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The secret of the winners | To master life

A Japanese sword with the inscription: "Don't think that this is all. There are many wonderful lessons left - the sword is unfathomable." - Yamaoka Tesshu - The Secret of Winners Mastering Life

Last updated on November 23, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

The winner's secret to mastering life is what every winning winner understands.

To learn about winning, take a closer look at losers under a magnifying glass.


For I have observed that a purposeful life is generally better, richer, healthier than a purposeless one, and that it is better to live with it time going forward than going backwards against time.” – CG Jung

The learning process on the way to becoming a master never ends

"Don't think that's all. There are still many wonderful teachings - the sword is unfathomable." - Yamaoka Tesshu

24 quotes | Mastering Life | The secret of the winners

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The Chinese Zen Master - Love the Detail - Mastering Life

"My everyday lifebabyn is very ordinary, but I live in total harmony with it. I cling to nothing, reject nothing from myself, there are no obstacles or conflicts.”

"Who cares about riches and honor when even the most puny thing shines forth. My amazing powers and spiritual practices? draw water and collect wood.” - Layman Pang

Winners do what losers don't

May you this Quotations inspire you to take action and make yourself a winner.

"I think there's an inner power that Gewinner or makes losers.” – Sylvester Stallone

"Winners are those who turn difficulties into opportunities." - Unknown

"The first step is what separates the winners from the losers." - Brian Tracy

"Winners simply created the behavior to do things that losers don't do." – Albert Gray

"Champions don't wait for opportunities, they embrace them." - Unknown

Winners do what losers don't
secret winner

"Challenges are not obstacles for winners and reasons for losers." – ME Kerr

"Winners want to stay much longer, work harder and also offer more than anyone else." - Vince Lombardi

"The greatest secret of winners is that failure inspires victory." - Robert T Kiyosaki

"Winners make it a habit to make their own advances." – Brian Tracey

"There are no winners Peoplewho stop working, but people who never stop.” - Unknown

Vera F Birkenbihl | The secret of the winners | To master life

Learn More Make money?

Success at work and privately?

financial Freedom and increase wealth?

No matter what you im live wanting to achieve mastery is a way.

Vera F Birkenbihl but shows how you can do it successfully with fun and joy IF you are ready for it!

Learning of the future Andreas K. Giermaier
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Vera F Birkenbihl | That Mastering Life | secret of the winners

Vera F Birkenbihl reveals the best ways to success, for more financial freedom (the problem of so many, she wünschen more money, more income) and above all more happiness and health.

true wealth?

Is that really a lot of money or even more sales?

This shows what the economy and entrepreneurs can learn from it and more successful power. Improve customer service instead of selling goods.

This creates new jobs, more profits, more sales, more business.

And if all of this is done ethically, then it is Success possible at all levels.

With free thinking without the urge to have to hoard more money and even more money.

Better sales, more customers (buying stuff they didn't really need)...

That's NOT the solution that Vera F #Birkenbihl full of humor (as always) and with insights into the psychology of success.

Learning of the future Andreas K. Giermaier

The Secret the winner - learn to walk

"Winners do what losers don't do. Winning comes from action.” - Unknown

"We were not born winners." - Unknown

"Champions practice, losers complain." - Unknown

"A champion never stops trying." - Unknown

Never Give Up - Little Baby Doing Pull Ups - Master Life

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To master life

"One of the defining characteristics of champions is their determination." – Alymer Letterman

“Champions focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” - Unknown

"Loser live in the past." - Denis Waitley

"The extra Energy, which is needed to start another initiative, is the key to victory.” - Denis Waitley

"Losers imagine the penalties of failure." —William S. Gilbert

How do you measure your success - mastering life

Champions are ordinary people with remarkable hearts. - Unknown

"Winners compare their success to their goals, while losers compare their achievements to those of others." – Nido Qubein

“While many Success imagine, the victors awaken and strive to attain it.” - Unknown

"Champions are ordinary people with remarkable hearts." - Unknown

"Champions and losers are not born, they are what they think they are." - Lou holtz

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