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Girl sits with a dog on the sofa and comfortably drinks a chocolate - try it with coziness

Try it with comfort

Last updated on April 21, 2022 by Roger Kaufman

From the 1967 Walt Disney Jungle Book film

  • How about yours? Comfort?
  • What are yours Coziness Strategies?
  • Where does comfort begin for you?
  • Do they surround you in a cozy atmosphere?
  • are you sociable
  • Are you casual and carefree?

A Man is never represented by itself. A human is just something in relationship to others individuals. We get a full picture of it only when we put it in Relationship to its surroundings, just as we know nothing about a plant or an animal if we do not know its habitat. - CG Young

I find the video "The Jungle Book" with "Baloo and Mowgli", so ingenious and easy to imitate.

No matter how much trouble you have to deal with

"The Jungle Book" - Try it with comfort - Baloo and Mowgli

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Source: TV movie

Song Try it with cosiness – Baloo and Mogli

Try it with me comfort, with calm and cosiness
are you chasing everyday life and the Provide path.
And when you are always comfortable and something is appetizing, then take it no matter where you are.

What should I do somewhere else where I don't like it?

I'm not leaving here, not even for money.
The bees are buzzing in the air, filling it with honey scent,
and look you under the stone, you see ants that thrive well here.

Try two, three, four.
Because with comfort comes that too happiness to you!
It comes to you!

Try it with comfort
with peace and comfort you drive away all your worries. And when you always cozy and something is appetizing, take it no matter where it came from.

Well and pick you like berries and you prick yourself,
then let yourself be taught: pain will soon pass!
You must im humble but not greedy live otherwise you'll hurt yourself, you're injured and you're only paying for it, so pick with the right spin right away!
Do you get that now? Because with comfort
luck will come to you too!
It comes to you!


Cosiness definition

Coziness characterizes a human-friendly, warm atmosphere and environment in which one feels comfortable.

It is characterized by balance, security, freedom from conflict and carelessness.

It brings calm to the hustle and bustle.

Coziness does not tolerate any excitement, no quarrels, no intrusive worries.

It is also incompatible with simultaneous heavy work, which, while it can lead to comfort, is not itself one.

In art, the depiction of cosiness or freedom from conflict can come across as kitschy.

Source: Wikipedia

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