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A group of people come up with 7 no-fuss tips to get more out of your day

7 no-fuss tips to get more out of your day

Last updated on June 6, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Time is most likely our greatest wealth. You certainly never seem to get enough of it, it seems, and it seems to pass so quickly.

You can maximize the time of your day

Here are some basic steps you can take to get the absolute best out of your time get.

7 Easy Tips - Plan your time ahead - to get more out of your day

1. Plan your time in the evening - At the end of each day, write down all the things you need to make the day to make your objectives to achieve.

Gather all relevant information and the relevant documents.

Work with checklists like the captain of an airplane –

Own time checklist
Get more of your day

2. Prioritize the Checklist - Sort each item and do the terrible work first. In fact, there is always the temptation to do the very simple tasks.

However, suppose like that gedanke and the feelings of doing the horrible jobs will hover over you as you complete the quick and easy tasks. Think carefully about how good life is when the meanness is out of the way and how enthusiastic you will feel.

Stick to your plan - 7 no-fuss tips - to get more out of your day

3. Stick to your checklist - tick every item and don't let yourself distract you. The appeal is to deal with the phone and also the emails where they can be found. The phone is difficult to ignore, but you can disconnect it at any time and have it connected to the answering machine, and you should also switch off your e-mail program.

Make an agreement with yourself to check for notifications about every 2 hours.

A, B or C

4. Don't forget the 3 "D's" - Do it, delegate it or even drop it.

Easily manage any paper. Either you take it into your own hands, or entrust it to other people, or throw it in the trash.

And also remember: "Just do it so that you may be able to do it."

Don't procrastinate

5. Don't get stuck - actually procrastinating is the 'thief of time' It is therefore effortless to procrastinate until some other time or until 'I actually had time to think about it'.

Use the time "DO IT NOW"!

A big clock - time as a signpost
Get more of your day

6. Plan your free time - Plan your tasks that require you to be in a specific place at a specific time. Book a health and fitness class or even a visit to a private trainer instead of just "probably for the health club."

Make your life as simple as possible

7. Be really straightforward with yourself - keep asking yourself - "Will what I'm doing right now get me where I want to go?" If the answer is indeed "absolutely no", change your activities.

The 7 uncomplicated tips: These are actually good tools to have more time “and more time” in your life live to spend.

Learn yourself lieben

Time management: The 10 best tips to get more done - get more out of your day

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