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10 useful tips on how to spend less time with sensory overload

10 useful tips on how to spend less time with sensory overload and stress

Last updated on July 8, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

Sensory overload - self-protection is the be-all and end-all!

Sensory overload and stress are phenomena that push many people to their personal limits every day.

It also occurs when our senses are fed more information than they can handle.

Hearing and vision in particular are associated with an increased risk.

People with pre-existing conditions such as ADHD, schizophrenia and/or high sensitivity are more at risk in the following, due to sensory overload and Stress to get problems.

If this lasts too long, our body gets into a permanent state of stress.

This can cause physical discomfort such as headaches, Hypertension and cause digestive problems.

Furthermore, aggression, loss of reality, sleep problems and psychological problems are possible effects of sensory overload.

It is not uncommon for people who suffer from tics to get worse.

It clearly shows the importance of sensible prevention. Furthermore, depending on the situation, measures should be found that are effective for personally dealing with this phenomenon.

The following is now about Tips go against sensory overload, where everyone should find something.

In other words, since the problem arises from an overabundance of stimuli, the central approach must inevitably be based on stimulus reduction.

1. Silence/Sleep – How to quickly and easily tackle sensory overload and stress

Silence/Sleep - How to quickly and easily counteract sensory overload
what is sensory overload?

The sense of sight is used to a great extent throughout the day, countless sensory impressions are taken in and the Brain forwarded.

If there is no way to recover by sleeping, at least they can Eyes be covered.

Anyone who has ever tried this in the face of high stimulus stress will confirm the beneficial effect.

This relaxing Effect can be considered as a general rule:

If a sensory organ is separated from the stimulus, a phase of recovery quickly begins.

Hardly anything is in the face of the charms of everyday life life as healing as silence.

Consequently, if the body does not have to constantly process acoustic signals, a central stress factor is eliminated.

"Noise makes you sick" is a frequently heard slogan, which is not enough Truth includes.

Hardly anything is in the face of the charms of everyday life life as healing as silence.

Basically, when the body doesn't have to constantly process acoustic signals, a key stress factor is eliminated.

"Noise and stress makes you ill" is a frequently heard slogan that contains a fair amount of truth.

Ideally, a quiet retreat is available.

In addition, a restful afternoon or night's sleep can work wonders, since all sense organs are relaxed and the body can recover as best as possible.

2. Fluid – it is not uncommon for overstimulation or stress to be attributed to a lack of fluids

Drinking is a must! Water is life, that's a fact.

It is not uncommon for complaints that one would attribute to being overwhelmed by external stimuli to be based on a classic lack of fluids.

In addition, the symptoms are almost identical, and the body can only recover effectively and counteract stress if it is optimally hydrated.

Accordingly, this measure should definitely be applied, whether an acute stress situation is present or not!

Accordingly, the healing power of Water in the form of baths (e.g. Kneipp pools) and saunas.

A visit to the swimming pool is often helpful.

3. Walking / exercise helps against sensory overload and stress

These are good Habits that make you a calmer person!

Forest path - forest bathing against Rez flooding
constant overstimulation

Forest bathing against sensory overload and stress

“Forest bathing” is now all the rage. The spicy, fresh air of the forest, the glittering dew, the scent of the trees, the gentle light that shines through leaves and branches, the unexpected encounter with deer, stags or squirrels, the song of the forest birds are good for us humans.

You always knew that.

Believed to be credible in today's world time However, only what is exactly documented with scientific measurements and figures.

And that's exactly what diligent researchers in Japan, Korea and China done.

Wolf-Dieter Storl
youtube player

The healing power of Nature is common knowledge.

Exercise in the fresh air, e.g. B. in a forest or in the park is rarely wrong.

Everyone should be able to spare the necessary time in everyday life for this, even 30 minutes a day are very beneficial to health.

is therefore a prerequisite natural, that there is no midsummer heat or the temperatures are far below the freezing point.

This would only result in more stress.

Movement supports the body in its self-healing.

In the same way, idyllic landscapes can provide inner relaxation and also counteract or prevent the symptoms.

Alternatively, of course, all types of movement make sense.

