sharks can weigh over 12 tons.

Like basking sharks and basking mouth sharks, they feed on plankton and other microorganisms, which they obtain by sucking in the water water filter. According to recent studies, they also eat fish up to the size of mackerel and small tuna. Because of its food specialization, this shark is harmless to humans, but accidents can occur due to the size and strength of the animals.

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