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Let go of perfection in simple steps(1)

Let go of perfection in simple steps

Last updated on May 31, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Love means being able to let go


Perfection is often necessary to achieve goals. In the following, something must definitely not only be done for this, but it is essential and for this reason it must be done very well.

With others Worten "perfectly flat". We are often measured against this perfection in everyday life.

In the family, at work, in partnership, in society, in voluntary work and in sports, we meet high demands.

We have to achieve something and meet goals, professionally and privately. Unfortunately, these are not always our own goals, which we pursue with perfection.

objectives can be unrealistic, or made more difficult by external influences that we cannot control. Perfection can make us sick.

In this case, letting go of perfection in simple steps is essential.

perfection saying

It is better to make imperfect decisions than to constantly search for perfect decisions that will never come. - Charles de Gaulle
out of the perfectionism trap

It is better to make imperfect decisions than to constantly search for perfect decisions that will never come. - Charles de Gaulle

But if we believe that we are only who when everything is perfect, to everyone time and in each place, we can no longer meet our own demands.

Because of this, we must let go of perfection.

Those who are perfect often despair because there is always something that can still be improved.

Housekeeping isn't done yet.

A task from the boss is not yet complete, although it is already over.

Volunteering drains us, but we keep going even though we need rest and protection.

We learned as children that we should be perfect in order to geliebter to become.

Nobody taught us to let go of perfection.

Compliments are given for perfectly completed tasks.

Expressed differently, does perfection fill us? Can we let go of perfection?

Can you let go of perfection in simple steps?

When perfectionism makes you sick

A woman asks herself: "When perfectionism makes you sick"
that you are a perfectionist

Wanting to do something good or achieve a lot does not in itself make us ill.

Perfectionism, on the other hand, means never being satisfied, never finishing, always being at odds with yourself, and that can make you ill.

It is not healthy to constantly check work that has already been done or to want to improve it further.

At work or in the family, you try to please everyone, to fulfill all demands and wishes, and forget yourself in the process.

You constantly overwhelm yourself and lose sight of the essentials due to the overwhelm.

You can no longer work according to priority and relevance, but try to keep perfecting everything.

Even in your free time you don't get any rest.

This creates negative pressure that can destroy us, mentally and physically. Then we have to let go of perfection and it's time to change learned behaviors.

external influences

There are situations that we cannot control and plan ourselves.

Illness, accident, loss of one lieben person, all of this can lead to us quarreling with ourselves.

External influences can prevent us from achieving a goal that we have set ourselves or that has been set by others.

In such times, we automatically try to do everything particularly well, perfectly, in order to change the situation.

But we cannot handle the unfortunate situation change, and this dichotomy makes you sick.

Then you have to let go of perfection. We'll show you how: let go of perfection in simple steps.

love and perfectionism

Plaque reading: "Nothing we do, no matter how perfect, can be accomplished alone; therefore it is through love that we are saved." - Reinhold Niebhur
How to get rid of perfectionism - dealing with perfectionists

We do a lot of things out of love for others or out of love for our job.

Love for people can inspire us to want to do everything for others so that they can do well.

of Love to work can tempt us to exploit ourselves and always do more than is actually required.

Freelancers especially tend to always want to be better and more perfect.

There seems to be no way out of this endless spiral. You fail because of your own claims.

But love must never mean losing yourself.


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Love does not require that something be done perfectly, neither in the partnership and family, nor at work or in voluntary work.

Love means giving, but love doesn't mean giving more than you can. Love doesn't mean giving up on yourself. When something is done for love, it is well done and doesn't have to be perfect.

Love also means that you are not only good to others, but also to yourself.

Loving means letting go of perfection.

Let go of perfection and love yourself

We were taught that one is only lovable and good when one is perfect.

That what we do determines our worth and not what we are.

This principle stands in the way of our self-love and self-respect.

We have to let go of this perfection in order to be happy and content.

Letting go of perfection in simple steps is the path to happiness and harmony.

Letting go of perfection means finding yourself, being good to yourself, and then you are also good to others and achieve many things effortlessly.

Too much pressure, too high demands determine our everyday life today.

In other words, we are afraid of not meeting the requirements and often do more than is required.

Furthermore, we try to do everything at the same time and also to be perfect in private life. We have to let go of perfection in order not to burn out.

