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A man stands in front of a half-open swing door. He asks himself: Limits in the head | courage and wisdom

Limits in the head | courage and wisdom

Last updated on May 25, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Limits in the head | Tina Weinmayer TEDxStuttgart

Tina Weinmayer has separated – the children live with their father.

This works wonderfully for the family, only society seems to have a problem with it.

Warum eigentlich?

Tina Weinmayers Life is often commented on.

She is violating her karmic duties.

And if one day she reproaches herself for what she did?

What sounds dramatic is actually quite simple. A couple separates and one moves out.

The common Kinder stay with father.

A decision that is fundamentally possible. She thought.

Everyone is fine with it, only society is reaching its limits.

It's just not possible. and Tina Weinmeyer observes in herself that the constant evaluation of her surroundings has an effect on her own thinking.

How often and to what extent does the milieu influence our own world of thought?

How many of ours thoughts are only unconsciously adopted beliefs, values ​​and often repeated accusations?

Questions that Tina Weinmayer asks herself.

TEDx Talks

Courage and common sense from a different perspective

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courage and wisdom

Courage is the mental or ethical endurance to strive to remain steadfast and to withstand risk, fear, or difficulty.

When someone acts boldly, they show willingness to face uncertainty, danger, or even discomfort; basically to face their concerns.

Being brave isn't always easy, and there are times in ours live, in which we have more courage than others.

Although we associate nerves with extreme risks and difficulties, the Truth for most of us, that despite our everyday lives, we need to be brave.

We have to adapt to change and also face our worries, although they appear trivial to the outside world.

"Being well liked by someone gives you stamina, while caring for someone gives you courage." - Lao Tzu

Fish swim against the current and the quote: The opposite of courage
the limits in your head

The opposite of courage is not cowardice, but perseverance. Even a dead fish can go with the flow. – Jim Hightower

With nerves you will surely try to take risks having toughness to be compassionate as well as the wisdomto be easy. Guts is the structure of stability. - Mark Twain

The real nervousness is knowing what you're up against and knowing exactly how to deal with it. – Timothy Dalton

Courage originally meant “speaking your mind by saying it with all your heart”. – Brene Brown

This is how you become braver immediately: 5 steps to more courage - Tanja Peters - courage and mind

Courage is good!

Courage counselor Tanja Peters from Cologne has made it her career People to make bolder.

Her lectures revolve around the topic of courage – courage to change, courage to live.

And in the end there is this happiness.

Tanya Peters explains how you can create your own "courage muscle training list" and gain courage and strength by constantly overcoming everyday fears.

The fact is: Courage is at the beginning of action - luck at the end!

Source: Greator
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Limits in the head sayings

Quotes that inspire healthy and balanced boundaries

Boundaries are required.

They are the backbone of all healthy connections.

However, that doesn't mean they come easily.

For many of us, setting boundaries is really uncomfortable.

Here are some inspirational ones quotes about Boundaries to help you when you fight.

“We can state what we want to assert. We can cautiously but firmly speak our mind. We don't have to be judgmental, thoughtless, critical, or awful when we speak our realities." - Melody Beattie

Quote: You get what you put up with. - Henry Cloud
The limits in your head

"You get what you bear." -Henry Cloud

Givers need to set limits, as takers rarely do. – Rachel Volkin

"Of the difference between successful people and actually successful people is that really effective people say no to almost everything.” - Warren Buffett

""Thoughtful people demand what they need. They say no when they need to, and when they say yes, they mean it. They are compassionate because their boundaries keep them out of bitterness.” – Bren Brown

“Setting boundaries is a way of taking care of myself. It doesn't make me mean, selfish, or dispassionate for not doing things your way. I respect myself too.” — Christina Morgan

"No, it's a full sentence." – Anne Lamont

“Borders define us. They define what I am and what I am not. A boundary shows me where I stop and another person begins as well, leading me to a sense of obsession. Realizing what I own and need to take responsibility for offers me Freedom." -Henry Cloud

The courage to set boundaries has to do with having the courage to enjoy ourselves even when we do Risks agree to frustrate others. – Bren Brown

Let go helps us stay in a much more serene state of mind and restore our balance. It allows others to take responsibility for themselves and take our hands off situations that aren't ours. This relieves us of unnecessary tension. – Tune Beattie

"Most of the time, the things we really feel guilty about aren't our worries. Another person is doing something wrong or crossing our boundaries in some way. We test the actions and also the person gets angry and also protective. Then we really feel guilty.” - Melody Beattie

Limits in the head | Courage and Brains | never be shy again | 29 quotes and sayings

Quotations who encourage - never be shy again.

A project by Are you in a crisis right now, or in a difficult time? Sometimes there are moments in life when we Provide and fears plague.

It doesn't matter whether it's a private challenge or a problem at work - each of us has a difficult one time .

In these phases of life, hopelessness often prevails.

In case the future seems anything but rosy to you or you are currently plagued by turbulence, we have a few for you Quotations that give courage, summarized.

Here comes 29 Quotes and sayings that give you courage and will give strength.

Source: Roger Kaufmann Letting go Learning to trust
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Develop potential: the limits are only in your head! courage and wisdom

Unleashing potential: How does it work??

As a motivational trainer, lecturer, coach and mentor Akuma Saningong of knowledge from science in order to unfold the potential that lies within you.

Many of us are unaware that there is a vast reservoir of talent and ability within us.

We are individuals with very diverse opportunities and potential.

During his scientific studies, Akuma learned through quantum physics that everything in the world - even people - is made of particles.

A particle can consist of both particles and waves that interact with each other through physical forces. This means that everything is possible - also for us humans.

Akuma is convinced that everyone Man can develop himself the way he wants.

The only limits you have are those you set for yourself or those others impose on you. Boundaries are created in our heads.

Our thoughts influence everything consciously or unconsciously.

Everything we do, we create ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.

That means there is no coincidence.

you have your live, your path, your happiness, your success and your personality development in your hands.

Your trust and belief can drive you.

Your fear can stop you.

However, you should learn to see your fear as a warning sign, not a stop sign.

Otherwise it can happen that your fear determines your decisions.

Akuma often asks the question: "Are you living your fears or are you living your dreams?".

Don't let your fear be bigger than yours positive thoughts about your goals and dreams.

When things go wrong, remember that new doors will always open along the way.

New opportunities will arise. You get to know new people – especially new friends.

And you alone decide which paths you want to take with whom.

We talk about exploiting potential, Self love, confidence and self-motivation.

Source: oncampusthl

Use your potential

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