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Bavarian Comedian | Bavarian yes mei | Bavarian YouTube

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Let go of the deepest Bavarian

BAYRISCH an incredible journey in a crazy plane - Bavarian Comedian

It's really cool how the two Bavarians let go - from the film "The Incredible Journey in a Mad Plane" Bavarian comedian

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Bavarian comedians male

Source: Dominik Hauser

Monika Gruber - Bavarian Mothers - Bavarian Comedian - Bavarian YouTube

Bavarian comedian - Monika Gruber about Bavarian mothers from her program "If not now, then when!" LIVE from the Stadtsaal in Vienna.

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Bavarian comedian female

Bavarian comedian: the funniest 2020 from brewery and inn, Bavarian beer

Bavarian comedian – The BAYERN-COMEDY team always likes to film sketches that have to do with Bavarian beer.

Whether on the brewery tour in Schönram or in the inn around the corner. There are many funny Videos that capture Bavarian humor.

In this video we have some of the best Sketches from the first half of 2020 summarized. It is clear that our comedians had a lot of fun doing it.

We wünschen you too have fun watching. And if you like BAYERN-COMEDY, subscribe to our channel and activate it Bell jar. Thanks.

Source: Bayern-COMEDY Bavarian humor
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Bavarian cabaret artists list

BAYRISCH G'LACHT, the funniest thing from the sketch parade with Rudi and Petra - Bavarian comedian

Bavarian Comedian – If B-COMEDY was a TV show, it would probably look something like this.

The Comedians Rudi and Petra present a series of Bavarian Sketches from the sofa at home. Of course, it's also a bit funny.

Actors in the skits are:
Petra Stark, Rudi Breiteneicher, Anja Benedikt, Thomas Fellner, Regina Weistenfeld, Cengiz Öztunc, Wolfgang Ullrich, Barbara Hertkorn, Samira Leitl Harry Scholz. Screenplay, direction and production is done by Tom Michl.

Have fun with the comedians.

Source: Bayern-COMEDY Bavarian humor
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the comedian

The comedians – Old Bavarian for beginners

The best of Old Bavarian for beginners from the comedians!

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Bavarian comedian young

Source: Unknown person

Bavarian is one of the Upper Germans spoken in Bavaria in southern Germany Languages.

In Bavaria, several German languages spoken.

In the administrative regions in the north, the Franconian prevails Language before, in Swabia, the regional language is Swabian, a chain of the Alemannic language family.

In the Upper Palatinate, individuals speak the regionally different northern Bavarian dialect.

Bavaria is the predominant language in Upper and Lower Bavaria (middle).

The three main dialects of Bavaria:

North Bavarian, also spoken in the Upper Franconian district of Wunsiedel;

Central Bavaria (along the rivers Isar and Danube, spoken in Munich (by 20% of the population), Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, southern Upper Palatinate, the Swabian area of ​​Aichach-Friedberg in the north of the state of Salzburg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna and also northern Burgenland) .

Southern Bavarian (in Tyrol, South Tyrol, Carinthia, Styria as well as in the south of Salzburg and in Burgenland).

The most commonly used Bavarian phrases or words:

"Sapper Lot"
A man while sewing pricks himself with a needle; darn

It is used to indicate surprise or interest in the same ways as more modern terms such as "All attention!" and "Respect!", but is additionally used like swear words to reveal frustration or outrage.

Various other comparable words are "Damn!" or "Damn!".

Cases of "sapperlot!" is used:

Sapperlot, - that's great!

Sapperlot, clean your ears! I've actually already told you to stop!


While "Grüß Gott" is our most typical way of greeting, "Servus" is also a very conventional, common, and adaptable word that can be used either as "Hi" or can be used as "farewell".

German has two words for "you": "you" is used when speaking to people you don't recognize well, while we would use the more casual "du" for members of your friend or family. "Servus" is typically used between people who recognize each other's right to say "du" to one another. However, these are not the only uses for this extremely flexible word.

In Bavaria, "Servus" is used in addition to observing expressions:.

put one's servus under - this indicates to draw a line under something.

