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Beautiful woman playing with leaves - funny life wisdom

46 funny life wisdom | Funny sayings

Last updated on August 20, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Funny wisdom - Can wisdom be funny?

Wisdoms are sayings that contain wisdom about life.

They can be funny, profound, contain wisdom about life.

They can be funny, deep, serious or inspirational.

Some wisdoms are so old that their origins are no longer known, while others are more modern.

In this blog post I will share some of my funny life wisdom with you.

"Laugh when it's not enough to cry"

For the answer, one can quote a great wise man of the 20th and 21st centuries:

advises us, for example Herbert Gronemeyer, who has already experienced a lot in terms of life and, thankfully, has also sung about it.

The fact is: With positive thinking one generally advances better and faster in life than with the Buddhist "to live is to suffer“ Tactics. Which, let's be honest, hasn't saved anyone from giving up.


Can wisdom be funny?

"One only posts letters." - Unknown

That's another catchphrase that guides us to keep going where that live put obstacles in our way or give lemons.

"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week." – Spanish proverb

The solution – Funny wisdom:

You can build beautiful things from stones that are thrown in our way
ironic wisdom | wisdom to make you smile

"You can build beautiful things out of stones that are thrown in our way." - Unknown

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." - Unknown

“I live on a one-way street that is also a dead end. I'm not sure how I got there." —Steven Wright

Funny life wisdom - sayings and quotes video

Funny sayings - wisdom - sayings and quotes for Think - Take this time and let yourself be encouraged to "beautiful wisdom".

There is so much beauty around us, we just have to open our eyes and appreciate it.

Here are 30 beauties Wisdom of lifethat I put together.

Some will make you think, others will encourage you, but most of all you will be inspired to live a beautiful and meaningful life.

Have fun with the video for “Beautiful Wisdoms of Life”!

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positive life wisdom funny

Once the reputation is ruined, life is (almost) completely unashamed

Based on Wilhelm Busch perhaps one should not take this quote too literally to heart.

Just because some wisdom of life funny are, they do not automatically meet with the love of the other person.

For example, if you acknowledge the critical view of the superiors on the clock with a cheerful

"I dont'care on the "early bird!" - Unknown

the limit of poetic freedom will probably soon be exhausted here.

Also a tribute to the great Mark Twain may irritate the working environment:

"The greatest secret of all is being a genius and the only one who knows it." - Unknown

“The only way to maintain your well-being is to consume what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you do Dear don't want to.” – Mark Twain.

"A pessimist is a guy who thinks everyone is as terrible as themselves and hates them for it too." - George Bernard Shaw

"I like long walks, especially when they're taken by people who irritate me." - Fred Allen

Teachers' children, vicar's cattle seldom or never thrive

Funny wisdom - 25 funny life wisdom to smile

Funny statuses claims for your WhatsApp status to die for!

We all want to be a little funny somewhere. Lachen is the connection between us humans.

A bit of humor in life never hurts and makes sympathetic.

Have fun with the 25 funniest laughter for WhatsApp.

Source: Learn to let go of trust
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"I intend to be permanent live. So great so far.” -Steven Wright

Especially public figures life have to be used again and again for biting sideswipes. Gladly and often quoted:

"If you can't do it yourself, teach others!" - Unknown

Or, in a variant:

Handicraft suffers (or have you ever seen a hairdresser with a great hairstyle?)

Also appropriate in this area, the old coach wisdom:

Children's feet with smileys
funny life wisdom short

"If you're going to go to God to bring laughter, tell him about your plans.” - Woody Allen.

“What you understand apply to you. If you don't understand, pass it on to others as a tip." - Unknown

   "Self-confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.” - Woody Allen

Just because wisdom comes along funny and always a grain Truth carry them with you, they do not always have to be appreciated in the private sphere.

Nevertheless, there is just for the areas of life "Love, relationship and eroticism’ a multitude of sayings that should not be quoted lightly (but nonetheless can hardly be surpassed in terms of truth content).

When old barns burn...

... they burn brightly.

Erotic fills a variety of funny life wisdom in a humorous way.

Man and woman hug each other - erotic wisdom
Sayings live funny short but true

Presumably to discuss a (formerly) difficult topic that was taboo in many places for a long time in a socially acceptable way.

The inhibition threshold to discuss such areas of life is a lot lower if the corresponding wisdom is formulated and presented in a funny way.

The older, the doller describes the mid-life crisis in an understandable way, without wanting to be judgmental.

The difference between Sex and also love consists in that sex relieves tension and is also caused by love. - Woody Allen

Sex without love is worthless Experience, but as far as worthless experiences go, it's pretty damn good. - Woody Allen


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


But there is also room for discrimination in this area:

"Rusty roof - damp basement" - Unknown

for example, targets the alleged promiscuity of red-haired women.