Therefore, in turn, we must learn in the face of it that it is enough to do something as well as we can, and not to always want to do better.

Let go of perfection - how does it work?

Letting go of perfection in simple steps is the path to happiness through contentment and a fulfilled, relaxed existence.

Perfectionists don't live in the here and now. You're not enjoying the moment. They always lack something, they always find something imperfect.

They strive for unrealistic goals that they cannot achieve and despair of them.

A woman exudes zest for life: Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Study as if you live forever. - Mahatma Gandhi
high expectations of others

Letting go of perfection in simple steps means first of all accepting yourself as you are.

With imperfections and shortcomings.

If you think of others you like, it's often just the little weaknesses that make a person lovable and unique.

This is how we must learn to see ourselves.

We're not perfect, but we're lovable.

We don't always manage to do everything, but we can manage to do well and that others like us.

Letting go of perfection requires knowing ourselves, being realistic about ourselves, and liking ourselves.

Letting go of perfection in simple steps does not mean that you no longer want to achieve anything or that you completely renounce goals.

Rather, it means setting goals in such a way that you can achieve them and still like each other if a goal is not achieved due to external circumstances.

Life support through counselors

A lot of guides want you to believe that letting go of perfection is hard.

That you have to attend courses, buy expensive self-help books and work very hard on yourself.

Instead of taking away pressure, such advisors create new pressure.

After studying such guides, a perfectionist has the feeling of having to do even more, to work even harder on himself, and to be solely responsible for letting go of perfection.

Others advise letting five be straight. But the perfectionist cannot do exactly that, this advice does not help.

It leads to a dead end. Just like the tip to let your soul dangle.

perfection but letting go in simple steps means something else.

It means building less pressure. Allowing soul and spirit to rest. To relax.

Being able to hand over responsibility for something to someone else, whether in the family, at work, in a club or in a voluntary capacity.

You need the basic trust that others also want to and can do something well.

You have to be able to be sure that you will still be liked and recognized even if you don't push your limits every day.

Love means – tips against perfectionism

Love means letting go of perfection in simple steps
Perfection is an illusion

Love for ourselves and for others must keep us from getting stuck in perfectionism and losing ourselves in endless doing.

Anyone who burns out and rotates like a hamster in a cage sees the essentials, no longer sees love.

When you're completely stressed out and drained by perfectionism, you can't be a good spouse, parent, close friend, or colleague.

When you're caught in the treadmill of everyday life, you have to be good and mindful of yourself, do something good for yourself so that you can recharge your batteries so that you can be there for others.

Do you doubt that you can let go of perfection?

We tell you: letting go of perfection is possible in simple steps.

We also say: Letting go of perfection in simple steps is important and useful in order to rest in oneself in the hustle and bustle of modern life and to be relaxed and positive.

Then you can also give others the power to follow and create the strengthening path to perfection that you yourself can use in simple steps.

Let go of perfection – this is how it works:

  • recognize overload
  • Recognizing and correcting unrealistic goals
  • Be mindful of yourself
  • relinquish responsibility
  • Be good to yourself
  • be good to others
  • To put it more precisely, want to perform tasks well, but do not always have to be perfect
  • Make yourself more aware that you are still loved and liked even if you make mistakes
  • Knowing that you are valuable, by the way, even if you can't do everything
  • Rather, knowing that you are in good hands, even if something goes wrong
  • Finally, to be aware that there are disruptive factors that we cannot influence and that prevent something from being perfect
  • To take time off before being compelled to do so by illness or the intervention of others
- Taking time off before being compelled to do so by illness or the intervention of others
Why perfectionists are often so unhappy

You see, letting go of perfection is doable in simple steps. In any case, the program Let go of perfection in simple steps leads you to love yourself and to be lovable for others.

Put more elegantly, it empowers you to achieve much for that reason, but in other words not to grieve if what has been achieved is not perfect.

Letting go of perfection in simple steps is the means that leads you out of the spiral of inner perfectionism and external demands to a self-determined, fulfilled and loving life.

Definition perfectionism

perfectionism is a psychological construct that tries to explain exaggerated striving for the greatest possible perfection and avoidance of mistakes.

A uniform definition does not exist; Research groups have identified numerous facets of the construct.


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