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Relaxation video - a fox relaxes

The relaxation video that calms every mind

Last updated on February 20, 2021 by Roger Kaufman

Find new ways to the heart with a relaxation video

Relaxation video Relax – relax Introduce yourself with a one-hour listing of videos, set in a beautiful autumn landscape of colorful forests, pure mountain rivers and waterfalls. The video can be watched in 4K Ultra HD 2160p quality, accompanied by soft relaxing music. Well suited to Stress dismantle and around inner peace to find.


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Source: TheSilentWatcher

Exactly on this YouTube channel you will surely find beautiful videos of beautiful and peaceful natural landscapes. Each video was taped by him personally and has not been seen anywhere else.

I would argue that his work lends itself perfectly to let go to be able to, simply phenomenal and inspiring.

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