Relaxed cycling, running, rowing, etc. are useful methods to help the body recover, depending on personal taste.


Video training “Intuition – hear and follow your inner voice.”

You doubt if you really hear your inner voice

  • You want more security in your perception
  • You want to strengthen the connection to yourself
  • You want to train your fine intuition


Alternatively, of course, all types of movement make sense. Relaxed cycling, running, rowing, etc. are useful methods to help the body recover, depending on personal taste.

4. "Solid as a Rock" -

Things that creative people do more often to counteract sensory overload or stress

It is important to have constants in life. In other words, whatever helps, one's life stability lending makes sense.

This can be family members or trusted people in general.

Auch animals, to which there is an intimate connection, can counteract the stress.

It is not for nothing that dogs are called the “best Friends denoted by man.”

The term "better people" is often heard regarding these and other pets.

Consequently, elements of stability can also be certain places where one feels particularly comfortable.

Both physically accessible places, but also mental Retreats can be just as useful.

So everyone can Man mentally set up a safe, quiet, and personal space that only you have access to.

This method is also used in psychotherapy.

Life is fast, exciting and an unpredictable challenge - everyone should counteract it with meaningful resting places.

5. Meditation Yoga

Maybe you didn't know that you can reduce sensory overload and stress and find peace at any time with meditation and yoga

Meditating is certainly not for everyone (just give it a try), it takes some practice, but it can work wonders when there is overstimulation.

Whether in absolute silence, or in the soft light of a relaxing source of light or with rippling Water as a backdrop − Once you have found your individual style, meditation can be practiced regularly for relaxation purposes.

youtube player

Yoga can also thoroughly and sustainably relax the body and mind.

These methods can be used alone or in social gatherings.

youtube player

Hobbies/Activities - It's perfectly fine to indulge in hobbies Process from application to course commencement to experience

It is generally useful things in life to establish that bring joy.

Everyone should have something, a hobby or something similar, that fulfills them. Something to just live in the moment and glücklich can be.

Relieve stress - bright colors are ready to paint
How does sensory overload manifest itself?

This automatically leads to relaxation and is another candidate in the list of Tips against sensory overload.

"A man needs a hobby! "

Apart from the fact that this definitely applies to women as well, the healing and supporting effect should not be underestimated.

After all, having fun is one of the most important and most beautiful things in life live and where better to find it than in a very personal favorite hobby?

7. Creativity – creating something new in an area to relieve overstimulation and stress

Everyday life normally requires us to think in fixed patterns while flying.

Quite a few people are stuck in deadlocked patterns and don't see the bigger picture at all.

Furthermore, it can be extremely refreshing and beneficial to simply forget everyday life and go into yourself.

Creativity is the keyword

In other words, as soon as you realize which ones secrets hidden in the vastness of our thoughts, completely new horizons open up!

This is not only relaxing, but also associated with a soothing feeling of happiness.

There are no fantasies here Limits.

One paints pictures, another writes song lyrics or poems and yet another philosophizes about God and the world.

It is not uncommon for unexpected talents and abilities to come to light that live can change.

What is creativity?

What draws creative people out?

Is creativity dormant in all of us?

ALPHA explains that creativity is the creative power to create something new in an area.

However, creativity also means finding something that is already inherent in the human being - which we, on the other hand, have hidden or forgotten.

Creativity is the power that allows us to cope with unfamiliar situations Changes makes it possible in the first place.

It is therefore crucial for progress and change.

ALPHA shows how creative potential is activated and examines why creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives at a hunt.

Because creativity is always related to problem solving, one thing is certain: our future is inextricably linked to human creativity.

Experts: Vera F. Birkenbihl, Dr. Andreas Novak, Prof. Dr. Matthew Varga v. Kibéd, A. Karl Schmied, Kay Hoffman.

creativity | Episode 9 | ALPHA - perspectives for the third millennium
youtube player

8. Vacation – against stress and sensory overload

Things I love - and why you will love them too. It's totally fine when you finally go on vacation

Sunrise on a fantastically beautiful beach
Sensory overload how to deal with it

Regular Breaks of everyday events are fundamentally important.

Man is not a machine and only works if he gets enough rest.

