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Turkish Sayings | 82 Fascinating Sayings

Turkish sayings and proverbs are an integral part of every culture. Although we do not know under what conditions or by whom they were brought forward, they were actually passed down from one generation to another.

They serve to show us life lessons while showing us different perspectives.

As a Turkish language learner, you will benefit significantly from researching Turkish idioms and idioms.

This will surely increase your vocabulary, help you understand the inner workings of the language much better and also give you an insight into the core values ​​as well as customs of Turkish society.

If you're looking for Turkish sayings, you've come to the right place. Here you will find some of the best Turkish sayings you will ever read.

"When you think you can't do it anymore, a light comes from somewhere." - Turkish saying

"He who doesn't dare, doesn't win." - Turkish saying

"He who helps others is the happiest himself." - Turkish saying

Turkish quotes in short

A tongue has no bones and can still be damaged.

Sighs never hit the ground.

Everything is worn out with use... except Experience.

Pay attention with both ears, but speak with only one tongue.

In order to remain in peace one should be blind, deaf and dumb.

He who rises in anger sits down at a loss.

The lamb separated from the flock is eaten by the wolf.

A structure without a foundation is easily torn down.

He who regulates his tongue protects his head.

A person is not looking for happiness; Happiness seeks the individual.

The pet that barks a lot doesn't bite.

For an excellent motorcyclist, right or left makes no difference.

Who doesn't Kinder has one sadness, whoever has children has a thousand sorrows.

What a man is at seven is what he achieves at seventy.

Satan's relationship reaches the prison door.

A weapon is also an enemy for its owner.

There is no sword that would surely cut off a golden hand.

Two heads are much better than one.

He who seeks an impeccable friend remains friendless.

What a man experiences is the punishment of his tongue.

The most demanding master is the slave who has become a master.

Sweet Turkish Sayings

A red rose with thorns with a turquoise saying: The lover of roses is a slave to a thousand thorns.
sweetness Turkish sayings

The rose lover is a slave to a thousand thorns.

Vinegar, which costs nothing, is sweeter than honey.

A single perk is worth a thousand spells.

A swindler's house is on fire and no one believes him.

A hungry pet will surely bring down a lion.

When two containers collide, one breaks.

Black coffee with coffee beans and Turkish saying: Coffee must be black as hell, firm as death and sweet as love.

Coffee must be black as hell, firm as death and sweet as death of Love .

male is harder than iron, stronger than a stone and even more vulnerable than a rose.

Others are constantly interested in us, just as we are interested in them.

When physical violence enters your home, both legislation and the judiciary go down the chimney.

He who steals honey licks his fingers.


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Vinegar, which is also acidic, will even stain the jar it's kept in.

View of the sea, dark clouds on the horizon and a Turkish proverb: Listening to a lie is more of a challenge than clearing it up.

Listening to a lie is more of a challenge than clearing it up.

Mrs. only has suggestions for one more lady.

Things that are weak will surely do harm - since guys assume they are strong.

No one's rich enough to kick out a mate.

Those who have power in their hands have no right to exist; he uses violence.

If you leads over crying all the sadness of this world, you will have no eyes forever.

I don't know anything about it, I haven't seen it; that's the best answer.

The burglar with a crowbar and saying: The burglar

The burglar can lie, those he robbed cannot.

The Sheikh's wonders are those of his own story.

The base of a lamp is always the least illuminated. Great recommendations are offered; outstanding appreciation is not offered.

Roosters that crow prematurely quickly find themselves in the pot again.

The dog that will bite disappoints its teeth.

If your visitor becomes a chef, your pantry will soon be empty.

He who falls alone never cries.

A night with a horrible woman and a day in the mountains both seem like endless time.

The Autobahn is always shorter than the unfamiliar side street.

Turkish quotes funny

"Beauty fades, wisdom remains." – Turkish proverb

"Catch your tongue in your mouth." – Turkish saying

"Look at the mother before you marry the daughter." – Turkish proverb

“One eats, another watches; This is how revolutions happen.” – Turkish expression

“A fool dreams of riches; a wise man, full of happiness.” – Turkish proverb

"He who seeks an impeccable friend remains friendless." – Turkish expression

Quote on a brown rock: "Man is harder than iron, stronger than stone and more fragile than a rose." - Turkish proverb

"Man is harder than iron, stronger than stone and more fragile than a rose." – Turkish proverb

"A cup of coffee commits to 40 years of friendship." – Turkish proverb

"You reap what you sow." – Turkish proverb

"What quickly flares up soon dies out." – Turkish expression

"The fruit of a tree falls near its roots." – Turkish proverb

"He who has nothing to eat has no authority." – Turkish proverb

"Whoever goesssips with you will gossip about you." – Turkish expression

"Gain is the brother of loss." – Turkish expression

"What a man suffers is the punishment of his tongue." – Turkish expression

"A heart that loves beauty never grows old." – Turkish expression

"Close your eyes in the company of the blind." – Turkish expression

"He who falls alone never cries." – Turkish proverb

"The devil tempts all men, but the idlers tempt the devil." – Turkish proverb

"Not knowing is not shameful, not asking is." – Turkish proverb

Turkish Quotes Love | Turkish love sayings

Turkish tea on colorful tablecloth with quote: A heart in love with attraction never grows old. - Unknown
Turkish quotes love | Turkish love sayings

A heart in love with attraction never grows old. - Unknown

The sunlight has come up, the sky is blue, today is stunning and so are you. - Unknown

I wish you were here, or I existed, or we were together somewhere. Because I miss you so much. - Unknown

A broken heart is like a broken mirror. Much better to leave it as is or hurt yourself trying to put it back together. - Unknown

I don't need heaven because I found you. I don't ask for dreams because I currently have you. - Unknown

I have today 3 points made; miss you, miss you and miss you too. - Unknown

I want to stay in your arms where you hold me limited and never let me go. - Unknown

Looks like the eyes festhalten, but it is character that holds the heart. - Unknown

Love is the complete story of life of a woman; it's just an experience for a man. - Unknown

You are the source of my joy, the arrangement of my world and also my whole heart. - Unknown

I miss you like the sun misses the bloom in the depths of the winter months. - Unknown

Within the of Love it's not about the number of days, weeks or months you've spent together, it's about how much you like each other on a daily basis. - Unknown

All about love is true or false. That's the only thing that outlines absolutely nothing, it's nonsense. - Unknown

Turkish proverbs and wisdom that will impress you

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