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Buddha statue blue - strengthen self-confidence

The simple approach – self-confidence tips

Last updated on June 27, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

How this content will help you – Boost your confidence

The 13 step plan

Everyone has at some point in their Life problems with his self-confidence.

Either it's too big and scares other people off, or there aren't any.

Over time, people with too much self-confidence will learn to be more considerate of others if they don't want to be alone all the time.

But people with little or no self-confidence should build it up.

These are the following self-confidence boosters tips thought.

You just have to apply them.

To make this work more easily, you can use the tips we have given.

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The most important element for letting go is building self-confidence

Learn from your mistakes

This point is often not easy. But be sure, everyone does Error, you too. It's just a question of how to deal with it.

Make up your own mind and learn from it.

People without mistakes are boring and cannot learn from them.

You can already do this thanks to your mistakes.

So the next time someone draws your attention to a mistake, say thank you and think about how you can do it differently next time.

Incidentally, there are people who are happy if you ask them directly about their idea of ​​doing things differently.

Little one Errorthat belong to your personality you should accept.

They make you unique and who you are. Stand by it and you will see how your self-confidence grows.

Take care!

To be honest, only you can really do that.

Take care of yourself and your needs. If you come home from work tired and happy to be home, don't drive across town to help others.

Only when you are rested can you also support others.

So always remember, you are the most important person in your life live and you should take care of yourself.

If you don't do it, nobody will and that won't get you anywhere.

Your opinion counts!

Are things not going well at school or at work?

You have ideas, how workflows can be optimized?

Then speak to the people concerned. Because yours thoughts nobody can read.

But there are certainly many others who share this with you and do not dare to do so.

The more often you state your opinion, the easier it will be for you time fall.

When you see that your opinion is heard and implemented, it also increases your self-confidence.

Say no!

Symbolic ceiling lighting Say no! Self-confidence tips
Strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem

So far, you've always been the person who does everything for everyone else, but when you need someone, is there rarely someone there?

Say no! You don't have to live of all other living beings.

Your own is enough and that includes saying no.

If you feel pangs of conscience, think about what your past actions have achieved.

You don't always have to say no to everyone. But always ask yourself what it brings you to say "yes".

how can i be free improve self-confidence

A beautiful sunset - How can I be free - Self-confidence tips
Become more confident tips

Fake friends, goodbye!

It's hard to go through it alone live to go. You don't have to. But look for them People out with whom you have to do.

You don't need people around you who tend to drag you down and don't help you any further.

It is much more important to keep in touch with the few people who mean it honestly and are there for you if you have a problem.

They are very rare, but also just as valuable.

Classify the people you deal with as friends and acquaintances.

Acquaintances are people with whom you can do something, but don't always have to be there.


Whoever laughs wins. You win people over with a smile.


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


They also loosen your posture and care for for faster contact.

Even if a mishap happens to you, you should about it Laughing.

This shows that you are a likeable person and that you know how to have fun.

Uptight people don't have self-confidence, you do.

You are beautiful!

A woman takes a selfie - You are beautiful - Become more confident
Become more confident tips

Waking up with the thought that you are beautiful is not easy.

Especially if you haven't built up any self-confidence yet, this will be difficult for you.

However, let me tell you, everyone Man has its problem areas.

Even the most expensive model has some flaw. So always keep an eye on what you like about yourself.

A small piece of paper on which you write down exactly that will remind you again and again.

Naturally you can also use the well-known note method and decorate your apartment with it.

You will automatically read the notes to you over and over again.

You don't have to please everyone, but remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Dress elegantly

If you have already found your own style of clothing, baby him off.

Not only does it make you feel good, it also makes you strong.

If you're still following fashion and haven't found yourself yet, think about what you want to express.

This not only helps you to feel good, but also brings out your charisma.

This in turn strengthens yours self-confidence.

Also remember that great clothes don't have to be expensive.

However, it should not be broken or from the previous century.

Hypnosis Exercise - Confidence and Self-Assurance Strengthening

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Achieve all your goals by learning to boost your confidence - tips

Change your way of thinking! Self-confidence tips

It is particularly important for everyone Self-confidence tipsthat you change your way of thinking. Don't think about what you can change and when to start. Start immediately with what catches your eye.

Don't think "I can" - always think "I'll do it!". Don't think about what can't be done. Just do it and in the end you will see that there are none border gives!

From now on you just keep going your own way and don't let yourself be thrown off course. In this way you will quickly gain more self-confidence.

Posture and body language for a secure self-confidence

Confidence - change the way you think
Become more confident tips

The easiest way to work on your self-confidence is to do it on your own posture and body language to pay attention.

If you don't try to make yourself small first, but give your movements momentum and space, this strengthens your self-image.

You don't offer others a target for this, because self-confident people are difficult to get out of their own rhythm.

Even your body language says a lot about you.

Is there someone whose look has always unsettled you?

Then hold this stand.

Your hands also don't belong in your pockets or crossed behind your back. Keep her in an open pose.

Let go in practice (no theory!) Strengthen self-confidence - The 13-step plan

A young lady shows her beautiful site - posture and body language
Become more confident tips
  • Watch your posture!
  • Smile - and the world will laugh with you.
  • Think of yourself first.
  • You can say NO!
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Doing sports
  • Distinguish between friends and acquaintances.
  • Now! - Not tomorrow.
  • "It doesn't work." - There isn't.
  • Set small goals and expand on them when you reach them.

Tip – Strengthen self-confidence book

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