If you don't take enough time off, you are more prone to problems of all kinds.

Since the body is weakened and the immune system is not working properly, the stimuli affecting our senses cannot be optimally balanced.

Reducing sensory overload in a picturesque beautiful autumn forest
take a vacation

In addition, vacations are to be warmly recommended to everyone, but at least regular phases with comparable breaks should be planned.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a trip around the world or a vacation in the Caribbean.

It's surprising how many beautiful places there are around the world that few people know about.

9. Self-determination

This final point in terms of tips against sensory overload and stress is probably the most important.

Besides, we all may only have this one live.

It is everyone's right Peopleto shape this gift as we see fit.

here is the goalto find self-determination.

This automatically leads to a drastically increased quality of life.

it work far fewer stimuli to our senses throughout the day one that can overwhelm us.

It is actually important to be worth it to yourself and to the Courage to align life as much as possible with personal needs.

General well-being is significantly increased, along with resistance to problems of all kinds.

Self-determination also includes applying the advice given here as needed.

Taking yourself out of stressful situations is not always easy, but for the sake of health, it can only be advised.

If we are overloaded, the batteries have to be recharged.

Self-hypnosis and hypnosis exercise - to strengthen self-confidence and self-assurance

youtube player

10. Personality work

This point is essential.

Especially people with predispositions like ADHD, tics or high sensitivity should place increased value on this.

In any case, if you strengthen your personality, you can assert your interests better and allow yourself the necessary retreat in problematic situations.

confident, healthy people are much less likely to have to deal with the problems of irritation and stress.

$This is one of the main reasons for this.

Furthermore, it can and must be considered that external stimuli can only ever have an effect in combination with an internal resonance.

So it makes sense to get rid of superfluous mental ballast.

Therefore, the stimuli can no longer trigger them and the tolerance to them can be increased to a normal level.

Summary - That's why protecting against sensory overload and stress can become a real adventure!

The permanent stimuli that we are exposed to in everyday life are diverse. No one can entirely escape them and everyone gets it sooner or later too much of.

Problems and risks of the constant stress on our senses should not be underestimated.

If one does not act appropriately, a reduced quality of life and, in the worst case, damage to health cannot be ruled out.

Nevertheless, with the advice presented here, it is possible to effectively prevent and combat sensory overload.

Everyone should consider it worth integrating appropriate measures into their own lives in order to protect themselves.

Everyone has to find the right options for themselves.

As a rule of thumb, you can internalize it: less is more!

The fewer stimuli a person is exposed to, the less it may be Risks the overload.

Protection against overstimulation

The good thing is that those who break new ground often discover unexpected interests and talents.

This also applies to measures relating to prevention and treatment resulting from sensory overload.

Yes, protection against sensory overload can become a real adventure!

Sensory overload synonym

Graphic of a woman on a laptop is overwhelmed: sensory overload Example and quote: Nature does not hurry and yet everything is achieved.” - Laozi
Sensory overload example

In a world that is hectic and in which we are constantly trying to adapt to the increasing demands, it can sometimes be difficult to clear your head and relax.

Our minds can jump from one topic to the next at breakneck speed, and we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information pouring in at us.

Sensory overload occurs when one or more of the body's senses are over-stimulated by the environment.

There are several environmental components that affect a person.

Examples of these components are urbanization, displacement, noise, information media, innovation and the explosive development of information.

Sensory overload is a colloquial metaphor for an assumed state of the body in which it is characterized by the Senses absorbs so many stimuli at the same time that they can no longer be processed and lead to mental overload for the person concerned.

This overload of the (human) organism or Nervous system by sense impressions affects the senses (hören, See, Smell, Taste and grope) individually, in combination, for a short period of time and also long-term.

In the forefront of investigations into the human situation in the modern world are acoustic and visual perception as a trigger for sensory overload.

Examples of possible triggers are:
hearing: Lärm, multiple simultaneous acoustic sources (e.g., chatter in the midst of a crowd)
Eyes: Variety of colors, flashing lights, fast movements.

Sense of smell and taste: Overstimulation can also occur with a colorful mix of food that contains the flavors sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami at the same time, so that the flavors can no longer be perceived and assigned individually.


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