"Where love falls, no more grass grows" should be a warning to us.
funny sayings and wisdom

"Where the of Love If you fall, no more grass will grow” is meant to be a warning to us. - Unknown

Before marrying a person, you should first get them to use a computer system with a sluggish web service to see who they really are. – Will Ferrell

The ubiquitous power of of Love or passion

"The power that creates suffering." - Unknown

can take on devastating proportions.

Also very well known from the métier of the raised index finger and moralizing aphorisms:

"Girls who whistle and roosters who crow should be best turned down." - Unknown

Funny packaged, meant seriously: Proper behavior in public is the order of the day in the live of a woman.

Men, on the other hand, have much more spicy, if not to say more intimate Provide.

The man's nose - funny life wisdom

woman examining a male statue
funny life wisdom

"If the noodle stands, the brain stands!" - Unknown

"As a man's nose, so is his John!" - Unknown

"Stupid fucks good!" - Unknown

“Men find out to enjoy the lady they are attracted to. Women learn to pull themselves into the man they are lieben. " - Woody Allen.

While we women generally deal with prejudices in Wisdom of life are confronted with, in men these mainly relate to their potency.

"Everything that makes a man more beautiful than a monkey is a luxury, we know from Aunt Jolesch." - Unknown

Reduced to strength and potency - this is how wisdom presents the man to us in a funny and pointed way.

"By the way, husbands don't actually live longer than single people: it just seems longer to them!" - Unknown

Potential wives be warned:

"Before marriage you pick roses, after marriage you mend pants!" - Unknown

Nevertheless, we are still willing to kiss any frog that stands in our way on the way to the prince.

Helpful on the (long, long) way there:

"Nice outside, but ugly inside!" - Unknown

"A beautiful face does not make a friendly person!" - Unknown

Pack fights - pack gets along - funny life wisdom

man and woman are arguing
wisdom to smile about

Or in a variation:

"People of the same kind stick together." - Unknown

“Alcohol resembles the real thing live Photoshop. Definitely will be Ferrell.” - Unknown

The interpersonal area is often an issue when wisdom of life funny to point out social circumstances or grievances.

A perennial favorite among pet owners:

"Like master, so do business' (colloquial for: entourage, entourage, etc.)." - Unknown

Anyone who likes to do sociological studies during their daily walk might like the facial expressions and habitus of Dog and compare mistress or master with each other.

The result will be amazing!

Love & digestion - a dynamic duo

Not all wisdom can always and everywhere be quoted. That doesn't mean they don't contain much truth. An example:

“Love is like a fart. If you have to put pressure on it, it probably sucks.” - Unknown

Rather unsuitable for a coffee party with grandma, always a hit with friends. The classic

"Men are like toilets - either crappy or occupied" - Unknown

has (unfortunately, unfortunately) lost none of its topicality even in the age of Tinder & Co.

"And if love is actually through the stomach goes - where and how does it then meet its natural end?” - Unknown

Rather sooner than later, probably, because the ancestors taught us: married quickly, regretted long ago, when it comes to not wanting to bring the bride or groom show to a happy ending too hastily.

Good things take time - not funny, but of perpetual validity.

The stupidest farmer has the biggest potatoes - funny sayings

Funny wisdom - potatoes - The stupidest farmer has the biggest potatoes
positive life wisdom funny

A wisdom, which could confidently be brought to men and women as a lifestyle motto.

Currently at Times of down-shifting, down-sizing and minimalism, this appeal to take things a little easier is more relevant than ever.

Stupid doesn't necessarily mean ignorant here. By the way, potatoes and many other plants also appreciate it infinitely, just in peace the gelass to become.

Or as the English say:

"Take it easy." - Unknown

Many Wisdom of life They're funny, but don't really help us:

"When the rooster crows in the dungeon, the weather changes or it stays the same" - Unknown

for example.

Can life wisdom be funny? Definitely!

To the Quote by Herbert Grönemeyer to conclude:

"There's still so much time to cry!" - Unknown

"If yours Kinder are young adults, it is necessary to have a dog for someone in the house to be happy to see you.” - Nora Ephron

"I would like to live like a poor man - only with a lot of money." - Pablo Picasso

"The bald head who blow-dry the bald head has made peace with fate." - Unknown

"Crap! I'm not done with the weekend at all." - Unknown

funny life wisdom - funny quotes and sayings

“Men married ladies with the hope that they would never change. Ladies married men with the hope that they will surely transform. Inevitably, both are disappointed.” - Albert Einstein

"It is better to remain silent and be taken for a fool than to speak up and get rid of all doubts." - Abraham Lincoln

“Nobody realizes that some People consume significant strength just to be normal.” – Albert Camus

"There are two kinds of people at every party - those who want to live and those who don't. The problem is that they are generally married to each other.” – Ann Landers

Funny quotes - inspirational sayings

don't fly on your nose


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