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Causes of not being able to let go

Not being able to let go causes | and how you do it

Last updated on April 18, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

What are the causes of not being able to let go?

In many situations in our lives we are advised to let go.

But that is easier said than done. They are not there let go The causes can be varied.

“If you want to fly, you have to be able to let go of what is dragging you down.” - Unknown

If you want to fly, you have to be able to let go of what is dragging you down

Not being able to let go Causes: Children

A married couple gets one Kind.

The joy is enormous.

In the beginning, this adorable creature is completely helpless and dependent on his parents' care.

Especially the mother accompanies because of the natural strong bond with your child very intensive.

Both parents are proud of every developmental step their child takes.

The time quickly comes when the little darling wants to do something alone.

Some people find this difficult Balance to find between the still necessary accompaniment and the independence of the child.

You see a lot more of your children after they leave home. Lucille Sphere

No one should be overprotective - this takes away their ability to overcome difficulties.

Nor shall it be neglected and abandoned the gelass - this overwhelms the child and discourages him.

Added to this are the demands of relatives, friends and society to take care of the child.

All of this together can do that natural Stifle the sense of correct behavior.

Our society is becoming more and more complex and there are dangers lurking in it peoples close to nature not available: sockets, car traffic, toxic household cleaners, sensory overload through pictures and films and much more.

Children therefore need much more and longer support than their development might require.

This is another reason why it is difficult to let go of children.

When the children grow up, the next thing comes Let go.

Kindergarten and school have prepared the step.

The Kind spends more and more time away from parents.

Eventually she moves out and starts a new family.

Many mothers it's difficultto let go of your darling.

One reason for this is that their task no longer applies to the child care for.

The mother now has more free time Time, because the work in the household has become less.

As long as the children were there, there was no time for personal interests.

By the time they grow up, their mother's own interests have been forgotten.

For many parents it is a challenge to become a couple again live and build your own life.

That's why they want to continue to care for their adult children.

For many women today it is still a matter of course to look after the family live and to care.

If this task disappears, they no longer have a purpose in life.

This makes it difficult for them Letting go of the children who have grown up.

Not being able to let go Causes: Work

Win Stack of yellow federal folders with the inscription: Can't let go Causes: Work
Not being able to let go Causes: Work

In our society, work is part of life.

Most People spend 9 hours or more every day at work and on the way there.

Some activities are so strenuous and take the thoughts caught up in the fact that the evening is spent doing housework and watching TV.

Work is the meaning of life – especially for men. They identify themselves stronger than women about their profession and work.

Four beget they get their recognition and live with their colleagues.

When retirement begins, many men and women fall into a hole.

They are no longer needed. Years of routine and the structure of everyday life fall away.

What should they do with all this time?

Who are they without their work?

In the case of unemployment, this is often even more intense, as the image of the slacker and failure is added.

The Letting go of work is so difficult because it has become part of your personality.

It takes up a large part of our lifetime.

We talk about the fact that we are bakers and not that we work as bakers.

Letting go is only possible with a distance from your professional activity.

Not being able to let go Causes: things

A woman works at work and it has a lot of boxes - Not being able to let go causes things
Not being able to let go Causes: things

The heart is attached to some things.

They are associated with special memories and make our lives pleasant.

Some objects, such as a house, an expensive car, brilliant jewelry and the like, indicate our (relatively) high position in society.

to let go of possessions is difficult, because this also determines our identity.

A rich one Man is better regarded than a homeless person.

With the loss of possessions, reputation can also be lost.

The Letting go of things can arouse existential fears because they were also provisions for times of need.

Added to this is the sadness because something beautiful is missing.

The reasons for this are not be able to let go are also determined by feelings.

The more emotional meaning given to objects, the tighter one clings to them.

Not being able to let go Causes: Death

Not being able to let go causes death
Not being able to let go causes death

The great teacher in letting go is this Tod. When a person dies, the time of mourning begins.

Your individual phases are stages of letting go. Even if you don't want to admit it, fight against it or sink into depression: the deceased won't come back.

There are many reasons why it is so difficult to let go of your loved one.

There are the deep feelings of affection and of Love, which are no longer reciprocated.

The live changes because shared activities are no longer necessary. Those who mourn experience loneliness that is difficult to bear.

Your own mortality forces itself into consciousness.

People who are not in one Glauben anchored to the continued life of souls face an even greater loss.

Fundamentally, death is a taboo subject in our society

Friends, acquaintances and work colleagues don't know how to respond to the grieving person.

Not only is the deceased missing, but also friends and acquaintances.

The longing for the loved one
Fundamentally, death is a taboo subject in our society

All of this makes it difficult Let go. The situation is difficult to bear.

When you die, the finality of the farewell makes it particularly difficult to let go.

The longing for the person you love is great. He leaves a gap in the live.

Anyone who has a pet will at some point be faced with the difficult decision of having their animal euthanized.

There are clear signs when it is time for the loved one to go.

For the owner this means one of Love to let go. This is difficult. The animal should neither suffer unnecessarily nor die too early.

Our animals are patient and unconditional of Love fulfilled to us humans.

Whenever man is ready, step on it Animal the rainbow path.

Letting go is particularly difficult here because people are living and thinking Tod his animal friend has to decide.

Not being able to let go Causes: Conclusion

Not them let go The causes can be varied.

They are connected to our feelings.

The more intense the emotional connection to people and the identification with tasks and things, the more serious they become.

Therefore we can't just let go, even if the head understands that that would be better.

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