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Man wants to kiss a horse - humor on the street

Humor on the street

Last updated on August 23, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

BEST OF 7 YEARS Streetscomedy

Regardless of whether we were a policeman, a bouncer, an English person, a grandpa or a postman – when it came to street comedy, we were always the best in the world!

Reason enough to look back together after 7 years at some of the funniest moments from over 80 street comedy videos!

Have fun with this little journey through time!

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The funniest street performance – Artist in Montreal

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Source: Karljessy Photographer

The Best Police Officer in the World 3 – Humor on the Street

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CHILDREN'S PRAM PRANK - humor on the street

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Funny street performer in London

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Source: Florian Ghebac

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