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Optimists live in the present

Optimists live in the present

Last updated on November 23, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Optimists live in the present - why?

Those who live in the present also master it Past and the Future - A Wise Story of the Burden of Negative Thoughts - Why is your backpack so heavy?

Do you sometimes think about what could happen if you go into this or that situation?

Optimists live in the presence.

“Both optimists and pessimists make a positive contribution to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist invents the parachute.” – Gil Star

A Wiese story – optimists live in the present

this is the History of an old man and a little boy who lived many years ago.

The old Man's name was Sartebus and the boy's name was Kim.

Kim was an orphan and lived all by herself. He went from village to village in search of food and a roof over his head.

But there was something else he was looking for, something far more important than a full stomach and a comfortable, dry place to sleep.

Kim searched for insight.

“Why,” he wondered, “are we one live long looking for something we can't find? Why does everything have to be so difficult?

Are we making it difficult for ourselves, or is it just supposed to be that we struggle?”

They were wise thoughts for a boy Kim's age.

But just because he thought so, one day along the way he met an old man who was walking the same path and who, Kim hoped, might be able to give him the answer.

The old man carried on his back a large covered wicker basket, which seemed very heavy, especially for such an old and weary man.

One day they stopped at a creek that ran alongside the road.

The old man put his basket on the ground, exhausted. Kim got the impression that the old man was wearing all his earthly ones goods in this one basket with you.

He seemed so heavy that even a younger and stronger man probably could not have carried it for very long.

“Why is your basket so heavy?” Kim Sartebus asked.

"I'd like to carry it for you. After all, I'm young and strong, and you're tired:"

"No, you can't carry that for me," the old man replied. "I have to carry it myself." Then he added:

"One day you will go your own way and carry your own basket just as heavy as this one."

Many days and ways, Kim and the old man walked many kilometers together.

And although Kim asked old Sartebus many questions as to why People having to struggle so hard, he got no answers.

Try as he might, he couldn't figure out what a heavy treasure it was well was in the basket the old man was carrying.

Late at night, at the end of their long day's journey, Kim sometimes lay still and pretended to sleep.

He listened to the old man rummaging in his basket in the flickering light of the small fire, talking softly to himself. But the next morning, as always, he didn't say a word.

Only when Sartebus could go no further and went to bed one last time did he tell young Kim about his life Secret.

During the last few hours together, he not only gave Kim the answer to what the basket was all about, but also why people are struggling so much.

"In this basket," said Sartebus,

"are all the things I believed about myself that weren't true. It's the stones that made my journey difficult.

On my back I have borne the burden of every pebble of doubt, every grain of uncertainty, and millstone of error that I have encountered in the course of my life have collected.

I could have gone so much further without her. I could have realized the dreams I've envisioned so many times. But with them I have reached the end of my journey here”.

Without undoing the braided cords that tied the basket to him, the old man closed them Eyes and fell asleep for the last time.

That night, before Kim went to sleep himself, he untied each of the cords that tied the basket to the old man and carefully placed the basket on the ground.

Then, just as carefully, he untied the leather straps that had held the plaited lid in place and opened the basket.

Perhaps because he was looking for an answer to his question, he wasn't at all surprised at what he found in the basket. The basket that had kept old Sartebus down for so long was empty.

Source: Unknown

I love and respect the present

The creative present
Optimists live in the present

My guiding principles for optimists live in the present

  • I recognize that time to trade
  • I am tolerant – towards the others
  • I am balanced and make right decisions
  • I liebe each of my relationships as intensively as it is good for me
  • My thoughts, feelings and actions are increasingly geared towards the present, because I know I am an optimist live in the present.

What do we need to be really successful?

The Subconscious and consciousness must work together, otherwise we will never reach our goals.

How does one become an optimist, when does this even make sense? How can you trouble Get rid of?

(Anti-Hassle tips!) and the famous smile training by Vera F. Birkenbihl.

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