Hello! - is the matching of "Na so was" in German and is used to reveal outrage, harassment or dissatisfaction. For example, "Well, Servus", you forgot the milk again!

Click here to listen to the pronunciation of "Servus".

"Hello God"
A sign at the entrance gate saying Griass Gott

This truly Bavarian expressian is an abbreviated optative (form of greeting, salutation). May God greet you (and bless you) and come from a distant, outstanding holiness as well.

In addition, today it is an ordinary greeting when entering a shop or workplace, such as the salutation "Hello".

"It's Ozapft"
A beer mug with a pretzel and the inscription: "Ozapft is's"

The barrel is touched!

This Bavarian exclamation refers to the first keg of beer that was ceremonially opened at a beer event.

When attaching fasting beer or particularly strong “May Bock” and natural at the Munich Oktoberfest (beer event in Munich – Oktoberfest) the mayor draws the first liter of beer at midday.

Woman carries four Seidla - beer glasses

A "Seidla" is the Franconian word for a 50 percent liter beer bowl or glass.

Words actually come from the Latin "Situla", "Situlus" meaning a vessel for scooping Water.

Idea: The "5-Seidla-Steig" - brewery walk The "Fünf-Seidla-Steig" is an entertaining and delicious hiking trail in the Franconian Switzerland.

The trail winds through breathtaking views and takes you straight to your favorite beer.

Two Bavarian pastries, looks delicious

Brownish donut with a thin yellow and white "hub cap".

Abbreviation for "extended noodle", also known as "Kirtanudel", "Schmalznudel" or "Knieküchel", in Lower Bavaria "Rottnudel", in Swabia "Fenschterkiachle".

Tiny pieces of sweetened yeast bread (instantly and occasionally more) were carefully slipped over the housewife's knees to make the center really slim while the rim had a bugly ring, then dumped in lard and also dipped in sugar.

It is just one of the popular Bavarian special recipes (dish).

A man is shocked and covers his mouth with his hand

Allmechd (“Allmächd”), or if you plan to be a lot more energetic “Allmächd na!” is a Frankish expression used to convey surprise, shock, or regret.

The phrase, this is a shortened form of "Almighty God!" and "Almighty God, no!" (Almighty sting) is practically seen as a catchphrase for Franconian.

examples claims: "Allmächd naa!", "Allmächd, is des schee!" and also "Allmächdis Leem!".


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


"Oachkazlschwoaf" (Squirrel Tail)
Squirrel eating

“Oachkatzl” (squirrel = squirrel) and also “Schwoaf” (tail = tail) are words used to test if you certify as an indigenous speaker of the Bavarian/Austrian language.

They were a highly favored means of testing and training the US workforce after World War II to annoy.

In Bavaria, any person who fails the exam, no matter where they actually come from, is rather pitifully classified as a "Prize" (Prussian).

courtship dance

This dance is believed to be a courtship dance based on the "courtship dance of the capercaillie" and most likely also one of the most popular creative forms of Bavarian Culture for a trip to the Winterlude.

In the waltz time Played like a “Ländler”, the dance involves the man hopping and also dancing in time to the songs while slapping (in Bavarian – “plattelt”) his thighs, knees and also the soles of his shoes, clapping and marking his feet .

The dance ends with the man collecting his “Dirndl” and rolling her around the room. Never a dance for high society The "Schuhplattler" was originally a dance for farmers, searchers and also lumberjacks.

🎤 Birger & Bixn - Friss oda die - Bavarian rap

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dense & poignant – Zipfeschwinga

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words in Bavarian

How do you say hello in Bavarian?

Seavus, Grias god, Grias di, Moizaid

How are you doing in Bavarian?

Via ged's eana? Via ged's?

Bavarian terms of endearment for I love you

– Bärli
- Spatzl
- Dearest
- dear
– frog al
– Bussimausi
Declarations of love like "i mog di = I like you" or "i hob di liab = I love you" are difficult for the Bavarian.

Long time no see

Take a long time

What is your name?

Via hoassn you? Via hoasd you?

Where are you from?

Vo kemman s' hea? Vo han na si hea? Vo san na si hea

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