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meditation to fall asleep youtube - problems falling asleep in a woman

Meditation to fall asleep

Last updated on October 3, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

You know that feeling when you just can't fall asleep?

You feel physically tired but your mind is alert. Something is on your mind, you think about different things.

What's this goal of Meditation to fall asleep?

The following text Meditation to fall asleep is as Einschlafhilfe Thought the content is aimed at people who have trouble falling asleep.

The aim of the text is that it should be used as a meditation to fall asleep on YouTube can be included.

How can you fall asleep better with a meditation at night?

Sunset - fall asleep better with a meditation in the evening
  • It is best if you can listen to the meditation text.
  • Then all you have to do is make yourself comfortable and you will learn to live with your fall asleep meditation and be able to sleep well.
  • Choose the volume so that it is pleasantly understated for you, but easy to understand.

What are the benefits of falling asleep better at night with a sleep meditation?

  • If you can fall asleep with a meditation, you will find it easier to fall asleep relax. You learn to be quiet and disruptive thoughts to let go and give up.
  • A Meditation falling asleep can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better and more deeply.

Trying to fall asleep with meditation can be particularly useful if you have trouble falling asleep.

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Find your own personal, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere in bed

Girl listens to relaxation music to fall asleep
  • Lie down in bed in one that is comfortable for you relaxing Position.
  • If you lie on your back, you can stretch your legs out nicely and either put your arms on your sides or cross them on your stomach.
  • You can also lie on your stomach or on a side you prefer. If you feel more comfortable curling up and snuggling under the covers, you can do that as well.
  • Important for the meditation to fall asleep is that you find your preferred position where you feel most comfortable.
  • So choose the position in which you personally feel most comfortable and where you can relax well.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Bed- Make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  • It's also good to be nice and warm so your body can relax.
  • When you're cold, your body focuses too much on getting warm. On the other hand, if you are nice and warm, your body and mind can relax let go and focus on the meditation focus to fall asleep.
  • So the first thing to do before you start the exercise is to get really cozy, snuggly, and comfortable.
  • Then slowly close your physical eyes and focus your gaze inside.

Focus your mindfulness on your breathing meditation to fall asleep

a young girl walks mindfully

Once you have found your preferred position that you feel really comfortable in, you can start concentrating on your breathing.

Exhale and inhale slowly at your own pace.

Feel how your stomach slowly rises and falls as you breathe in and out.

Find your very own rhythm.

Nothing can be wrong. let you time and try to relax slowly.

Try to calm down, focus on your breathing. Feel into yourself and feel how he Atem flows in you. It flows through your whole body.

You can also try to visualize the breath. If you find it easier, try giving the breath a color.

It should be a color that you associate with positive energy and life force. When you have found a color that suits you, feel into yourself.

Through your nose you take in the life flow of breathing. Now imagine this flow of life spreading throughout your body.

It flows through your core, into your abdomen and spreads through your arms and legs to the tips of your fingers and toes.

For several minutes just focus on your breathing, the color the Lifestream has for you and the feeling of flow in your body.

you can breathing also give a property, for example:

Breathing is warming and soothing.

Then you can also increase your well-being and warmth awareness with your breathing.

Has the time come for you when breathing flows well in your body and you feel really nicely embedded in this feeling of warmth and security, you can enter the next level.

Open your heart like a flower - your heartbeat

open red violet water lily - open your heart like a flower - your heartbeat

Now bring your attention to your heartbeat.

You can now also give your heartbeat a color.

Now try to be aware of your heartbeat.

If you can feel it, imagine how with every beat of your heart that more life-giving one Energy flows through your body.

As you do this, imagine a beautiful flower opening its petals and opening up to the life-giving sun.

Now imagine that your heart this flower is, and you open yourself to the sun.

Can you feel her warmth

If you can perceive this well, then you can try to unite the colors of your breathing and your heartbeat into a life-giving stream.

Notice if the color changes as the breathing and heartbeat combine. Do two colors remain as before or have they too Colors now mixed into one color?

What color is this now?

Slowly you can feel how your whole body relaxes more and more. You let yourself go more and more and come to rest more and more.

When you find that everything is flowing well, you can move on to the next level.

A place by the sea – meditation to fall asleep

Blue sea gentle waves

If you have now completely arrived at yourself, you can mentally bring to the place of relaxation.

You are already mentally in the middle of the meditation to fall asleep.

Imagine a beautiful paradisiacal place at the More .

It can be a romantic bay, an inviting sandy beach, a place in the sun. Maybe palm trees are at your place.


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Did you bring a blanket?

Then spread your blanket out on the beach. You can feel the warming rays of the sun on your skin. Can you feel the warm sand between your toes?

Sit down on your blanket and just take in everything that is around you.

Maybe seagulls are circling overhead Water.

can you hear them calling

What else can you discover?

Do you feel the gentle breeze gently caressing you to sleep?

Breathe in and out consciously.

Can you smell the sea air?

It now becomes a part of you because you have become a particle of it. If you can perceive all this well, you are ready for the next level.

The waves of the sea - further meditation to fall asleep

You made yourself comfortable on your blanket at the beach. You feel very relaxed and free.

At the same time you feel completely safe and protected.

You are part of the creation that surrounds you.

You lie with closed Eyes and an open heart at your favorite spot on the beach.

This place is your personal favorite place and your place of retreat.

You know you can go to this place whenever you want.

This knowledge gives you security and increases the feeling of security.

Now turn your attention to the waves of the sea.

Can you hear their soothing, soothing, recurring murmur?

It reaches your ear very gently.

It's like a gentle melody that whispers to you that you are always welcome in this place just the way you are.

You are allowed to be here exactly as you are in reality.

You absorb this sound of the sea very deeply and your soul feels a deep one peace.

When thoughts come that draw your attention from the here and now, from simply being in the Nature, want to distract yourself in this paradisiacal place, you can simply surrender your thoughts to the waves.

The waves become yours thoughts make part of the great ocean.

They will pick them up and carry them away to the great open sea.

When you can feel yourself back in the here and now of the moment, continue to focus your attention on the sound of the sea.

Now listen to the voice of the sea speaking to your heart.

The waves now invite you to let yourself fall even deeper.

buy you have the opportunity to delve even further into your personal meditation to fall asleep.

The next level is already waiting for you.

Listen to the voice of your heart - a dolphin be your companion - Part 3 Meditation to fall asleep

You are completely relaxed at your personal favorite place by the sea.

You notice your breathing and your heartbeat.

You feel safe and protected.

You can do everything let go and hand over to the waves what doesn't belong here.

You are relaxed and content.

You are safe and free at the same time.

You feel like you are part of the creation that surrounds you.

You let yourself go and you trust.

You are loved, your heart is wide.

In this vastness you accept the invitation of a dolphin.

He is your friend and invites you to dive into his world with him.

You accept the invitation.

You become part of the endless expanse of the ocean.

Exactly in this expanse you feel safe.

The dolphin will always be by your side, if you need him he is there.

You can count on him and you can count on him trust.

You let yourself fall and the sea carries you.

You feel the gentle rocking of the waves.

They always carry you further.

You can always return to the beach whenever you want.

The Dolphin will accompany you.

He is always by your side.

You can now not only see, smell and hear the sea, you can also feel and taste it.

You take the wide one Ocean true with all your senses.

In this infinite expanse you feel safe and you can let yourself go because you can be sure that you are loved and carried.

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